Bronze Galdareth

Impressee: E'ront

Name: Galdareth
Colour: Bronze
Hatching: Gold Ieheth x Bronze Jlath I7T143

Description: Galdereth was never a handsome bronze, his neck was a bit thicker, his legs shorter his tail blunter but he never let it bother him. His hide used to be a very rich bronze but it’s since darkened to almost bright brown, the areas around his muzzle and wings have gone a bit paler instead of darker with age. Those areas where he was already thick have thickened with age, and let’s face less exercise. He tends towards fat know but he can still out fly any younger dragon, if you ask him.

Personality: Galdereth was always a fatherly type of bronze, always wanting to help younger dragons and it used to drive the young proddy golds wild, and not in a good way. This trait is probably what influenced E’ront in the direction he went though E’ront was pretty fatherly anyway. Calm and very reliable, he also expresses discipline in disappointment though he’s been known to cuff a young dragonet across the head a time or two. He thinks E’ront is not firm enough in discipline but as long as the results are correct he doesn’t raise much fuss about it. As a younger dragon he used to play with the babies but as he’s gotten older he merely referees their games. He can have a bit of a temper, especially if he’s woken up at night or even woken up at all. He prefers to slumber on the heights in the sun and wait till he is absolutely needed.

Dragon Credit: stolenhart

Dam: Gold Ieheth (Arlena)
Sire: Bronze Jlath (V'wet)

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