Blue Freyth

Impressee: O'tin (Ostin)

Name: Freyth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 0EBFE9
Final Size:

What this blue may lack in size—for he is fairly ordinary in that respect—he makes up for in terms of colour and personality. His base colour is a bright sky blue, darkening as it moves down his legs so his feet are the swirling dark grey colour of thunderheads. When his wingsails catch the light it is easy to see the variations in colour on them. The paler colours against the blue are reminiscent of wispy clouds in the sky during the spring. He appears slightly stocky, but his wings are also slightly larger in order to support his extra weight. When it comes time to fly it certainly won’t hinder him.

Perhaps Freyth should have been born a bronze. From the time he hatches he spend much of time trying to draw the attention from the ladies, and he’s not too picky. The female dragons in his class, any other female dragons in the barracks. He’ll even flirt with Tylaith if given the chance. He doesn’t see any reason why he shouldn’t, and for the most part he’s fairly good at drawing the ladies’ attention. When he matures he’ll also chase frequently. For some strange reason, Freyth also seem to have an uncanny knack at predicting the weather. It may seem like rather ridiculous at first, but when he says, It feels like rain today, Mine, it’s probably going to rain.

Inspiration: Freyr, the Norse God of Weather and Fertility

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Snow Swept Egg was silent, the dragon inside lying in wait for the perfect time to hatch. Then all at once, the shell broke apart, pieces falling to the ground and revealing the brightly coloured blue dragon inside. The sky blue’s head swiveled from side to side, examining everyone there. Of course His would be among them. He simply needed to find someone worthy. His decision made, the blue started towards the boys on surprisingly steady feet for one so young, head butting one of the oldest in the group in the thigh, eyes swirling rainbow colours.

No longer Ostin, O’tin turned to smile at the blue. “Well of course I waited for you Freyth. Come on, let’s get you some food.”

Dragon Credit: Rhee

Egg Name: Snow Swept Egg
Egg Description: Although other eggs may draw attention for unique shape or colouring, the Snow Swept Egg stands out by virtue of being white. It is not a simple, cream coloured white, nor yet a dull, plain white. Instead, it is a dazzling white that rivals the sun in its brilliance. In sunlight, the egg sparkles brightly, nearly blinding anyone careless enough to look at it. The outside is perfectly uniform, with not a single other colour marring the shell. However, when in shadow, the sparkle of the egg is lost, and the white seems to take on a pale blue tinge. It is still an imposing egg however, in sun or shade, being larger than most and shaped in a perfect oval. It is the kind of egg that appears as though it would feel silky smooth to the touch, and put all other eggs to shame with its perfection. However, the surface of this egg is far from smooth. There are miniscule bumps covering the egg, invisible to the casual observer. These rough bumps can catch on fabric and skin alike, and are able to tear out small threads from even the most tightly woven material.
Egg Inspiration: A sunny winter day with freshly fallen snow covering everything in a blanket of white.
Egg Credit: Adina

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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