Brown Gavorenth

Impressee: H'maj (Herimaj)

Name: Gavorenth

Colour: Brown

PC Profile: Please see H'maj (Dragonblossom)

Hatching and Impression Message:
The Cursed Sailor Egg was swaying, not wobbling, but swaying in it's place. Rather like a seasoned drunkard trying to walk home after closing down the bar, or a sailor with his first steps on land after a half a Turn at sea. It swayed slowly for quite some time, seemingly in no hurry to hatch. Thankfully, it was a constant motion, so it didn't worry anyone that this egg could be a dude, it was just taking it's time. Some time into the careful movement of the egg, it began to splinter and crack, the shell no longer able to contain the dragon inside with all the shifting it was doing.
The egg crumbled suddenly, leaving a dizzy looking brown sprawled on it's stomach. It didn't take long before the big brown was up and moving about, although it looked like this brown was going to be a clumsy one until he grew more steady. The brown didn't waste any time though, and stumble-swayed over to the boys. He made his clumsy way through the boys, weaving around this one, then back around that one, not seeming to make up his mind yet. Suddenly, the brown dragonet squeak-roared, and ran over to the newly made H'maj.

Egg Name: Cursed Sailor Egg
Egg Description: The Cursed Sailor Egg is, in spite of its name, a cheery looking egg. It looks more optimistic than anything else, really. The egg can sometimes sway amusingly, as if it is not to unsteady on its perch on the Sands. Its color is unremarkable: a sort of pale black or brown, with a glowy green surrounding darker stripes of black. Whenever someone leaves the egg, it seems regretful, as if it is worried that it did something to offend the person leaving, and wants to make up for it. There is never anything that this good-natured egg did wrong, though.
Egg Inspiration: The Flying Dutchman
Egg Credit: Zoie

Dam: Gold Siheth (Juleia)
Sire: Bronze Hrementh (T'corav)

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