Discovery Control Green Halth

Impressee: D'ev (Devarin)

Name: Halth
Pronounciation: hah-ll-th
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 8ed984
Gold Femaith x Brown Neovith, P8 T16
Final Size: 26.5' length with wingspan of 44'


Simply colored, Discovery Control Green has a faded green color to her hide. There are no clear or distinct markings on her hide, although it may appear as she has some kind of manufacturing wear marks here and there. She otherwise looks smooth and streamlined and that she certainly is. Average as far as greens go, she is athletic and nimble, well suited to the task of flying swiftly and making tight manuevers. It is not her physical attributes that make her stand apart from the rest of the greens in the Weyr, however.

Oh no, Discovery Control Green stands part on her personality alone. She speaks in a soft and calm voice, controlled and surprisingly conversational as she is such a formal dragon. Seldom is Discovery Control Green a reactionary or overly emotional creature, driving home the point that there can be intelligence in the greens. She is quite smart, to the point of being overbearing at times as she corrects others. Her observation skills are second to none. Incredibly keen to others, she picks up on social cues and lipreading almost immediately after hatching it will seem. Even more surprising for a green, Discovery Control Green has an excellent memory, remembering people and places better than all the others almost needing no help at all from her Rider or other dragons. Mistakes do happen however and she is far from a perfect dragon, needing a bit of help from time to time, especially as she ages past her prime into her twenties, should she live that long.

Discovery Control Green thoroughly believes herself to be foolproof and incapable of making errors. When she does make mistakes, she tries to hide them and it seems like the older she gets, the more likely she will make mistakes. She can be hasty in trying to keep her mistakes a secret, even going so far as to eliminate those who are witnesses to her mistake and thoroughly denying anything ever happening at all. This can be a problem, especially during Threadfall as her primary directive is to flame the silvery menace. Discovery Control Green will want to pursue any missed strands or clumps not fully seared with her flame. She may even consider killing some of her fellow Wingmates if they ever think her a burden or less than the perfect creature she likes to think herself as. In a sense, Discovery Control Green is a rather fragile creature. When she is the most stressed, she is prone to singing the song 'Daisy Bell' to help her relax.

She is a thorough flamer during Threadfall and very analytical flier when in flight. Discovery Control Green chooses the most logical mate for her, the one who is the least complicated. She likes to be in control, so that is best, and it is easier for her to part with the mate she chose that way as well.

Inspiration: Cult Classic Movie 2001: A Space Odyssey
and the character HAL 9000
Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Hatching Message:
There was something incredibly orderly and methodical about the shaking and shifting of the Green Tea Bubble Egg. While some were haphazard and odd, Green Tea Bubble Egg shook like the rocking and ticking of a metronome. It moved about in a predictable manner and when each three shakes there was a crack. A dozen cracks later and many, many rocking cycles later it looked like the Green Tea Bubble Egg was about to collapse in on itself, which was exactly what happened. Egg shards dropped all around the hatchling, hiding the identity of the infant dragon.

Slowly and patiently, piece by piece, Discovery Control Green uncovered herself. She put each little shell shard in a neat pile and she shifted them over once she was finished. There was nothing out of place when she finally finished. Stepping out from the clutch and the remains of those eggs broken and shattered before her own, Discovery Control Green walked directly into the throng of remaining Candidates. There was no hesitation in her movements, nor was there any urgency, there was simply purpose as she walked as best as she could up to Devarin.

"H-Halth?" He asked, sounding far more tentative than the green had been in any of her actions. He nodded and replied to her, "Right, I've got the order. Primary directive, huh? Well, I think right now that would be taking care of you Halth!" D'ev walked off the sands with his new lifetime partner.

Egg Name: Green Tea Bubble
Egg Description:
This smaller egg is probably not anyone's first choice for touching as it looks strange and kinda gross. The top is smooth almost like liquid and the bottom is bumpy and bulbous like something settled at the bottom. While it may be ugly to look once touched the sweet nature of the baby inside is almost like honey on your tongue. The sweetness is offset with an herbal goodness type quality. The baby promises to be a wize and well rounded individual mixed with enough kindness to be liked by most all. For the few who are rough by nature you swear you can feel the dragon inside pull as far away from your touch and almost chide you to let go.
Egg Inspiration: Bubble TEA!!! -
Egg Credit:Sickwater

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Brown Neovith (S'wyn)

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