Dark Hulking Blue Hecroth

Impressee: Triffen (Tr‘fen)

Name: Hecroth

Name Inspiration: Combined the names He-man and Orko.

Colour: Blue
Hatching: Late Spring, Turn 1, 8th Pass

Final Size: 36.5 feet with a wingspan of 59 feet.

Description: This dragon is a very dark sapphire blue. His hide could almost be mistaken for black in soft lighting. He is almost like the deepest dark sapphire that you would find in a stone. His hide is shinier than most blues, but not overly so. And the shine to his hide is only on the swirling patterns. His physical body is rather chunky, for a blue, but not to the point that it would hinder him in any way. He is rather clumsy and will trip over anything that gets in his way. Even if someone warns him, like ‘don’t trip on that rock’ or ‘watch your step’. No matter what, he’ll trip.
He has a rather interesting lighter pattern on his hide. He has lighter blue swirls on his hide in intricate, wind swept patterns. What makes the patterns interesting is that the swirls are in different lighter shades of blue. And when he moves, it makes it look as if you could actually see wind moving across his hide. But its just the trick of the coloring on his hide. He is slightly large being a newly hatched blue, but he will grow into his own.

Personality: Hecroth is a timid little blue. He is always apologizing when he trips and bad things happen. This little guy will carry on and on and on with apologies it not stopped. And whatever he does to help another, it will never turn out right. Something will always happen to cause trouble for this blue dragon. Even as an adult, he’ll still be clumsy, but he’ll be able to better prevent it from happening so it won’t be constant. He is fighter though, when he’s not tripping over something and bumping into something or someone. He is determined not to let his clumsiness to keep him from doing anything, and that means anything his rider wants to do.

Hecroth is sweet and fun-loving despite his clumsiness. He loves his rider and will do anything to make his happy. If someone harms one hair on his Tr’fen’s head, this blue will literally come unglued and come to his rider’s aide. When he is angry or upset, there will be no hint of his clumsiness. He will find strength and support in his rider on moonless nights. And during those times when he will need them the most. He hates it when it’s completely dark, indoors and out.

When it comes to Thread-fighting, Hecroth will be a force to be reckoned with. His unusual stamina will serve him well and he'll have the energy to last longer than most blues. His flame, too, will seem larger and hotter than the norm, though he will have to be taught well how to get the best use out of it. He seems completely transformed in the air, no longer the clumsy, timid blue Tr'fen knows; instead he will be entirely focused on protecting Pern and doing his duty.

He'll be an enthusiastic chaser when it comes to flights, though he's more interested in trying to sweet-talk the green he's after. He'll find it harder to keep up with the more agile ones due to his size and slight clumsiness, so will often rely on his words instead. If he catches a green he'll form quite an attachment to her, and will pursue her to try and 'keep' her love - he's a romantic really.

Inspiration: Hecroth's description and personality are based on He-man and Orko from the cartoon series ‘He-man’. He-Man is "the most powerful man in the universe!" and is the alter ego of Prince Adam of Eternia. The Sorceress of Castle Greyskull gave the Prince the power to transform into He-Man, and when in this form he has immense strength. He-Man's strength and physique inspired Hecroth's description.
Orko is a Trollan, and as such possesses magical powers. However, his powers usually backfire on him! He is slightly clueless but a valuable, loyal ally to He-Man. Hecroth's personality draws largely from him, and Hecroth's clumsiness also has parallels with Orko's inability to successfully use magic.

Voice: Hecroth’s voice is soft baritone. Though it’s soft and soothing when he speaks calmly with his rider. His voice has a soft purring feel to it when he’s talking, kind of like a feline purring but not as loud as a feline’s purring. When he is excited and happy the purring feel is a little more pronounced and his voice volume goes up a few notches.

Hatching Message: The Sticky Black egg hatched. No preamble or applause. The egg rocked and cracks appeared. And then…… *crack*, *pop*! The shell gave way as the dragonet inside kicked really hard. It caused the shell of the egg to crumble. The most beautiful blue dragonet stood on the sands. He chirped as if to say ‘What happened!?’ He looked around for a moment, getting his bearings.

Public Impression Message: The Dark Hulking Blue spotted his life mate across from him and moved on wobbly legs towards the lad. He got half way before his legs decided to work against him and caused him to trip and land snout first in the warm sand. He let go of a plaintive wail before quickly righting himself. He chirped and trilled as he got closer to his life mate.

Personal Impression Message: You hear the most interesting voice in your head. I have you, mine! Your Hecroth has found you! You look down and see the most wonderful blue sitting in front of you. His hide is dusted on his nose with bits of the sand from the Grounds when he had dove head first into the sand when he had hatched. Love seems to radiate from him as he looks straight into your eyes, and the sharp pang of hunger can almost be ignored as the joy of Impression washes over you. Um… Mine? My middle hurts! I smell something delicious! Where is it mine? Do you know wher…… Oh, I’m sorry mine! I’m so sorry! Where is the food?

Dragon Credit: Wingrider

Egg Name: Sticky Black Egg
Egg Description: Black is the colour of this egg: a shiny, gorgeous black. Well, mostly: white lines hint at strings and ropes of black coiled about the egg, swirling into coils in places. At some points the colour looks marked, as though fingerprints have been left on its surface.
Egg Inspiration: Liquorice is a strongly-flavoured but popular sweet, usually sold as ropes or coiled in wheels.
Egg Credit: Emma

Dam: Gold Ilayth (Miori)
Sire: Bronze Vroleith (T’niel)

Clutching Order: 6/18
Hatching Order: 7/18

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