Right Under Your Feet Brown Graboith

Impressee: K'mon (Kestermon)

Name: Graboith
Pronounciation: grah-boy-th
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: 9b6e45
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Brown Neovith , Late Autumn P8 T16
Final Size: 33' length with wingspan of 54.5'


Right Under Your Feet Brown is a chubby brown, very round and relatively short on body length in comparison to the average brown. His legs are short and stocky and he moves about like a large, lumbering herdbeast. As tanky as he is built, he is not much of a flier and will be one of those rare browns who is positively spent by the end of a full Threadfall, provided he makes it all the way to the end of one first. His tail and neck appear stunted, making him short on length as well, likewise for his wings, quite short for a brown. Clearly he is much happier to life on the ground. Right Under Your Feet Brown is largely a tan colored brown, but there are much darker browns on his hide. A sort of helmet or beak-like look to the dark on his head and many triangular markings on his haunches all the way down over his tail.

Although he isn't the fastest out there, he is quick to react to anything that might be going on around him. Right Under Your Feet Brown is especially sensitive to feel, able to detect vibrations in the ground beneath his feet and find the source. It's a strange talent for the brown to have, but one he passionately enjoys. Too many strong impacts on the ground make it a fun challenge to track the source and a great game he might try to get others to take part in. He especially makes use of this skill of his in hunting and boy does he get his dinner when he does! He's a fast eater, too, seemingly swallowing his meal down in almost one big gulp. Better watch out for any indigestion because of this appetite of his!

While Right Under Your Feet Brown may never be known for endurance, he will be known for his passion and preparedness. If ever there is a fight or some goal to achieve, this brown will be happy to throw himself headlong into the endeavor. When it comes to Threadfall and flaming, he even has his own personal stockpile of firestone at the ready. He will insist on always having an extra sack at the beginning of a Threadfall lest something happen to their stone couriers. His Rider will have to be vigilant not to let him get too invested in wanting to keep himself in a state of readiness, otherwise you might find he has some meat hidden away somewhere spoiling. He will try to dry and salt a carcass on his own, but perhaps it's better if you help him do that before he tries to bring it into the weyr.

Girls are a strange thing to Right Under Your Feet Brown, he tends to prefer the tougher, more boyish greens as his mates of choice. He isn't very fond of golds, they're not much fighters after all and he wants his mate to be a rough and tumble gal. Someone who will be right there next to him in the Wing happy to flame some Thread in spectacular style.

Inspiration: Cult Classic Movie Tremors
and the character Burt Gummer
Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Hatching Message:
In truth, as large and grand as The Cheesy Addiction Egg was, it didn't have a chance against the hatchling within. The egg was given to the shakes and crack lines appeared one by one, loudly resonating throughout the Hatching Cavern. In a single motion the egg burst open and bellowing in that moment was Right Under Your Feet Brown.

He slunk back into the lower parts of the shell that still remained. Sitting there to catch his breath, Right Under Your Feet Brown peeked out and looked at his surroundings. He slunk out of the egg, egg shells crunching under his feet as he stepped forward, his eyes firmly on the line of Candidates. The young brown liked the feel of the sand under his feet and he wiggled his toes a little deeper into the black sand where he stood. He wanted to get a good look at his choices before approaching them for an even closer look.

Right Under Your Feet Brown lumbered up to the Candidates, giving all the boys long searching looks. He strides along the line and stops to look up at Kestermon. The boy's face brightens with a big smile and he gives a loud belly laugh before leaning down to pat the brown, "Right, Graboith, we've got a lot to get ready for. I think I'll like being your K'mon very much!" Off they went, walking out of the Hatching Cavern together as a pair.

Egg Name:  The Cheesy Addiction Egg
Egg Description: The yellow of this large egg is not a natural color. Yet there’s something about it that’s enticing, inviting anyone over for a bit of a look-see. Just a little touch couldn’t hurt. Staring at this egg can become addicting, however, so candidates beware. Delightful hints of tomato red and bright pepper green can be found lurking among the yellow, and once you’ve found one you feel driven to find more and more and more.
Egg Inspiration: Queso
Egg Credit: Corgi

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Brown Neovith (S'wyn)

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