Blue Garath

Impressee: K'ves

Name: The King of the Weyr Blue Garath
Pronounciation: Gar-ath
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 999fb5
Hatching: Late Autumn, P8 T14
Final Size: 32' length of 52' wingspan

Description: From the moment out of the egg there was something majestic and noble about this hatchling. His head and wings look almost like they were covered in feathers and are a mix of pale blue and a dark grey blue. His legs, torso and tail are a light greyish blue fading to a very pale underbelly. The underside of his wings is a very pale blue with faint dark grey blue bars, leading more to the feather appearance. Both tail tips are the same dark grey blue of his head markings and the top of his wings. His overall body shape is stocky like a plains feline with thick legs and a long slim tail. This dragon’s head has a pointed snout, almost beaklike and his head knobs are flared, looking more like ears than just knobs. His eyes are large for his head and have a piercing look. This particular blue’s eyesight is exceptionally keen when it comes to distance seeing. He could easily spot a small creature while flying as high as a dragon soars.

He is not the largest of the blues but holds himself with such confidence and poise he just looks like a natural leader. He is solidly built and will be a strong sure flyer and have the stamina to keep him going for an entire Fall.

Personality: Garath will be a loyal and true defender of his rider and all he holds dear. Whatever belongs to his rider or to Garath, it will be fiercely defended. He is not a dragon to share except to the very few people he considers part of his ‘family. To Garath, family would include his rider, any of his rider’s good friends or lovers and all offspring of his rider. Garath is also territorial and will only let friends and family share his ledge or even ride on his back. He won’t make a very good passenger dragon and it will take a firm hand by his rider to have anybody on his back who is unknown to him.

When it comes to mating flights he will be determined and not above bellowing and roaring to intimidate his competition. Not a dragon to chase everything that rises, he will have his favourites whom he will chase every time they rise. For his favourites Garath will be highly competitive and will use brute strength to push competitors out of his way.

Inspiration: Griffin
Dragon Credit: LdyPayne, drawn by Katie, colored by Ldypayne

Hatching/Impression Message: The small Southern Skies Egg egg starts to rock back and forth with increasing vigor till finally with a sharp crack it splits right down the middle like it was hit by lightning. Tumbling out of the jagged halves of the Southern Skies Egg a stocky hatchling tumbles. Taking a moment to right itself the KING OF THE WEYR BLUE quickly takes stock of his surroundings. Giving his head a shake he opens his mouth wide and yawns before peering about at the assembled Candidates. It only takes a moment for KING OF THE WEYR BLUE to take in the much larger world outside of his egg before he strides with grace across the black sands, pausing at first one boy then another before finally nudging one boy with his broad head. Giving a soft keen KING OF THE WEYR BLUE looks up into the eyes of Kaltves, his own eyes whirling rainbows as Impression is made.

Egg Name: Southern Skies Egg
Egg Description: This egg is tiny in size - possibly the smallest egg in the clutch, - but no matter where you look, the Southern Skies Egg always seems to be visible. It is a mottled grey in colour, with four very distinct spots arranged in a diamond shape. A smaller, less obvious spot is midway between the two points in the right side of the diamond. The Southern Skies egg gives one the impression that it is proud of itself, and candidates who touch the warm surface of this egg will feel that they, too, should be proud.
Egg Inspiration: Crux, aka the Southern Cross.
Egg Credit: Kitya

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Brown Ultioth (Su'o)

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