Green Gianaseth

Impressee: K'rhel (Karhel)

Name: Queen of Beauty Green Gianaseth
Pronounciation: gee-ah-nah-SAY-th
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 00af33
Hatching: Late Autumn T13, 8th Pass
Final Size: 28' length of 48' wingspan

Description: Long and delicate looking but with a sturdy frame, the Queen of Beauty Green prides herself on being the perfect looking green. Her limbs and tail are long and shapely, and she has a way of standing that only accentuates her femininity. She has a strong jaw line but overall has a soft looking face, with big eyes and headknobs that curve inwards toward each other in a gentle arc. When in public she'll always make sure to walk and fly in a graceful manner, often on her tiptoes as she feels it makes her walk look better. In private she'll happily lounge around, forgetting about looking perfect.

Her hide is a beautiful emerald green, patterned here and there with tiny bright speckles, as if someone sprayed a fine mist of glittering paint on her. From a distance these specks look like tiny sparkles. A flourish of these sparkles can be seen on each foot, along the length of her tail, across her wing membranes, and, most notably, upon her head, following the line of her head knobs and making her appear as if she is wearing an extravagant crown.

Personality: As soon as she hatches, Gianaseth will have her first taste of being in the spotlight, and from then on she will always strive to be in at the center of attention. She naturally enjoys the scrutiny and admiration of others, and as a weyrling she can often be found parading about the barracks for all to see her beauty. And she knows without a doubt that she is the most attractive green in the Weyr, because she will receive many compliments of such. She will develop a spoiled and snobbish attitude as a youth, and she will expect K'rhel to constantly baby and pamper her, because she is a delicate blossom that should not have to be subjected to the dirty work that is meant for the lesser dragons. She will even refuse to participate in any physical lessons that would soil her beautiful hide. Gianaseth feels a sense of elitism and entitlement that stems from her natural beauty, and so she looks down on her fellow greens, blues and browns whom she believes are lesser because they are not nearly as attractive as she. You can't pair me up with Seovith! I'm too pretty for that dirty little blue! But her condescending attitude is like to make her more enemies than friends among her clutchmates, and this alone will anger her to no end as she believes they should all be her adoring fans. Only after many temper tantrums and much education from K'rhel will Gianaseth slowly come to realize that she cannot just claim superiority, but she must first earn the love and respect of others before she can rise to the top.

That will be the major turning point in her life when she learns that her power will come from her glamour and allure. Gianaseth starts to form a public mask late into her weyrlinghood, but it will be nearly perfected once she reaches adulthood. Although she is unlikely to win back the favor of her clutchmates who may or may not remember her narcissistic ego as a weyrling, she has no problems charming her new wingmates with her polite and friendly demeanor. She will have matured into a social butterfly by then, courteous and refined as a proper lady should be, and she always maintain a good public appearance and reputation. She still enjoys being noticed and judged by everyone else, but it will take her several Turns to learn not to bristle at the slightest offense. As she matures, Gianaseth will become more and more experienced in preserving a calm and composed attitude in public, even pretending to not care about insults by laughing them off and continuing to be the kind and beautiful green that everyone will come to know her as.

But in private, Gianaseth has a completely different personality. Gianaseth never loses touch of the vanity that motivates her to maintain a good public appearance, though she is very careful to act modest and humble if anyone else is around. Gianaseth is also quite shallow when it comes to male dragons, most often preferring the companionship of attractive bronzes and browns in leadership positions because they can only make her look even better. She would not mind gathering a fan base of devoted browns and blues that would do anything she asks, although she will be sure to keep them at an arm's length yet close enough so they would clamber over themselves to do anything that she asks. Other greens she can be outwardly friendly and sociable with, especially gossiping with them to keep up on the latest trends and rumors. But she will never develop a close relationship with any greens as in reality she sees them as competition, and she would never hesitate to underhandedly discredit any of them to make herself look better. Rokalyth is such a darling, isn't she? I only wish she would not be so unkind to Neovith because he is such a sweetheart. Gianaseth will be interested in being part of Parivyth's entourage in the hopes that being around the gold will improve her social status. When in Parivyth's presence she'll be all smiles but will be snarky and mean behind the gold's back. There will always be a gold around to outshine Gianaseth, and she hates that. But as they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Political affairs are not all that interesting to Gianaseth, but she learns to be quite skilled at dodging any direct answers so as to ensure that she maintains a good relationship with everyone by not committing to one side or the other. The only argument she will ever make as far as politics is concerned is to constantly promote the idea that the most important thing our society needs is world peace.

Inspiration: Pageant Beauty Queen
Dragon Credit: Starr and Ierynetra

Hatching/Impression Message: The Draped in White Egg began to shudder and shake, and it took no time for the hatchling within to break free of its egg. The Queen of Beauty Green flopped onto the sands rather ungraciously and with a sad little creel, looking around sadly to see if anyone would help her. That was when she noticed all the attention on her, and immediately she swelled with pride when she realized that they were admiring her. Quickly sitting up, she shook as much of the black sands off herself as she could, preening once she'd done so. Her gaze swept across the stands and finally to the candidates, and she instantly spotted one that stood out. She got up and started forward, slowly and carefully so as not to fall and make a fool of herself. After some progress she came up to Karhel and her eyes burst into rainbows. "Yes, I'll be sure to feed you well, my Gianaseth!" K'rhel replied with a happy smile as he led the green hatchling off the sands.

Egg Name: Draped in White Egg
Egg Description: This big egg would be a perfectly lovely forest green egg ordinarily. As it happens, this is not just some ordinary egg. This egg is a green egg with drapes of white hanging on its shell, or so it appears from afar. Squiggles of brown make one think of branches and the white streaks seem to hang on them across the surface of this surprisingly rough shell. It has a very warm feeling to it, although when a breeze wafts in from the yawning entrance you’d think you saw the white waving in the wind. Oh, but that is just an illusion from the curve of this big egg, isn’t it?
Egg Inspiration: Toilet Paper’d Trees
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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