A History of Solaria's Gold Dragons
Dragon Rider Hatch Date Dam Sire Notes
Lasranth Sona Unknown Unknown Unknown Founding gold, out of Telgar Weyr. Senior gold from I6 T167 - I6 T194. Deceased I6 T197.
Trelth Amora I6 T167 Lasranth (Sona) Breith (J'tarik) Senior gold from I6 T194 - I6 T199. Deceased.
Perith Katya I6 T197 Trelth (Amora) Unknown Senior gold from I6 T199 - P7 T45. Deceased.
Romatith Iella P7 T5 Perith (Katya) Redith (L'ros) Senior gold from P7 T45 - I7 T17. Deceased.
Laeriath Suvana Unknown Romatith (Iella) Unknown Senior gold from I7 T17 - I7 T65. Deceased I7 T65.
Yrelorth Ikani Unknown Laeriath (Suvana) Kiyrath (K'tros) Senior gold from I7 T65 - I7 T108. Deceased I7 T108.
Ieheth Arlena Unknown Yrelorth (Ikani) Unknown Senior gold from I7 T108 - I7 T160. Deceased.
Ilayth Miori I7 T139 Mid Spring Ieheth (Arlena) Jlath (V'wet) Senior gold from I7 T160 - P8 T1. Deceased P8 T1 Early Summer.
Bacapth Almerion I7 T189 Early Autumn Ilayth (Miori) Vroleith (T'niel) Senior gold during P8 T1. Transferred to Fort Weyr, P8 T3 Mid Winter.
Tylaith Levay I7 T186 Early Winter Unknown Unknown Transfer from Ista in P8 T1. Senior gold from P8 T1 - P8 T9. Deceased P8 T10 Mid Winter.
Siheth Juleia P8 T2 Mid Spring Tylaith (Levay) Cioruath (S'tyn) Lost between, P8 T7 Early Spring.
Iridith Niru P8 T4 Mid Winter Siheth (Juleia) Hrementh (T'corav) Senior gold from P8 T10 - P8 T13. Transferred North, P8 T13 Early Winter.
Ceocayath Reva P8 T7 Early Winter Tylaith (Levay) Cioruath (S'tyn) Senior gold from P8 T13 - present
Euliath Kimber P8 T8 Mid Autumn Iridith (Niru) Fienth (F'gon) Lost between, P8 T17 Late Autumn.
Femaith Phyrra P8 T10 Mid Autumn Iridith (Niru) Tauchisath (I'mane)
Parivyth Alistylla P8 T13 Late Autumn Ceocayath (Reva) Tauchisath (I'mane)
Audalath Ellandra P8 T17 Late Autumn Euliath (Kimber) Aquarith (Xer'zyn)
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