Made For A Purpose Blue Heueroth

Impressee: D'sey (Devolsey)

Name: Heueroth
Pronounciation: HOW-err-uth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 5a9bd6
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Brown Neovith , Late Autumn P8 T16
Final Size: 33' length of 56' wingspan


The Made for A Purpose Blue is very intelligent, fast and once he grows up and has a few Turns of experience in a fighting wing will be very skilled at fighting Thread. Despite this the Made for A Purpose Blue will always struggle dealing with his emotions and those of his rider. It isn't so much he can't control his emotions it is more he doesn't quite understand them. Even growing up identifying and coping with new emotions will leave Made for A Purpose Blue feeling confused and uncertain till he's had a chance to learn everything he can about any new emotion he encounters. Hunger and that feeling of need will be the first emotion he'll struggle to understand and will often seek his rider's help in understanding. It will take a strong and emotionally calm rider to keep Made for A Purpose Blue from panicking during his initial few months but once he learns the basics, Made for A Purpose Blue will be less panicky when it comes to new emotions.

Because of his lack of instinctive understanding of certain emotions, the Made for A Purpose Blue will be confused by his first mating urges, his first feelings of 'liking' other dragons or even hating another person. He will never consider his rider and the bond between them confusing however, he just knows that is how it should be. Strong emotions coming from his rider will confuse him however, even if he recognizes what the emotion is. Only when he's had time to understand his rider's emotions, whether love, hunger, hate, sadness or other emotions are essentially the same as how he feels similar emotions, Made for A Purpose Blue will no longer be so concerned by them.

After he experiences his first chase, Made for A Purpose Blue will pursue greens with better understanding of why he is chasing her and will embrace the feeling. He can be highly competitive however and will treat each flight as a challenge he must win, especially if it's a green he has a fancy for. Made for A Purpose Blue will not shy away from physically combating with other blues or even browns and bronzes if it means he can gain the upper hand and win the flight. He won't hesitate to snatch her from the air if he gets the chance however, something which may not sit well with most greens which could cause him to lose future mating flights.

Overall, Made for A Purpose Blue is calm, enjoys a good conversation and debate, loves to learn new things and associate with likeminded dragons. Being quite intelligent he recalls things far longer than the average blue and prefers company with more intellectual type dragons who focus more on improving Threadfighting techniques over those who just like to theorize, spread rumours and gossip. He is also very aware of his own mortality and doesn’t take risks when it comes to fighting Thread. Should the time come when he feels he is close to dying he will do everything in his power to prolong his life. Should his rider die before him Made for A Purpose Blue will linger a little longer before succumbing to the inevitable.

Inspiration: Bladerunner - Roy Batty
Dragon Credit: ldypayne

Hatching Message:
The Kosher Dill Egg started to rock and wobble with a steady pace and to anybody standing near the smell of vinegar grows stronger. It didn't take long for the first cracks to appear along the Kosher Dill Egg's bumpy surface. With the first cracks clearly visible, more soon follow and with one final sharp rock the egg splits in three nearly equal sections to reveal a robust blue.

The Made for A Purpose Blue scanned the room calmly, his eyes whirling slowly in a more green color than the red of hunger. It seemed he was far more interested in taking in his surroundings than seeking a life mate. Unlike some of his clutchmates he didn't bother wasting energy wondering about poking around the Candidates. Despite his apparent lack of interest in moving about, he didn't remain idle. The Made for A Purpose Blue looked at each Candidate, sizing them up from a distance before he spotted the one he wanted. Rising to his feet he strode over with minimal effort, keeping wings and tail clear of his feet so he didn't trip. He stopped before Devolsey and looked into his eyes with a fierce intensity.

"We will be great together Heueroth!" D'sey declares, smiling down at his new companion.

Egg Name:
Kosher Dill Egg
Egg Description:
The short, yet fat, egg is rather ugly. It's green all over with darker green strips. There are obvious bumps on the egg that look like warts and are a bit unpleasant to touch. The egg has an odd, vinegar smell to it that's rather strong. Anyone who touches the egg seems to get this smell on their hands. 
Egg Inspiration:
Kosher Dill Pickle
Egg Credit:

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Brown Neovith (S'wyn)

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