Green Gypsaith

Impressee: T'gor (Tarragor)

Name: The Free Spirit Green Gypsaith
Pronounciation: Gyp-saeth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: b9fa9b
Hatching: Late Autumn T13, 8th Pass
Final Size: 26' length of 42' wingspan

Description: The Free Spirit Green Gypsaith looks as though her hide has faded over the Turns, since it is such a pale green as to be almost white. Around her head and neck a brighter green colour can be seen. From a distance, this marking appears to have folds in it, as though she is wearing a scarf. Her wings drape in a similar manner, with faint creases similar to that of light fabric. Although her hide is plain at first glance, upon closer inspection there are square patches of a slightly different colour scattered across her body. It looks like someone patched her hide with rags and couldn’t quite get the colour right. Gypsaith’s body and wings are rather short, but her long tail makes her appear to be a much larger dragon than she actually is. She has surprising stamina for such a small dragon and loves flying until she is so exhausted she almost falls to the ground.

Personality: Gypsaith is not a dragon to follow the rules. While she doesn’t actively cause trouble, she prefers to do things her own way. This often includes urging her rider to go on long flights, for no other reason than the pure joy of flying. She is never happier than when she is in the air, free from all restraints and with just her rider for company. Group work is the bane of her existence and she will often refuse to contribute to her group’s success. Gypsaith has her own way of doing things. When working alone, she will show her creative side, performing unique aerial manoeuvres and even trying her hand at painting and other artistic pursuits, with variable success. Gypsaith loves music, and when she hears the harpers play she will be unable to sit still, but has to get up and dance. Her rider will absolutely have to learn how to play a musical instrument so that he can play while she dances. She loves performing for others and is never embarrassed, no matter how foolish she may look.

When she is young, Gypsaith will be a bright, mischievous dragon, always getting into trouble but worming her way out of it with a winning smile. The valuables of other dragons and riders in the weyrling barracks will somehow accumulate at her bed, but if questioned she will deny any knowledge of how they got there. She doesn’t actively avoid lessons, however she makes no effort to attend them. Sometimes she will get a sudden urge to wander down to the shore with her rider just before they are called down for training. Her cheerful innocence will get her out of most trouble, although it might make some suspicious. Regardless, her teachers will soon become frustrated with the fact that nothing they teach her sticks in her head, and they will even suggest that she is not particularly bright. The truth is Gypsaith is intelligent, but only learns things she thinks are important, so she won’t fill her brain with what she considers useless information, such as Wing formations.

As she grows older Gypsaith’s bright-eyed innocence will be replaced by cynicism. She has seen a lot of the world, more than most dragons due to the frequent trips away from the Weyr she takes whenever possible. She is under no illusions that the world is the wonderful, honourable place that they were taught to believe it was as weyrlings. Others may view her with distrust because of the amount of time she spends away from the Weyr accidentally avoiding drills, as well as the number of small items that go missing when she is around. This rarely bothers Gypsaith. After all, she has her rider and perhaps one or two close friends, what use does she have for anyone else? She will always be a private dragon, keeping to herself and ignoring those who disapprove of her unpredictable ways.

In a Wing, Gypsaith will be unpredictable, and likely designated to a position of little importance because of this. She hates flying in formation and will break free from the Wing at every possible opportunity, even during Threadfall, not noticing the danger it might pose to others in her Wing. Although she doesn't care for many other dragons, any connections that she does make are deep and unbreakable. She will do anything for the few friends that she acquires. When she rises, Gypsaith will rarely choose the same partner twice, and will forget about them as soon as the flight is over, unless they are one of her special friends. However, even if she does choose a friend one flight that is no guarantee that she won't choose a complete stranger the next. Her flights will be quite a show, as she performs amazing acrobatics, focusing more on style than speed. She considers it just another performance and the winner will be whoever happens to catch her eye when she begins to tire.

Inspiration: Gypsy
Dragon Credit: Adina

Hatching/Impression Message: The Scary Like a Prune Egg jerked once then spun in a slow circle that ended with the egg crashing sideways into the sand. Cracks skittered across the mottled surface and a pale paw smashed through the egg in one spot, showing up white against the dark surface of the egg. A head poked through the hole as well and the hatchling wriggled its way out. More pieces of shell broke off to allow the Free Spirit Green to slither onto the sand, but the rest of the egg stayed intact.

The pale green dragon picked herself up, daintily shaking out her wings. She turned and sniffed at the egg she had come out of, nosing an especially pink fragment and sticking her head back inside its dark interior. At last, the Free Spirit Green turned her attention to the Candidates. She spread her wings and danced across the sand toward them. Although the tips of her wings dragged on the ground, her small green body was the very image of a graceful dancer.

Upon reaching the Candidates she continued her strange progression along their line, grinning at each one she passed. She made one lap of the assembled Candidates like this, apparently in no hurry to choose her rider. Starting on her second lap one of her wings caught on the ground and she rolled to an abrupt halt at Finla’s feet. The little green blinked whirling eyes up at the girl and it seemed almost as though she winked at her before getting back to her feet with a complete lack of embarrassment. She continued along the line just as she had before, stopping at last in front of Tarragor. “Gypsaith?” T'gor said tentatively, then grinned. “Gypsaith! Of course I’ll come with you wherever you want to explore!” The new pair ran off the sands, both grinning.

Egg Name: Scary Like a Prune Egg
Egg Description: What a strange little egg this is! It is a mingling of gray, purple, pink, blue, brown, and black. All those colors are arranged just right to look like many small heads dangling from their hair from the top of the egg. These heads might just look odd, but they appear to be wrinkly and dried out like the frightening snack that prunes are! Why, these tiny heads are shrunken down to size and dried out to be hung like decorations! Just as they are on this very egg. Anyone who does dare to approach this egg and touch it will find its shell textured in a variety of ways that cannot easily be described. One thing is for certain, though, it gives you the creep just being right next to it.
Egg Inspiration: Shrunken Heads
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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