Blue Hauteth

Impressee: E'li (Elisha)

Name: Hauteth
Pronunciation: OUH-tehth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 3a75c4 (dfeaf1)
Final Size: 29.1' length with a wingspan of 53.1'

Despite his small size, this blue is never in danger of disappearing into a crowd. Although there is no doubt that Hauteth is very aesthetically pleasing, his appearance is decidedly feminine. His neck and tail are extremely long, and always held with his signature race and poise. His facial structure shares the delicate lines of the rest of his body.

The majority of his hide is a delicate pale-blue color. Along his wings, this color is marbled with equally pale shades of aquamarine and pinkish-grey, creating an almost opalescent effect which grows more intense the along the edges. He has distinctive markings resembling lace filigree trailing down his shoulders and forearms.

If anything positive can be said about Hauteth, it is that this dragon never has any reservations about speaking exactly what is on his mind - no matter how petty or undercutting the thought might be. For a dragon, Hauteth has a very highly developed sense of aesthetics - he has very strong opinions of what "beauty" is, and is very determined to share his vision with the rest of the Weyr. 

He's a moody dragon, and will be extremely uncooperative if he feels like his environment is not conducive to his creative process. It's typically best to humor him, as attempting to convince him that there is nothing "creative" about what he is doing will do nothing but make him sulk. Despite being incredibly vain, Hauteth has a rather fragile ego, especially concerning his appearance. He doesn't take criticism well, and is liable to need a great deal of encouragement to attempt again after a failure. 

For somebody as self-centered as he is, it will come to no surprise that Hauteth isn't particularly talented at picking out candidates. Should he somehow find himself tasked with the role of searchdragon, he's liable to make his selections on the candidate's appearances. Even as a hatchling, this dragon will have a strange fascination with human clothing. He will treat his rider as an extension of himself in this regard, and will insist that E'li dress himself nicely. 

While Hauteth is a pleasure to watch in flight, he is unlikely to be an Threadfighter. As a younger dragon, chances are high that he will focus more on looking fierce and elegant in flight than actually fighting Thread. Unless his rider is exceptionally vigilant, this attitude is likely to result in injuries. Hauteth is a difficult medical patient, and is liable to try to make everybody around him as miserable as he is.

Hauteth has a rather complicated relationship with his green sisters. While he finds that they typically appreciate his visions for a more beautiful Weyr and indulge his gossip habit, he has a completely unrealistic opinion of female beauty. His ideal female would have the beautiful shining hide of a gold, but the lithe and nimble build of a green - he's constantly on the lookout for a female that matches this ideal. Euliath is the closest that he will come to this ideal, and he's liable to develop an intense infatuation with the young gold. He may even attempt to chase her when she rises, although his tiny frame will preclude him from having a hope of ever catching her. He doesn't chase frequently, and will select only the most beautiful greens as his partners. Unfortunately, he's very vocal and not very nice about his assessments of the appearances of his green sisters. E'li can expect to do a lot of apologizing on behalf of his blue. 

Inspiration: Fashion Designer
Name Inspiration: From Haute Couture

Hatching/Impression Message:
The bright white mark in the middle of The Apple of My Eye Egg seemed to flicker for a moment as the dragon inside began to make its way into the hatching sands. A single long black crack spread over the smooth surface of the egg, and in a moment its entire surface was covered in fine spidery cracks. A pale, and surprisingly dainty leg broke through first. The hatchling's toes wiggled for a few moments in the warm air before it managed to pull the rest of his body onto the sands. The little blue squeaked with dismay as his pale hide became covered with flecks of sand. He ducked into the ruined remains of his shell for a few moments before peaking up over the top of the egg towards the boys. Elisha broke rank from the other candidates and ran over to the little blue's aid - the wide smile on his face a sure sign that an impression had occurred, "Don't worry Hauteth, we'll clean you right up - and I do agree, these robes are pretty ugly."

Dragon Credit: Notomys

Egg Name: The Apple of My Eye Egg
Egg Description: The Apple of My Eye Egg is just smaller than average in size, smooth and slightly squared it has an even metallic sheen which makes it look soft and stroke-able. Right in the centre of this egg is a white mark, which seems to glow with an internal light, if you squint at it hard enough the mark might be a redfruit with a bit missing, like some cheeky candidate came and had a bite.
Egg Inspiration: Mac laptops
Egg Credit: Maiden

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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