Impressee: G'rin (Gorin)

Name: Hexxuth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code:
Final Size:

This blue has a hide in a myriad of swirling blues with some silvery strands, turquoise, and perhaps is that red! mixed in. Hexxuth is unique in his short and stout body and long, large wings.

He is a superb flyer, though he runs out of gas rather quickly if he puts too much energy forward. He has an almost insatiable appetite and has no qualms about killing his meals and tearing them apart. While he doesn’t like Thread reaching the ground, as it means he failed to do his job and that is unacceptable, he does not hold himself accountable for the damage since there are groundcrews for that. He likes to fight and tousle with others and tries very hard to be the big dragon in the group, too bad he always tires out after his frenzied movements.

Inspiration: Hexxus from Ferngully

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Sand and Sea Egg simply explodes open and those in attendance are greeted with what sounds like a haughty bugle. Overly large wing sails splayed out, this blue dragon with his hide of swirling whorls of color stands as tall as and proud as a posturing bronze. His very first step, looking to be a big one, only lands him in the sand. He snorts and snaps at the ground angrily. How dare it insult him! Once more he tries a big step, but more cautiously this time and with each step he takes, his confidence grows. Once more he bugles to the candidates before him before being unawares of the great size of his wings. He stomps into the group, edges of wings scrapping the shins of people who foolishly stay in his way. It’s no fault of his. Stopping, he demandingly bugles at Gorin. “Hexxuth, you don’t have to be so loud. I’ll feed you.” G’rin says, uncovering his ears with a smile.

Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: The Sand and Sea Egg
Egg Description: The colours on this egg are myriad and chaotic. Most predominant are yellow and blue, however there are many shades of both colours entwined on the surface of this medium sized egg. Towards the bottom of the eggs are swirls of a deep golden yellow, interspersed with a lighter speckling of yellow, oranges and a yellow-brown. Towards the centre of the egg the yellow is blended into a midnight blue with the top of the egg continuing on in the blue though lightening as it does so. There is a wave like pattern to the blue, with black, grey and white whirls, and a streak of white cutting jaggedly through the middle. Hints of gold at the top are visible to the observant eye.
Egg Inspiration: Pietersite
Egg Credit: Pavlova

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Midath (C'rian)

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