Blue Garixeth

Impressee: S'vain (Sullivain)

Name: The Ascendant Blue Garixeth
Pronounciation: garr -ix -eth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 401997
Hatching: Late Autumn, P8 T14
Final Size: 32' length of 57' wingspan

Description: Garixeth may only be average in size, but when it comes to appearance, he is anything but average. He is a colourful dragon, his hide a beautiful purple-blue (#401997), and his headknobs fade to gold. His wing sails are a shining aquamarine colour (#3e9f95), tinged with green. Garixeth is a stunning blue, and a wonder to behold when he is in the air. He loves to fly and he's agile, even for a blue. His flashy colours and manoeuvres make it easy to pass Garixeth off as a show off, but the blue is largely unaware and unconcerned by his appearance.

Personality: Shy and mysterious, Garixeth is a very singular dragon. He doesn't relate well to other dragons, and people he simply doesn't understand. He prefers to associate mostly with his rider, and he spends significant amounts of time on the Weyr rim. In particular, he likes to wake early and go to the rim to watch the sun rise, lost in thought. What he thinks about isn't clear - Garixeth keeps his thoughts to himself. He is unscrupulously honest when he does choose to voice an opinion - he is very moral and a strong believer in honesty.

Garixeth will grow up to be an exceptional Threadfighter. His command of flame seems almost miraculous, and he puts all his skill at agility to use - he always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Fortunately he doesn't get injured often, because each time he is scored, Garixeth takes it very hard. He becomes inconsolably miserable, his colours dull, and he disappears into his weyr to go over what happened. He rarely emerges until he is completely healed, and when he does, it is like a rebirth - he emerges full of new life and ideas for how to improve his performance.

Choosing to chase a female is something that Garixeth does only after great consideration. His criteria for picking his mates are a mystery even to his rider, but Garixeth will generally chase the same few females over and over. Oddly, for a blue, he also chases the golden queens. If asked, he will state that his reasons for doing so are to pay honour to the queens, but his real reason is his secret longing to be a father. He knows his chances are near impossible, but he can't help himself.

Garixeth is fascinated by the creation of new life, and he never misses a Hatching. Life, in general, he finds to be incredibly precious - however quiet he is about these opinions. Hunting will be a struggle for him to start with, and it will take much encouragement before he is comfortable with the idea of killing to eat. The circumstances of his hatching will be a source of shame for him when he is young - he feels guilty that he caused injury to another, and he will look out for Ascleornth until his brother is fully healed.

Inspiration: Phoenix
Dragon Credit: Kitya

Hatching/Impression Message: Leaving his injured sibling, The Ascendant Blue staggered away, shaking his head. Where his hide had previously been a dull blue grey, it was now awash with brilliant colour - purpley-blue and aquamarine. A scratch, oozing ichor, marred his lovely neck - the result of his encounter with The Pure of Heart Brown.

Shrugging off the injury, The Ascendant Blue moved towards the candidates, growing stronger and more confident with each step. His gaze slid across Idaris, then he paused before Kimessa. After a long moment, he turned away from the dark skinned girl and spotted a tall boy with ash blonde hair. With a melodic warble of delight, The Ascendant Blue raced towards Sullivain. Gazing into the whirling rainbow eyes, S'vain could be heard saying "It's okay, Garixeth, you're not alone. We'll always be together."

Egg Name: Sweet Honey Love Egg
Egg Description: This extraordinary egg is one of the smallest of the clutch. It Is squat and round, but don't be fooled by its imperfect shape: what it lacks in forms it makes up for in colour. A brght, sophisticated patch of blood red occupies one side, whilst jeweled, subdued tones of forest green feather the other. Elegant swirls of black course between the two primary shades, giving the egg a beautifully hand painted look. Small It may be, but it is truly a work of art.
Egg Inspiration: Apus, the bird of paradise constellation
Egg Credit: Symmetry

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Brown Ultioth (Su'o)

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