Green Freedith

Impressee: A'der (Amder)

Name: Freedith
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 527F76
Final Size:

In the few weeks after her hatching Freedith will be like most baby creatures – inquisitive, explorative and to some degrees nosy! She’ll appear easily managed and certainly swayed in to doing things that her rider, or even her clutchmates want, potentially finding herself in trouble.. but her rider will start to see traces of her adult personality within just a few months after hatching, as Freedith starts to grow and understand what life is about. Her Rider will start to notice that Freedith shows an interest in what is right and is wrong, and where that makes a difference between colours, she’ll be particularly interested in those dragons similar to herself – the greens.

By the time her personality is fully formed, it will be obvious to see that name is a patron of freedom! A dragon that feels a green should have the right to choose a male or female rider, a dragon that feels they have every right to a bronze as their mate in flight, as they do a blue.. or to become a leader (within reason of course..) a dragon that might appear destined for trouble! This behaviour is certainly going to show in lessons where she might dispute things.. or in fact go the complete opposite and spend entire lengths of energy trying to prove in training that a green is just as good as any other dragon.. She’ll excel at lessons, if her rider can be keep her grounded enough to not over do it. She’s going to be a hard young dragon to work with to start with.. but as she starts to mature and gets past the initial excitement of the first flight, or the first threadfall, she’ll start to realise that freedom isn’t as black and white as it appears. Her ‘teen’ turns past, name, and with a rider that has come to understand her, this will be a pair that excel in anything that they choose to do together.. making them an asset to any wing that they choose to fly in.. They have the potential one of the best green pairs that the Weyr has to offer.

Inspiration: (Architecture) Statue of Liberty

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Jackson Pollock's Wineskin Egg hadn’t really caught many peoples attention as it sat their a rocked gently back and forth. Maybe it was because there was so many eggs on the sands moving at that exact same moment.. or maybe it was because it didn’t stand out as much as some of the other clutch eggs did. It didn’t look any different from any of the other eggs. The cracks appeared slowly on the egg, starting at the top and moving downwards ever so slightly with each movement. Moving slowly enough that it really wasn’t all that obvious that they were there or even growing at all.. until eventually the cracks spidered from the top to the bottom and suddenly got shoved away as the dragonet within to a leap for freedom from within the confines of the egg. Within the many shards lay a green, covered in egg goo and looking far from impressed with her current state.

That was, until she noticed the world around her. The many different colours, shapes and smells. Many, many new things that she wanted to go and explore – but where to start? She wondered to herself as her head swung from one direction to another, but body deathly still. Although, eventually curiosity got the better of her, and she started to move. Starting first with unfolding and refolding her wings, as if learning how each part of her body worked. Secondly came the legs, her hind legs planting on the floor the little green struggled for a while to get her front feet on the floor, and when they did arrive she soon learned that moving was not as easy as the other dragonets made it look. Her back legs seemed to move faster than her front and propelled her across the sand faster than she was ready.. resulting in her nose planting the floor. She attempted it a couple of times with the same result, until eventually.. She stood there, on shaky legs and gingerly moved each foot.. one-at-a-time.

She slow movements started to lead her towards the white robed candidates, each step uncertain and shaky as she adjusted to the new, strange feelings of the sand on her feet, of muscles being used that had never been used before.. until she found herself standing in front of the boys. A’der, you are mine The green was almost instantly certain of who she was impressing to – maybe she had had enough of falling around everywhere.. her stomach was certainly feeling new feelings, and the smell over there where a number of clutchmates and impressed riders now stood was very enticing.

Dragon Credit: Taenia

Egg Name: Jackson Pollock's Wineskin Egg
Egg Description: Lying off to the side, somewhat away from its siblings, this egg is somewhat strangely shaped; it seems elongated or stretched, longer than usual, with an exaggeratedly narrow 'pointed' end. Its basic color is a leathery reddish brown, mottled and merled as if with the scuffs and scars of wear and tear. A dribble of maroon, which some swear is the precise color of last Turn's red wine tithe, starts around the pointed end and runs down its side a short ways. However, this base appearance is thoroughly overmarked by random splotches and spots in equally random colors with the occasional thin splash. These represent a variety of shades and tints within a limited spectrum of hues; specifically black, brown, yellow, and off-white, with a few splotches of forest green. The overall impression is of an old, well-worn wineskin thoroughly covered by unintentional paint drips, as if it were owned by a painter who liked to drink while he worked. It even gives off an empathic aura that ever-so-slightly fogs the minds of those standing too close to it, as if the sleeping dragonet within is broadcasting its sleepiness.
Egg Inspiration: See the name. Jackson Pollock was a classic artist and a well-known alcoholic. I just gave the idea a slight Pernese spin and there you go.
Egg Credit: Lurhstaap

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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