Blue Hebinth

Impressee: Tr'sal (Tresallan)

Name: Hebinth
Colour: Blue
Hatching: Late winter T2, 8th Pass

Physical Description:
Hebinth is on the large side for a blue, and seems rather awkward and ungainly on the ground, although in the air he is fairly agile. Although he is still relatively small in dragon terms, Hebinth’s demeanour gives you the impression of a much larger dragon. He is mainly a deep sky blue, with blue of a slightly lighter shade covering the underside of his neck, body, and tail. This colouring, allows him to blend in well when in the sky, but not so much on the ground. This gives many people a first impression of simply a large blue shape galumphing towards them. He is always full of energy and can often be found with his eyes whirling blue, the same shade as his underbelly. The faster they whirl usually means the more trouble Tr’sal is getting in to.

Both Tr’sal and Hebinth have similar personalities; light and carefree, enjoying jokes and pranks. Hebinth in particular jokes about everyone and everything, often causing Tr’sal to burst out laughing in the middle of serious discussions. He is eager to please Tr’sal, and considers it his duty to bring amusement to sombre occasions. Curious as well as comical, Hebinth always wants to know what is going on, and loves being in the middle of things. Although he spends most of his time clowning around, just like his rider, Hebinth takes Threadfall seriously, and is staunchly loyal to both Tr’sal and his wing. For every time he is serious though, there are another five in which he is joking around. He often tends to mix up names, paying more attention to causing Tr’sal amusement than to remembering the names of those he meets.

Dam: Gold Bacapth (Almerion)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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