Impressed to Blue Sudoth

Name: H'wilt (Hewilt)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T195 (Late Spring)
Former Rank: Server

A native of Solaria, Hewilt is the son of a Father who is a Cook and a Mother who is a Baker. 

A short and stout boy, Hewilt is very quiet and seldom speaks without being spoken to. He prefers to spend time by himself or with his siblings. He is not outgoing and at point of fact is actually a bit of a coward. Hewilt is not very certain about what to do with his life and has settled for a simple occupation as a Server. He would have pursued being a Candidate sooner if not for his fear of being mauled. Even now, this fair haired and green eyed boy is nervous about the Hatching and is as anxious about Impressing as he is about being mauled. In fact, he has only become a Candidate now at the request of his parents in order to keep a watchful eye over his younger brother Wehil. Wehil impressed to brown Moshentith in the same clutch as Hewilt.

Mini-Biography Credit: Shouriko

W'il (Wehil) of Brown Moshentith

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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