Green Fysikith

Impressee: Z'an (Zaneter)

Name: Fysikith
Pronunciation: Fizz-ee-kith
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 9cffd1 (51c183)
Final Size: 24.2' with a wingspan of 51'

Fysikith is an awkward looking dragon. She has a short, squat build between her chest and tail but her neck and legs are long and skinny. She will never attain a great length but she will achieve a great wingspan. Her wingspan will be more than double her length and will actually be quite cumbersome in her younger days. Fysikith is convinced that they purposely try to tangle her up when she walks. Once you get pass her somewhat displeasing build, Fysikith is actually fairly pretty. Her hide is about as pale as they come on the green spectrum landing more on a very pale teal then green. She has a few lighter green markings that nevertheless stand out quite darkly against the pale teal of her hide. When you are looking at her from above, there is a strange curvy upside down looking 'y' that begins on her neck before splitting out over her wings. There is also a large marking on her chest that looks a little like an upside down 'U' though a little more round on the top and with straight lines coming off each end. There is also an outline around both her eyes that makes her look like she is wearing horn-rimmed glasses.

Fysikith is highly intelligent for a dragon even more so for a green. She has a keen memory for things like between points and wing formations but like with all dragons her concept of time remains fuzzy. Her keen memory isn’t her only intellectual distinction however. She seems to have an innate understanding of the world around her. She always seems to know the perfect angle to launch herself off a ledge to reach her maximum acceleration or how to position herself alongside a thermal to reach her maximum velocity in the shortest amount of time possible. She can typically think her way out of any logistical problem that presents itself if given enough time. 

All the gains that Fysikith might have made within the wings’ ranking structure because of her intelligence are completely countermanded by her inability to function suitably in a social environment. She will never be entrusted with any great leadership as she is forever putting her foot in her mouth. For all her intellect, she is simply unable to understand the courtesies that govern social interactions. The notion of telling little white lies to preserve someone’s feelings is completely foreign concept to her. If one of her clutch-siblings came to complain about how poorly she did in an exercise, her response would be, Yeah. You did terribly.} And then she would be at a complete loss as to why her clutch-sibling seemed so upset by that response.

Fysikith isn’t intentionally trying to be insensitive…it’s just that she…lacks the correct sensitivities. She means well, and her rider knows this, but somehow things just get lost in translation. Her rider will often find himself trying to explain to his fellow weyrlings that ‘she didn’t mean it like that’. It doesn’t help that on the surface she often acts like she doesn’t need her clutch-mates friendship because she is so intelligent but really she has a deep-seated need to feel accepted by the group. She really wants to have friends but it will take a special type of dragon to put up with all her eccentricities. It will deeply hurt her feelings if someone is laughing at her though she’ll make every appearance of trying to shrug it off like it’s no big deal.

Fysikith isn’t the most physically coordinated of dragons but despite that she will be an effective Threadfighter mostly because she knows how to position herself in relation to the Thread to get the largest possible amount flamed. You just might not want to have her give the pre-Threadfall pep-talk. I mean it is unlikely that all of us will make it back alive today… Fysikith is obviously not a very emotionally driven dragon so when it comes to flights her decision won’t be an emotional one but nor will it be random chance. No. This green carefully analyzes each of her suitors assessing their strength and agility on a scale that only she seems to understand. If she were a gold some might think she was sizing them up to see which would help her produce the best clutch! As it is though, she will let only the strongest, most agile of dragons catch her.

Inspiration: Physicist
Name Inspiration: Fysiki is the pronunciation of the word "physics" in the Greek language according to the all powerful Google Translate.

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Microwegg trembled and shuddered and shook yet the egg still seemed no closer to hatching then the rocks around it did. The scratching from inside the egg grew stronger then feebler as the shell still refused to yield. Just as it seemed the hatchling inside had given up any hope of piercing its shell, a small piece of shell popped off the top. Then another and another until the pale green hatchling was stepping out of her shell and onto the warm Sands. It took her only a second to gather her wits about her and scan the available candidates. First the boys then the girls then back to the boys. She knew the one she wanted was among them but she had to be sure of all the variables before she could make such a monumental decision. So it was with calm purpose that she whisked towards the female candidates or it would have been calm if her overly massive wings hadn’t found their way beneath her feet. She stumbled and after failing to right herself she tumbled head over tail into Zaeyla probably bowling the candidate right over. The green sat up from her tangle of wings looking quite dazed and distinctly embarrassed. She untangled her feet and stood up trying to act like nothing had happened as she marched off from the female candidates to the boys. The skinny little thing stopped in front of a big, burly male who stared at her in apparent confusion. “Your trajectory made hitting her unavoidable?” Zaneter asked with a clearly dumbfounded expression. “What? Fysikith that makes no sense!” Realizing then that the green was his, Z’an told her, “We should go get you fed I’m sure she is fine.” But as they walked away he could be heard asking her, “What do you mean momentum?”

Dragon Credit: Neena

Egg Name: The Microwegg
Egg Description: The Microwegg is small, but not the smallest egg in the clutch. It is a glossy brown color, with strips of black here and there. One patch of it has regularly spaced black squares with bright blue circles on them, and more circles just above this "keypad." Criss-crossing the surface are thin silver streaks, like lightning bolts. This egg may give a shock like static electricity to any Candidates seeking to make mental contact with the inhabitant.
Egg Inspiration: The office microwave, which arcs for no apparent reason
Egg Credit: Rachel

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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