Impressed to Blue Muerrelth

Name: H'mis (Hamis)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7T171
Rank: Wingrider

A jolly, eternally cheerful man with a dislike for the more serious things in life. H’mis tends to get flustered by too much responsibility but do anything to harm his family and he turns into a vengeful demon. H’mis is happily weyrmated with greenrider G’tan and has a single daughter (Hamania – Jey) who he dotes on. H’mis is average height, with a solid build, salt and pepper hair and blue eyes. H’mis has a sister at Ketrin Hold, Alissera, and two nieces and a nephew (K’zerai) from her.
Mini-Biography Credit: Jey

Sister: Alissera
Weyrmate: G'tan of green Tuvoith
Daughter: Hania of blue Joaidaneth (Jey)

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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