Green Gladoth

Impressee: D'roi (Droiya)

Name: Gladoth
Pronunciation: Glad-oth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: C2E066
Final Size: 29' length of 47.5' wingspan

Description: She looks unsually grey-green, but this is her natural color. Weyrling masters may try to tell her rider otherwise, but it's just not the case. If she is ever feeling truly ill, she looses almost all of her green tint. She is also a fairly large green, and likes to whirl about in circular patterns that are sometimes a bit dangerous to those around her. Her proportions are almost perfectly standard, and she is proud of it too.

Personality: A more pompous green is hard to find that Gladoth. Everything to do with her is the absolute best, and no one can tell her otherwise. Her and her rider have no faults, and can't be outmatched in her little mind. When it does happen that someone proves her wrong, she promptly forgets that it ever happened.

Inspiration: Glados (Portal 2)

Hatching/Impression Message: The One Does Not Simply Impress This Egg began to move with a slow, barely noticeable wobble near the beginning of the humming. A fine hairline crack formed over the length of the hatching. Finally, nearing the end of the hatching it began to shake in a more serious manner. A few good wobbles, and the small crack widened into a gap with tiny bits of shell falling away revealing a pale, sickly green-ish hide. It was so pale that many who were close enough to see it were unsure what color it would actually be, and a hush spread across the hatching grounds. As more of the shell fell away, a larger greenish dragonet was left panting on the sands. After a few moments of rest, the hunger drove the green to unsteady feet and towards the candidate. There was no uncertainty, she knew who she wanted and stumbled quickly to Droiya. D'roi placed a calming hand on the large green's shoulder to guide her off the sands. He reassured her, "All was going to be fine, Gladoth, and you made the best choice."

Dragon Credit: Velcro

Egg Name: One Does Not Simply Impress This Egg
Egg Description: It’s big. It’s black with crack-like markings mimicking hot magma and soot and ash. It’s an oval with a pointed top. It is the most imposing egg in the clutch. No, you do not even try to touch that egg. There is something dark and evil about it where it sits in quiet doom. It’s been turned only a couple of times as if it were the most dangerous egg on the black sands and only in place so that it always sits on its base. Maybe there is something unseen hovering over the top of the egg? It doesn’t matter. One does not simply look at that egg idly.
Egg Inspiration: “One Does Not Simply Walk into Mordor”
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Shakeruth (J'than)

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