Blue Froscinzath

Impressee: M'tin (Mifratin)

Name: Froscinzath
Pronunciation: Frosk-inz-ath
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 082567
Final Size: 33' length with a wingspan of 54.5'

Froscinzath’s hide boasts an attractive assortment of colors. The majority of his hide is a deep, sapphire blue that is incredibly sleek. He almost looks as if M’tin applied a little too much oil after his last bath. His sapphire color shifts abruptly into a dark bluish-black and teal along his wings and back. The two colors are arranged in a speckled pattern across his wings and back while the rest of his hide is a solid sapphire. While his coloration makes him stand out, Froscinzath’s size is fairly unremarkable as he will reach only an average length and wingspan. His build is likewise average although his back legs are particularly bulky. He seems to rely heavily on his back legs when he moves which gives him a strange appearance of almost hopping from place to place. He won’t be a particularly agile blue in the air but he does have a fair amount of stamina.

Froscinzath takes promises very seriously. He is a dragon who never breaks his word and he expects others to do the same. He fails to see when they’re lying and being manipulative so he might become enchanted by just the wrong type of dragon. Froscinzath isn’t a dragon to hold grudges though and he will quickly forgive someone who has been unkind to him as long as they stop trying to wiggle out of their promises. Froscinzath tends to snag food out of his rider’s hands or off his plate. He might even be so bold as to try and steal a bit of herd-beast off of his clutch-mates kills. They are all supposed to share after all! Froscinzath also has a desire to sleep by his rider which will results in more than just a few broken beds. He will insist that M’tin promised him that he could sleep in his bed despite his rider’s exasperated attempts to explain to him that the promise had only meant when he was small enough to fit on the bed.

Inspiration: The Frog Prince

Hatching/Impression Message:
The shaking of the Show Some Skin Egg was subtle compared to the eggs around it. Its tempo gradually increased until the top of the egg popped off revealing a dark head. He leaned against the shell causing it to slip down onto the sands. The dark blue dragon hopped the rest of the way out of the empty shell. He stood there for a minute with his tail flicking back and forth which happened to catch the egg knocking it back upright. He fanned his wings waiting absent-mindedly for them to dry. As they dried, the speckled coloration on his back and wings became more apparent. He shook a piece of shard off his nose before he approached the candidates. He wandered amongst the female candidates for a time looking a little lost. His head snapped up as he finally spotted the male candidate he was looking for. His wings cuffed Olrene’s legs as he hurried away from the girls and towards Mifratin. “Of course you can sleep in my bed, Froscinzath!” M’tin said as he leaned down to embrace the blue. He couldn’t believe he had Impressed just a mere month before aging out. “Let’s go get you some food!” 

Dragon Credit: Neena

Egg Name: Show Some Skin Egg
Egg Description: This egg looks strangely soft. It will be difficult for those who stand near this egg to resist the temptation to run their hands over it's surface. Those who might try to sneak a touch will be undoubtedly disappointed to discover that the dewy surface of this egg is as hard as any of it's siblings. The egg itself is a squat and comfortable shape, with a slight indentation running down the middle – like some sort of fruit. It's coloration is subtle, mottled with different hues ranging from pink to brown.
Egg Inspiration: Peach/Flesh (Color)
Egg Credit: Notomys

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Poerath (H'den)

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