Prince of Healers Blue Heireith

Impressee: L'hren (Lourhen)

Name: Heireith
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 73B1B7
Final Size: X' length with a wingspan of Y'


For a hatchling, the Prince of Healers Blue is astonishingly elegant and finely proportioned. His muscles are obvious and move sleekly beneath his smooth hide, and he has fine carriage of his slightly short wings, bearing them neatly against his back. The Prince of Healers Blue has rather quick, darting narrow eyes, bright with intelligence and judgement. In movement, his athleticism is obvious, for the Prince of Healers Blue leaps about here and there with bursts of speed on his well-conformed limbs. His hide is a paler, almost powdery blue, the colour of old copper left to the mercy of the elements. The copper blue deepens to a dark teal along the Prince of Healers Blue's jawline, runs up to meet his neck ridges, and forms a dark sash that drapes around his shoulders and across his chest. The dark colouring continues along all his ridges, to the tip of his tail.

Once grown into full stature, the Prince of Healers Blue's stature has altered from his lithe hatchling figure. His chest and shoulders have broadened, and so too has his middle - so that he cuts a very husky silhouette, far removed from his hatchling slenderness. Not athletic, the Prince of Healers Blue has become a deliberate and powerful mover. His hide is remarkably even-toned, with its dignified markings. He has grown into a large and barrel-bellied blue, more akin to a brown in ability and build than any of his nippy fellow blues.


From the moment he cracks shell, Heireith will be a vigorous, lively dragon with a zest for life that rolls off of him in waves. He has very little patience as a weyrling, and can barely tolerate those that aren't as full of life as he is. Alickith is likely to irritate him immensely, but he'll probably be quite fond of Vichth and will admire her courage. He will make friends as easily as breathing, and drop them just as quickly if they can't keep up with his quick wit and fascination for all things scientific. While Heireith is exuberant, he is also very logical and intelligent, which are traits that he is only too happy to demonstrate for anyone and everyone. Most dragons and Weyrlingmasters don't seem to mind his boastful, proud nature, because there is something very charming and endearing about this blue. It is hard not to want to be his friend, and many will try to curry favor with him.

As he ages and grows out of his lithe juvenile frame into his heavy adult one, he will learn the hard way that one cannot remain a youth forever. Maturity will weigh heavily on Heireith, and he will often attempt physical feats that he used to do with ease. He is unlikely to be very successful at them, and may injure himself. His mind will remain as keen as ever, and he will be a great advocate for Dragonhealing to become a recognized Craft, with L'hren as his staunch ally. Heireith thinks that those who don't use their intellect to its fullest potential don't deserve to have any, and he'll treat them as though they are incredibly dim. This condescension is carried off with a strong sense of entitlement, but somehow most dragons just accept it and even work harder to gain Heireith's favor. His youthful charisma shines through at random moments and reminds everyone what a joy he was. Inside, he is still that fun-loving Weyrling, and he will always consider himself to be a larger-than-life epitome of what a dragon should be.

Heireith is a passionate lover, and will chase nearly every dragon that flies, including golds. While he is smart enough to realize that he won't catch one, he likes the thrill of the chase more than anything else, and what offers a better chase than a Queen? The first few greens that he flies will likely remain his partners for a few Turns, with other dalliances here and there, until he grows tired of them. After he is about four Turns old, he will almost never choose the same green twice and will quickly grow bored with them if they act clingy in any way. The ones he likes best are those that tease and tempt, and he may fly those greens more often, if he can catch them. His ever-growing bulk will frustrate him toward the end of his life, and he may become angry at the quick, teasing little greens. It is possible that he will sulk during some flights if he knows that he cannot possibly win.

Heireith will always love the heady thrill of Threadfall, and will revel in his power in the air. He fancies himself a great commander, but is not the best tactician. He is a dutiful warrior, giving respect to his Wingleaders and Wingseconds, but always secretly thinks that he could do a much better job. All politics are forgotten in the heat of Fall, however, and he blasts through the clumps with a fierce joy. That joy will diminish over the years until he regards Fall as just another chore to inflict on his tired body. He may overexert himself as he ages while trying to prove his fitness.

Inspiration: King Henry VIII of England

Heireith has a booming baritone voice that may cause L'hren some headaches until he grows accustomed to it. It is obtrusive and always of a loud volume. When he is pleased it sounds like the rumble of a truck along a gravel road, however when annoyed it brings one to mind of a thunderstorm brewing overhead such is the intensity and ferocity.

Hatching Message:
The Rock of Ages Egg began to creak and crack as it was webbed by spidery lines. The hatchling inside pushed and shoved from every angle, until the shell began to crumble in places. Visible through the caved in patches was the hatchling's powdery blue hide. With a shove of his head and his hindquarters, the hatchling managed to split the egg into a myriad of shards and stumble free.

Public Impression Message:
The Prince of Healers Blue looked around after hatching and noticed a lot of activity near the clump of Candidates. A Healer shifted to the side, and the dusty blue caught sight of a gory mess on the Sands. What, ho! They were Healing that boy! With a stentorian bugle, the blue galloped athletically over to the knot of people. How fascinating! Were those his entrails?

Personal Impression Message:
The Prince of Healers Blue nosed into the Healers in an attempt to catch a better look at the injured boy. He bumped into Lourhen, and the man turned quickly, startled, when he realized that it was a dragonet at his shoulder, and not a human. "Er, should you be here?" the Healer asked the blue with some concern. Of course I should, the blue replied with great confidence. You're Lourhen, eh? I shall call you L'hren. You may address me as Heireith. This is all fascinating! The blue barely gave himself time to enjoy the feeling of Impression before he was back to peering intently at the bloody Sands.

Stunned, Lourhen- now L'hren- reached out and stroked Heireith's shoulder. Wasn't he too old to Impress? This was amazing! "Heireith, it is fascinating, but we've got to feed you before you get too involved with this young man's Healing." The blue was surprised to notice that he was extremely hungry, and he allowed L'hren to lead him off to the food tables, asking detailed questions about the injured Candidate as they went.

Dragon Credit: Emma, Jey, Pavlova, Rachel
Dragon Picture Credit: Jey

Egg Name: Rock of Ages Egg
Egg Description: The mid-sized Rock of Ages Egg bears a deep, vibrant orange hue. It looks like a crest of lava splitting through the gritty black hatching sands. The heat seems to radiate overwhelmingly from the egg, as if it were covered in fire. The smutches and broiling patterns of sooty grey and brighter yellow only make it seem more alight. On the upturned side of this tilted egg, two dazzlingly bright specks gleam from the top and the bottom, like a pair of suns breaking through storm clouds.
Egg Inspiration: Gallifrey
Egg Credit: Jey

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Bronze Vesuvath (N'din)

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