Blue Galeth

Impressee: C'nell (Caudinell)

Name: Galeth
Pronunciation: Gahl-eth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 302B54
Final Size: 54' wingspan of 33' length

Galeth is a stringy blue, with a very long and skinny neck and tail and average wings. His hide is a deep, dusty blue, that will fade into nothing in the dark. Three very pale lines circle each of his front legs, above the wrists. Galeth gathers himself together quite prim and properly, trying to keep his tail out of the way of others. It'd be easy to trip over, especially on a dark night in the barracks!

When his clutchmates think of Galeth, they will probably think 'nice'. Galeth is nice, but also quite shy - when he speaks, it's very faltering, as if he's never sure or confident about what he has to say. Still, he always wants to put in a kind or supportive word. As a Weyrling in particular, Galeth will be prone to stomach upsets and will be easily frightened. His performance in academia is less than stellar…Galeth lacks faith in his own abilities, even though he's not a stupid dragon. Despite these problems, he's a great little flier, and when feeling well, capable of fine physical form. If any dragon is capable of 'falling in love', Galeth might come the closest, with a faithful bond to a single green who returns his sentiment.

Inspiration: King George VI

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Red Planegg gave a few warning wiggles, tilting and rolling in its black sand divot. A crack shattered cleanly down the side of the dusty egg, and little claws poked and prodded until there was a hole wide enough at the top to admit a dark muzzle. The nostrils snuffled for a moment, until the single verticle crack crazed into tiny fragments and the hatchling tumbled forward onto the sands.

The blue hatchling, wet with egg goop and now covered in sand, looked nearly black. Only his bright garnet-stone eyes distinguished him from the dark sand as he got to his feet with a shake, trying to muster his dignity. He tipped up his chin and strode towards the candidates, long tail dragging a snakey pattern in the sand behind him.

C-C'nell, the little blue faltered. I…I am… your Galeth! the little blue looked anxiously up at his new lifemate. I think…I should like some food…please?

C'nell cradled Galeth's dark head ecstatically. "Of course, Galeth! Let's get some right now!"

Dragon Credit: Jey

Egg Name: The Red Planegg
Egg Description: This egg is a rusty iron red sort of color. The color is not universal as it fades from full red to orange here and there. It has a warm feel to it and almost gives the sensation of being dusty should a hand be wiped across it’s faintly marbled surface. This egg is among the smaller of the clutch, but it is quite rotund. It is short and round at the bottom and has the barest of points at the top of the egg when stood upright.
Egg Inspiration: Mars
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Bronze Vesuvath (N'din)

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