Impressed to blue Carocoth

Name: G'bar (Grobelar)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: P8T2
Birth Place: Solaria Weyr
Rank: Wingrider
Former Rank: Apprentice Butcher

Mini-Biography: Groblelar is a short red-head with chubby cheeks and dark eyes. He always looks a little flushed. A child of unknown parentage. It’s thought his mother was probably a cook to be frank no one can really remember. Groblelar is very mischievous child and a bit of a ham when he’s with people he trusts but to most he seems like a very shy child due to his tendency to mumble when he speaks. He’ll usually be found hiding in a dark corner snacking on some stolen food from the kitchens. Several Turns ago his thefts were discovered and since then he’s been pressed into service in the butchery on the theory that he’ll appreciate food more if he learns the effort that goes into creating it. He’s largely standing for Impression because his friend Kestermon has convinced him it’s a good idea.

Mini-Biography Credit: Michelle

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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