Green Gleem x Brown Hazard P8 T14

[Flight] - Off camera
Clutching - March 2015/Mid Summer, T14, 8th Pass
[Hatching] - Eggs handed out

Dam: Green Gleem (Mavin)
Sire: Brown Hazard (Verily)
Totals: 7
Gold: 0
Bronze: 0
Brown: 2
Blue: 2
Green: 3

PC Fire-lizards:

The Glory Green to Wynstan (Dragonblossom)
Color: Green
Hex code: 387c3f
Size: 13'' X 21'' Wingspan


The Glory Green is an alternating shy and sinuously sensual firelizard. She will alternate based on time of day and when her last feeding was. Right after a feeding, which she prefers to have early in the morning, the Glory Green will be a flirtatious and wonderfully sweet firelizard. About midmorning to noon she will slowly fold into herslef and become less outgoing and begin to ignore others, huamn, firelizard, and dragon.

Toward her Impressee the Glory Green will always be sweet and loving. She will have a soft side that will forgive anything her Impressee might do. She will coo and trill at her impressee all day if allowed. The Glory Green will only [i]not[/i] forgive a forgotten feeding. She will become quite a vicious little female if left too long without a feeding. At the beginning she will politely remind her impressee, but very quickly will creel and screech loudly enough to bother other people.

During a flight the Glory Green will be a coy and teasing firelizard. She will twine in and out of her chasers. She will tease them relentlessly with nearly misses and chances as she comes almost within reach, and then darts away in her sinuous easy movement style.


A deep, fresh, green color. The Glory Green does not shine or shimmer like other green flitts. She seems to absorb the sunlight and bask in it. Her lithe green body seems to flow from one position into another with smooth and always sinuous motions. There is never a time when the Glory Green is not in a curved around something. She will curl her tail around her front legs if she can not find anything else, but will usually find a way to twine herself around something

To highlight the wonderfully deep green of her body the Glory Green has wings that are a pale white color. Along her wing bones there is a light blue, or maybe it's purple, color that fades into the white. When the Glory Green holds her wings out, or spreads them in flight, it is a catchy color and draws the eye quickly to her.

The Glory Green will alternately show off and blend in depending on her mood. When she folds her wings back the white color of her sails are almost indistinguishable. When hiding the Glory Green will always be wrapped around something so that her body can only be seen in bits and pieces.

Inspiration: Morning Glory

The Orchid Green to Akelytana (Neena)
Color: Green
Hex code: 46882d
Size: 8'' X 11'' Wingspan


The Orchid Green is a very high maintanence firelizard. She will require attention all the time or she will become quite sulky. Eventually she will require attention only most of the time, but frequent contact with her Impressee will be required to make that work.

When The Orchid Green sulks she will hide in small corners or behind objects, but not very well. She is sulking to get attention, not to really get away from anyone. The only thing that will make The Orchid Green feel better is deicated attention from her Impressee.

During a flight The Orchid Green will fly better the more firelizards that chase her. These flights are all about her, and probably the only thing that will be totally about her. She enjoys them and does everything she can to make them last longer. Firelizards who spend time getting to know her and flattering her before the flight have a better chance of catching her.

**Description: **

The Orchid Green is a light colored green changes hues depending on how recently oiled she has been. When she has been oiled her color seems to darken, when it has been a while since her last oiling her color lightens. The Orchid Green also has quite unique wingsails. A white that is almost a light green color is covered in a magenta colored spots and stripes. The magenta color almost covers all the white-green, but not quite. The magenta also spots The Orchid Green's tail.

The Orchid Green is also very small. She is the smallest possible size that green firelizars can be. She is a very clingy flitter as well. She requires quite a bit of attention and eats at least twice a day if not three times, but smaller amounts than other firelizards.

The Orchid Green will always want to be around her Impressee. She will sit on a shoulder, cling to a jacket, or hide in a pocket if necessary. The Orchid Green will fold itself up as small as possible to achieve whatever needs to happen, as long as she can stay with her Impressee.

Inspiration: Moth Orchid

The Rosy Green to Talersisa (Neena)
Color: Green
Hex code: 4e275d
Size: 13'' X 17'' Wingspan


The Rosy Green is a very friendly firelizard. She will always want to meet the new people in her Impressees life. She will remember faces well and will always be able to deliver messages quickly and acurately. On top of having a good memory for faces The Rosy Green is a happy firelizard. She is constantly upbeat and pleasant to be around.

The Rosy Green does not get jealous, or envious of other firelizards. She will constantly want to share what she has with others, or what others have with her. Shedoesn't understand ownership in so many words, and it will take quite some explaining to get her to leave others things alone.

During Flight The Rosy Green will be a very energetic firelizard. She will talk back to the other firelizards and the whole thing will be a giant game to her. She will also never be able to find the clutches that she lays. If her Impressee finds the eggs it will be by pure chance.


The Rosy Green is a very subtly colored firelizard. She is a wonderful green color of new growth with a few flower like marks throughout her body. The Rosy Green has darker flower shapes on the underside of her neck and belly down her tail.. On her wingsails are lighter marks all along the edges of the wingsails. These marks are quite larger and give the definite impression of petals.

She is on the smaller end or a firelizard, but her mood makes up for her small size. She is a firelizard where personality shapes how many will view her. She constantly sticks her nose into various areas and will constantly come up dirty.

She loves to fly and will fly from place to place rather than walk. The Rosy Green seems to be very light on the wing despite her being so small, or maybe it's because she's so small she gets along in the air so well.

Inspiration: Roses

The Bonnet Blue to Elisaios (Vandelay)
Color: Blue
Hex Code: 1a07a7
Size: 13''X 22'' Wingspan


The Bonnet Blue is a very stubborn blue. He will be hard to train, but once he has learned something he will have it down pat. He will also be a late bloomer. The first Turn of his growth The Bonnet Blue will be a little slow and reluctant to do many things. After his first Turn The Bonnet Blue will begin to express interest in many things and a desire to learn. The Bonnet Blue is also very obsessed on one idea. His Impressee will want to focus on the one idea that The Bonnet Blue is willing to work on, or he will face great opposition and acheive almost nothing.

Toward his Impressee The Bonnet Blue will be loving, but subtly so. He will not be overly affectionate, but if he feels that his Impressee is being threatened or there is some level of danger The Bonnet Blue will be there immediately in attack mode. He will not be able to be persuaded to leave until the source of the attack or danger has left or been taken care of. The Bonnet Blue will not be unreasonable, just stubborn.

During a flight The Bonnet Blue will be slightly picky about who he chases. He will want someone who is not 'flighty' or absent minded. He will chase the greens that are of a more serious temperment. The Bonnet Blue will also chase to the point of exhaustion. If it is a particularly long or strenuous flight he will be slow to return to his Impressee.


The Bonnet Blue is a wonderfully deep color blue. It's not dark, but a deep vibrant blue color that stands out against any other color. When oiled this color shines and could almost be said to be a harper blue color. The Bonnet Blue has a blocky jaw and forehead, which should hint at his stubborn nature.

To accent the blue color The Bonnet Blue has white coloring all his main wing bones and spikes. There are also white spots right at the main joint of his wings. This white color is also spotted on the fork of The Bonnet Blue's tail. These white spots seem to reflect the light, compared to the blue of his hide. The Bonnet Blue also has scalloped wings, they curve out instead of in creating a petal look.

The Bonnet Blue will constantly perch somewhere and watch what is going on around him. He will be happiest if he can see his Impressee, but will of course acquiesce if the Impressee insists. High points of observation will be his favorite place. The second favorite will be his Impressee's shoulder. The Bonnet Blue will recognize this is not always feasible after much training, but will still love to be with his Impressee.

Inspiration: Blue Bonnet

The Passion Blue to Annalise (Taenia)
Hex Code:4e275d
Size: 12'' X 17'' Wingpsan


The Passion Blue is a very odd firelizard. He will have bouts of laziness followed by bouts of extreme energy. Usually this coincides with his feedings, but sometimes they do not. During his energetic times he will fly around, be interested in everything, and be absolutely wonderful at running errands. During The Passion Blue's bouts of laziness he will lounge and sun and generally ignore his Impressee.

Food will usually bring The Passion Blue out of these bouts of laziness, but sometimes not. Most of the time The Passion Blue will not care if he is near his Impressee or if he is somewhere else. He will have fun and enjoy life no matter what.

The Passion Blue will tend to enjoy flights for the exercise and the challenge they present. He won't care who he chases just that he does.


The Passion Blue is the most eye catching firelizard out of his clutch. His coloring may not be the brightest, but it is the most outstanding. His body is a purple-blue shade that on his wings and tail fades into white which quickly fades into a bright blue. The wings are scalloped so that the wingsails look like lower petals. The spines of The Passion Blue are the bright blue color at the ends of his wings and tail.

When The Passion Blue is oiled, unlike his brothers and sisters, he shimmers in a dull, but clear way. Light does not reflect off his hide, instead it seems to dance upon it. When he moves The Passion Blue moves with a floating grace. He does not glide, or slither, rather The Passion Blue seems to move and then settle, as if he had stepped onto platform of air.

The Passion Blue is very deft with his fingers. He will be able to manipulate fine ojects, and cling to surfaces that most other firelizards would not. His digits are finer and his claws thinner, allowing him this fine motor ability. The Passion Blue does not use this ability for much, but every now and then he will pick something up to inspect and be able to manipulate it well.

Inspiration: Passion Flower

The Sunny Brown to Kasella (Vandelay)
Color: Brown
Hex Code:593c0d
Size: 13.5'' X 20'' Wingspan


The Sunny Brown is a firelizard that has the most delightfully bright personality. Nothing gets him down, and there may be some humans and firelizards who may try, because the Sunny Brown is just so happy all the time. He will always be sitting up, looking around, moving, and being alert when he is awake. When the Sunny Brown lays down to nap, or to relax, he will always find a sunny place to lay down. When the skies are cloudy the Sunny Brown will usually mope about and cling to his impressee.

Toward his impressee the Sunny Brown will be helpful and kind. He will want to do anything that the impressee asks, as long as he understands. Because of his bright and cheerful personality the Sunny Brown will be slightly slower to learn things that take repetition over long periods of time. The Sunny Brown is slightly ditzy, but very well meaning and will always refocus when brought back to task.

During flights the Sunny Brown will fly fast and straight. He enjoys the flights for the activity itself. It is always great when the Sunny Brown wins a flight, but he will enjoy flying just to fly. The Sunny Brown is, not too surprisingly, not going to fly if a green or gold rises and the sun is not out. Semi-cloudy is fine, but overcast and dark is not.


The Sunny Brown is a stocky firelizard. His neck seems a little short and skinny for his head and body, but the Sunny Brown moves it so much that it is hard to tell until he actually holds still. The Sunny Brown also has very chunky front legs. This is probably because he is always using them, laying down and standing up, pacing, and climbing up things.

Everything else is in proportion to his size range and color expectations. The Sunny Brown is a wonderful warm brown color throughout his body which brightens into a golden yellow on his extremities, muzzle, and wingsails. A dark accent to the Sunny Brown's color is the wing and finger bones that are a darker, almost charcoal color. The golden yellow color on the Sunny Brown's wings glows in the sunlight, but more in an absorbant way than shiny.

The Sunny Brown tends to keep his head up and looking around at all times. You can see that he is always paying attention and looking for something by the way that his tail moves. the Sunny Brown will be perky and 'bright eyed' at all times that the sun is out. When he is not feeling good, or depressed for some reason, the Sunny Brown will lay flat, droop, and be very lethargic. This is usually a very bad sign and should be looked at immediately.

**Inspiration: ** Sunflowers

The Golden Brown to Murrin (notomys)
Color: Brown
Hex Code: 5c3600
Size: 13'' X 22'' Wingspan


The Golden Brown is a very laid back firelizard. He doesn't care about posturing or competing with other firelizards, juts chilling and taking things easy. He can be convinced to complete tasks for his Impressee, but it will take convincing. The Golden Brown is not unwilling to do things, it's just that he likes to relax. If he is busy sunning or chilling out it will take more effort on his Impressee's part to get him to do something.

There are times where The Golden Brown is very alert and willing to run errans for his Impressee, but these are erratic and not something that can be linked to feeding times or anything like that. He does love his Impressee and would love to hang out with him a lot, but he also enjoys basking in the sun and watching what is going on around him.

Flights are an interesting thing for The Golden Brown. He will chase, and he is quite persistent in his chase techniques, but sometimes he just won't. There's no rhyme or reason to his unwillingness to chase sometimes, sometimes it just isn't what he wants to do.


The Golden Brown is a warm brown color. A very natural and normal color for a brown. The Golden Brown is unique in his very bright yellow-gold markings. His spines and wingsails are marked with this bright color. The markings on his wings are clumpe around the first wing bone. There are shapes that could be called flowers, and they look almost like they are clumped together and hanging from his first wing bone.

The Golden Brown is also a very small brown. He is actually the size of a large blue. If put next to a blue his length would be the same only his wings would be slightly larger than a blues. As a result The Golden Brown is a very agile and quick brown, though his stamina is lower than other browns.

The Golden Brown likes to drape himself over any surface available. He rarely tucks his wings all the way up, and will lounge more often than not. Sunning is one of his favorite pastimes as it allows him to lounge and to get warm sunlight at the same time.

Inspiration: Golden Tree Flower


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