Green Griselath

Impressee: J'nige (Jennige)

Name: Griselath
Pronunciation: gree-sell-ath
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 40b657
Final Size: 26' long with a wingspan of 42'

Description: An almost average green in regards to her physical dimensions, Griselath has a regal and refined aura. She carries herself very well and always has perfect posture. She is a muted green and is generally unison in color overall but for some lightening in her wingsails where the hide is pulled taut. It is not her coloring nor her body structure that really sets her apart. There are a myriad of unique markings, such as the large triangle that sits on her head in a golden-green with divisions of other triangles within it, particularly the dark green one in the center of it. On her breast and all across her chest in the same golden green color is a very bird-like marking with outstretched wings made of lines. Many and more line art in this golden green appear on her lower legs and along the main edge of her wing following the bone.

Personality: Griselath is a patient and kind green with a love for her fellow dragons. It is not uncommon for her to willingly put herself in harm's way in order to help and protect one of her peers. She is not rushing into such decisions mindlessly, rather Griselath thinks through everything and chooses the best course of action. She is noble and honorable and a very hard worker despite the fact that she is not very strong. For all of her intelligence, and she is a very wise green young as she is, she can easily be taken advantage of by others. Griselath is a typical book-smart kind of dragon whose practical skills take much longer to develop than her mental and emotion skills. It may be frustrating, but she will be among those dragons who may need a little extra time as a Weyrling before entering Wings. The extra time will be well worth it as her collected and learned skills will be more complete and she can give more of herself to the war effort against Thread.

Inspiration: Princess Zelda (Legend of Zelda games)

Hatching/Impression Message: The Tickled Kitten Egg wastes little time in hatching. It has long since been shaking and spreading spiderweb cracks at every little point of impact from the dragon within from the very beginning. Gentle impacts slowly and steadily weakening the shell that encases the tiny dragon within. It is a smart way to hatch and The Tickled Kitten Egg shatters at the next battering of the little green who is revealed as bits of egg fly away. There is no look of surprise or marvel about how she hatched, she planned it this way all along. She gets to her feet, displaying how beautiful she is and then begins to approach the line of Candidates. She comes to the girls first and stops before a particular blonde girl, but Malika is not the girl for her, nor is Resha whom she takes the moment to stride around her. She dismisses all of the girls in the same manner and continues on to the boys. One of them, Jennige, falls to his knees before her and softly says, "Griselath, is it really okay that I'm not that smart? Really?" A soft laugh and he gets up with a smile, "Yeah, it is time to eat, Griselath."

Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: The Tickled Kitten Egg
Egg Description: There’s something delightfully eye-catching about this rotund, average-sized egg. The multitude of hues sprawling across its shell vary from tawny brown to blood-soaked copper, with spots of black and white and flecks of gold and grey. This egg is ever so slightly bumpy, but the texture somehow melds with the splashes of colour to give the Tickled Kitten a slightly “fuzzy” appearance. It “lurks” within a cluster of other eggs of varying sizes… One moment you think you see it, the next it’s almost as if it’s disappeared amongst its comrades! It’s not big enough to catch the eye immediately, but it doesn't take long to appreciate its eclectic beauty.
Egg Inspiration: A tribute to the world of cat and kitten videos, and icanhascheeseburger.
Egg Credit: Sym

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Shakeruth (J'than)

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