Green Gamsunith

Impressee:F'bel (Belfebe)

Name: All in Fun Green Gamsunith
Pronounciation: Gam - sun - ith
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 5da043
Hatching: Late Autumn T13, 8th Pass
Final Size: 28' length of 49' wingspan

Description: Gamsunith is a very average sized dragon. She looks like a typical green in shape, frame, muscle, everything. Gamsunith is even a very subtly marked dragon. She has a few odd shapes on her tail, like misshapen dice, and on her chest is what looks like normal dice. There are also some more shapes, that almost look like the suits in a card deck, along her hindquarters.

Personality: Gamsunith is all about the fun. She wants to have it, she wants her rider to have it, she wants to share it with the Weyr. Games are everything to her, and at some level, she's too obsessed with them. F'bel will constantly have to tell her something is a game so that she will do it. Gradually this will become less effective, but Gamsunith will also grow out of her need to play games all the time. Games will still be what she does when she wants to relax.

Gamsunith will also view life as a giant game. She will constantly be wondering what would happen if people interacted differently and if she could manufacture situations where she could see that occur. Of course Gamsunith will always be trying to drag F'bel into her little schemes, and sometimes into prickly situations, to organize things the way she wants them to be.

Inspiration: Gamer
Dragon Credit: WunderingMind

Hatching/Impression Message: The Carmine Claret Egg wobbled, then almost jumped as the dragon in side of it began furiously trying to get out. Several candidates backed up at the ferocity of the egg's shaking and glanced nervously at it. It didn't help that the egg looked as if someone had died on top of it, but shortly they all circled back up around the egg. A very green nose had popped through almost up to the eyes. There was another hard shake and the egg fell apart. The All in Fun Green stepped free of the egg shells then started looking at the candidates. She jumped forward and started nosing every candidate in reach. There were several that were interesting, or so it seemed, because she nosed the more than others, but quickly moved on. Spinning quickly in place the All in Fun Green clipped two candidates with her trailing wings and knocked them onto the sand. Ignoring them the All in Fun Green quickly pranced her way over to Belfebe and nosed him harder than the others. He bent over clutching his stomach and hissed out the last of his breath. Rainbow eyes met his and he started laughing. "Yes, yes, after you eat though, don't forget you need food now. Games after food."

Egg Name: Carmine Claret
Egg Description: This egg has a lot of texture. Grooves of empty space are in some places, and contours that stick out are in others. Overall, the egg is white, but looks as if red has been dumped over top of it. Crooked lines and bands of different lengths of red drip from the top of the egg, which is solid red, almost down to the very bottom of the egg, which is solid white. The egg gives off a distinct air of ainguish and despair, as if it has seen things that it wishes it could unsee. Unpon closer inspection, the egg raises an impenetrable wall, like it doesn't want anyone near it, or to help it. If one presses, however, the wall will come down briefly, and the egg will give off great waves of anger. How dare you try to sympathize with it!
Egg Inspiration: Here!
Egg Credit: Cavalry

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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