Blue Helstarth

Impressee: S'gray (Suegray)

Name: Helstarth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code:
Final Size:

Helstarth is a blue of average build, but it is his coloring that helps him to stand out amongst the others. With a base hide color of sky blue, he has a smattering of spots of paler blues that cover his hide. In those paler blues are darker blues, so that they appear to have halos about them. His bottom line and his wing sails take on this darker blue and like the spotting, often are lined with the paler blue. Even his eyes have this trait, being surrounded by the darker blue and then the lighter halo of blue.

Helstarth is often a comical blue, offering snide remarks that are always quite funny. Even his own antics are funny, but those are almost never intentional. He has the unfortunate circumstance of forever being a butterfingers of sorts. Witty and funny, Helstarth is hardly ever serious about anything and even when it comes down to flaming Thread he will do what he can to keep the job light and fun. He is possessive of females, when allowed to be and easily becomes jealous if they show attention to other males. He will sulk and pout until they come back to him and if they don’t he will butt in with a joke.

Inspiration: Lone Starr and Dark Helmet from Spaceballs

Hatching/Impression Message:
Having been almost forgotten because of its smaller size, the Iridescent Delicacy Egg finds its moment to shine as it hatches. It makes loud, sharp cracking noises as the fractures break across the surface of the egg. Pieces chip off and eventually the egg breaks in half, the top half rising up. Still wearing the top of the egg as if it were a helmet, the hatchling steps forward. It spins around and zig-zags a bit before bouncing into another egg, thoroughly destroying what remained of the egg. The blue dragon in his glorious hues of pale blues and haloed darker spots creels in sadness at the loss of his helmet. He totters off towards the line of candidates and begins yammering at Belia, then he moves along to Ennavi and chitters at him, barely done he moves along down the line and stops before Suegray. As before he begins to warble and then suddenly finds himself interrupted, “Really Helstarth, must you go on about the shell like that? I think feeding you ought to quiet you up.” S’gray tells the blue.

Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Iridescent Delicacy Egg
Egg Description: The surface of this egg can’t seem to pick a color to be. While overall a very light egg, there are patches of white, light green, purple, pink, grey, brown, blue…. Nor is it an even split by any means. The colors all swirl together at times, the patches varying in size from a large man’s hand to a little sliver alongside other colors, barely big enough for the color to register. Though beautiful, it seems fragile, more prone to shattering than others of the clutch.
Egg Inspiration: Mother of Pearl
Egg Credit: Hikari

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Midath (C'rian)

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