Blue Hejjihth

Impressee: I'brei (Bribref)

Name: Hejjihth
Pronunciation: Heh-jee-th
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 0047AB
Final Size: 32' length of 55' wingspan

Description: As one of the fastest dragons on this side of Pern, it is good that he has nothing in the way of elaborate markings, because he most definitely doesn't stand still long enough for anyone to appreciate them. The color of bright, blue cobalt, his hide takes well to a good shine, showing nothing in the way of blemishes or imperfections. The only variance pipes up from his forelegs - powdery nearly white gloves are pulled up to his "elbows". More peculiar than that however, is his large neckridges - starting from the crown the bony protrusions seem to poke out more-so than the others of his clutch. Even as a youngster he will be keenly aware of the fact and often crane his neck just so as to emphasize their presence. Otherwise he is a clean cut dragon, all acute angles and concise lines that highlight his build for quickness and agility.

Personality: He can be a little bit boastful, though that comes as part of the package considering his abundant confidence. In many ways, the dragon is a perpetual teenager with his sharp youthful mindvoice and devil may care attitude. Certainly it will get him in trouble some day, but he is of the mind that only the good die young (though he can't quite elegantly state his philosophy in such a way) and is quick to barrel through situations with little thought and his break neck speeds. It is rare for him to turn serious, determined is a better term, and often that is clear upon his face in Threadfall which he will take to like bees on honey. Even in his exhaustion post fight or chase or what have you, he will take a moment to bask in his successes and long again for the next battle ahead of him.

Inspiration: Sonic the Hedgehog

Hatching/Impression Message: The Cataclysmic Wherry Egg began to wobble… no rock. It was alive inside with some spitfire of a dragon clearly, for the whole egg was very visible swaying back and forth as it's inhabitant knocked around on the inside. Soon the motion increased until the egg was sent spinning bottom over top, rolling towards the candidates before it had even begun to break shell. When it finally stopped, it's innards busted out, and a bold blue dragon spun out of the shell. The little hatchling continued to somersault right into the legs of a young apprentice glasscrafter and within moment the two seemed to hit it right off. Bribref, now B'ref, reached down to help straighten the blue out, only to see the dragonet pop up with ease and bounce over to the feeding tables. The new Weyrling had to shake himself out of his happy daydreams to run after the dragon, yelling, "Hejjihth! Hold up!"

Dragon Credit: Vandelay

Egg Name: The Cataclysmic Wherry Egg
Egg Description: As its name suggest, the Cataclysmic Wherry was never off to a good start in life. It’s a big and tall egg, true, but it stands to one side of the clutch because, well… it just doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest. It appears as though someone has drawn a line around the midpoint of this egg: above the line, black and white splodges are all spaced evenly and coherently to the eye. Below the line, the black and white patches are sharp and jagged, and they intersect all willy-nilly. The semblance of order and peace promoted by the top half of the Cataclysmic Wherry is ruined by the chaos of its lower half. That’s okay though: it shows some promise in its size and fortitude to stand up straight despite its odd colourings.
Egg Inspiration: Awkward Penguin
Egg Credit: Sym

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Shakeruth (J'than)

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