Green Gizphypith

Impressee: R'wyne

Name: The Riddler Green Gizphypith
Pronounciation: gizz - fi -pith
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: CDC673
Hatching: Late Autumn, P8 T14
Final Size: 29' length of 51' wingspan

Description: Gizphipyth is not one of those delicate looking greens - far from it. She is strong and regal, with long limbs and a long tail. Her head is always held high - she is a proud dragon, and her posture reflects that. This large green has a wide face and large feet, but she is overall pleasing to look at, despite her somewhat masculine appearance.

Her hide isn't typical of a green dragon either - it is a light, sandy yellowish-green (#CDC673). Her belly is paler again, but the colour darkens on her wings to a drab khaki. She may not be impressively coloured, but her hide looks weathered, in an odd sort of way, as though she hatched when the world was new.

Gizphipyth moves with a sort of serene grace. She stalks, each step measured. When she hunts, she will hunt with the patience of a wild feline, striking only when the moment is right. She's not one to mess around - she goes for the throat, suffocating her prey with strong jaws.

Personality: Her favourite pasttime is coming up with riddles and word games. Can you tell me, Animikith, what dies when it drinks and grows stronger when it eats? If she is given the incorrect answer to one of these riddles, Gizphipyth will judge the answerer harshly. She has little tolerance for fools and can be downright cruel at time. Someone who answers her correctly, however, will earn their place in her eyes, and once she has befriended someone, she is very loyal. She has an excellent memory, especially for a green, and she is an intelligent dragon - with a thirst for knowledge, driven by her desire to never be found with the wrong answer.

Though she is not exceptionally fast or agile, Gizphipyth has excellent stamina. She is a solid and steady precense in Threadfall, a reliable wingmate. She doesn't believe in flashy heroics - she is thoughtful and measured. She holds her rider to a high standard, and holds herself to one even higher. If she makes an error, she becomes morose and will hide herself away in her weyr. I am not fit to be a guardian of Pern, leave me alone. It will take some time for her rider to coax her out of her misery at these times.

Her flights, as with everything this green does, will be a carefully though out undertaking. Gizphipyth will select her mates with care; intelligence is the trait she prizes above all. Though she will be flown by a few different males in her earlier flights, when she eventually finds the dragon that suits her, Gizphipyth will be loyal and happy to settle down with him. She will be unlikely to be impressed with serial chasers; she also values loyalty, and she expects her mate to be hers and hers alone.

Inspiration: The Sphinx
Dragon Credit: Kitya

Hatching/Impression Message: The Feline Fine had been moving periodically since the Hatching started, so it was no surprise when the hatchling within punched through the shell. As the shards fell cleanly away, The Riddler Green emerged with her head held high. She stalked past the candidates, her eyes fixing on each in turn as though evaluating them.

She stopped before a boy with blue eyes and gazed at him intently. Under her piercing gaze, Rowyne's smile faded. He dropped to his knees and reached out to the oddly coloured green. "I know the answer, Gizphipyth. You're hungry." A wide grin spread across R'wyn's face as he led his new dragon from the Sands.

Egg Name: Feline Fine Egg
Egg Description: The egg is a dark black at the base, moving up it has a 'v' of white splitting down one side. To top the egg off, a shock of reddish-brown tops off the egg. It is a large egg, befitting the king of this clutch, and looks regal, despite it's odd coloring.
Egg Inspiration: Leo
Egg Credit: Velcro

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Brown Ultioth (Su'o)

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