Monkey’s Uncle Brown Hidesaruth

Impressee: Dekaran (D'ran)

Name: Hidesaruth
Name Inspiration: Hideyoshi was often called “Saru”, or “Monkey.”

Colour: Monkey’s Uncle Brown
Hex Colour Code: burntumber #8A3324
Final Size: Length 37.5 feet, Wingspan 64 feet
The Monkey’s Uncle Brown is a dumpy sort of fellow, as though he got more than his fair share of baby-fat in the egg, and it’s not too likely that he’ll ever fully grow out of it. His constant bounciness and energy, however, will soon prove that he is, as many say, just big-boned. This, of course, means that he is one sturdy dragon, with the stamina to go with it, which will make him an excellent defender when he’s old enough. His hide is a warm shade of burnt umber, as though he was just a touch too long in the oven to turn out the color of klah, and would be unremarkable were it not for the one marking upon it. A splash of vivid ochre on his head, circling just above his eyes – covering his eyeridges – and extending over his headknobs to trail just a little past the base of his skull, with extensions like cheek flaps running down the sides of his head to meet just under his chin; it looks for all the world as though he has a little gold-colored helmet, giving him just a touch of flash and pizzazz – something he is rather proud of.

Aside from being just that little bit more stocky than most dragons his size – he seems to have the muscle mass of a small bronze on his even smaller brown frame – the Monkey’s Uncle Brown is fairly well-proportioned, his limbs just the right length and girth to hold his thick frame up and his wings just a touch larger than they might otherwise be to better keep him airborne. For now, this means he’ll likely be tripping on them until he figures out where they end and how to keep them out from under his feet. As he grows, that hatchling clumsiness will fade away to be replaced by a rolling gait that might not be out of place on one of the primates in the rainforest; odd for a dragon, but it doesn’t really seem out of place with this one. As stocky and seemingly heavy as he is, he’ll grow up to be surprisingly light on his feet – never as light, of course, as his smaller siblings, but lighter than you might think a dragon of his girth would be.

It’s hard to find a more cheerful dragon than Hidesaruth. Even when being chastised for something he can often find something to laugh or joke about, which can run the risk of getting him and his rider into trouble during training. He enjoys joking with and about his siblings – and later his Wingmates – but it’s all in jest and very obviously so. One might almost think this brown didn’t have a care in the world, the way he acts, and he’ll never fully grow out of it; He is the proverbial eternal child in that way, always the class clown and self-appointed morale officer for whatever group he happens to find himself in at the moment.

Because of this, he is constantly talking to people, and making you talk to them too. After all, what, precisely, is the point of going and talking to another riding pair if you’re not going to talk to the rider while he chats with the dragon? This brown has all the energy of a blue when it comes to meeting new people and chatting with friends and class- or Wingmates; he loves it. This is one dragon that will have quite the understanding of how people and dragons tick by the time he enters a fighting wing, though it’s doubtful he will ever fully understand why some people are just naturally shy; it’s counterintuitive to him, he thinks it’s silly. He also doesn’t think much about the unsaid rule of dragons only speaking to dragons. What’s the point of telling a joke if only half of those around can hear you?

He is also a born negotiator, and that side of him will show more and more as he grows and learns when and how to use those skills. He dislikes fighting, especially among those who fly together, and will often jump in to try and calm the situation as a neutral third party whether he knows those who are arguing or not. As a youngster this might well result in making things worse, but he’ll bounce back from the failures fairly quickly. As an adult, any failures will just make him try harder to find the right button to push. He tries not to get too serious – or serious at all – as oftentimes seeming to be little more than a goofball can get you farther than earnest attempts at peacemaking; he’ll become quite adept at defusing a potential situation with a well-timed joke or snappy comment.

Since most people will just think him little more than a goofball, Hidesaruth will get few opportunities to demonstrate just how observant and intelligent he really is, and he rather likes it that way. You, as his lifemate, will usually be privy to his small comments and remarks, but no one else will until and unless he deems it necessary, something that doesn’t occur all too often. This is one brown that generally prefers being underestimated; it makes his victories that much better (because then the other person or persons involved look like idiots and he thinks it’s funny.)

One of the very few things he actually gets serious about is Thread. During Threadfall the majority of his jokes and jests die off – not entirely, though, as he does enjoy doing the occasional trick to evade this clump of Thread or char that one to ash and will occasionally snap off some remark about Thread or someone’s performance – and he goes after the enemy with a vengeance. His deep chest and dense muscle give him more than enough stamina to last a full Threadfall with little to no problem, and he will hate being grounded by an injury while there’s Thread in the sky. If it’s a minor enough injury, he may well want to ignore it and fight regardless. That’s where his rider’s influence comes in to hold him back; after all, it does no good to anyone if he gets hurt worse because he flew already injured.

He is also ambitious, though not open about it. He has his sights set on Wingleader, if not actual Weyrleader, and he will aim for it regardless of the fact that no one’s ever heard of a brown Weyrleader. It can be hard to believe that this goofball of a brown could actually make a good leader, but he does have the intelligence to pull it off, as well as an excellent understanding of just what makes people in general tick. He can be patient if need be – after all, whoever heard of a Wingleader only three Turns old? – but as he gains the necessary experience to even be considered for the position he will begin to push for it and will drag his rider along with him. His skill at negotiation and talking will stand him in good stead should he ever land in a position of leadership, especially in the extremely unlikely event that he actually does become Weyrleader, as it will better enable him to deal with those dragons – or riders, as he is not above speaking to humans directly if he sees a need for it – that dislike him or His being in charge for whatever reason.

When it comes to girls, however, anything serious just kind of falls away. This brown is one of the most incorrigible flirts in the Weyr, and often uses intentionally cheesy lines to get an ‘in’ with whichever girlfriend he’s talking to at the moment – they’re all his girlfriends, you see. Though the majority of his flirting will be with the greens, his ambitious side will see him try his luck with the golds as well. After all, you can’t end up Weyrleader if you don’t manage to catch the senior Queen, now can you?

Though he flirts with every girl in the Weyr, green and gold alike, he does have one standard regarding which ones he chases: they’ve got to look good. As long as they’re pretty – or he thinks they’re pretty, regardless of anything his rider might have to say about the dragon in question – then Hidesaruth will be chasing them when they rise. He’ll tend to stay near the front of the pack, especially when flying a gold – the stamina that serves him during Threadfall will also give him more of a chance at catching one of the golds than his brown brothers have – and is not above trying to woo her in the middle of the flight; if she chooses him rather than him having to pounce on her then it’s a double win.

Should he manage to catch a gold, Hidesaruth will be one of the most ridiculously doting fathers you could ever see. He’ll constantly be offering to bring food to his current weyrmate – because he’ll be sleeping on her ledge, if she allows it, until she moves to the Hatching Grounds and possibly insisting that his rider be just as close by – and might be something of a nuisance if he thinks she’s straining herself. Don’t push yourself too hard, Iridith, my dear, I’ll get you some fresh meat. You just take it easy and leave everything to me! As soon as the eggs start coming out, he’ll be by her side – with his rider, of course – to assist in the process as much as a male can. Once they hatch, you’ll never see a prouder father. Every single one of his children is the most wonderful thing alive, and he’ll be only too happy to gently nudge any and all of them off to find Theirs.

Inspiration: Toyotomi (Hashiba) Hideyoshi [豊臣(羽柴) 秀吉]

Okiayu Ryoutarou! Hidesaruth’s voice covers a good majority of the tenor range. Usually a warm, middle tenor with an audible smile or smirk to it – especially when he’s flirting with someone or teasing His – it can lower almost to baritone when he’s being serious, especially when he’s making a point or pointing out a flaw in an argument. On the very rare occasions he gets angry, that low tone becomes almost harsh while still somehow keeping the warm quality; rather than the comforting feeling of warm klah in your mouth, it’s more like burning your tongue on hot klah fresh off the stove.

Hatching Message:
The Jewel of the Sands egg trembled as though it was being hit by a Smith’s hammer and chisel, its deep red-violet coloring seeming to shift in the light that reflected off its almost faceted surface. Slowly cracks began to spread across its glass-smooth surface, curving around the egg almost gracefully and following the lines of the facet pattern. Gradually the eggshell fell away, the vibrantly-colored pieces falling like gem fragments to the sand. The first sign of the dragon within was a flash of bright ochre, and then more egg crumbled to reveal a tubby little brown.

The hatchling slowly moved to get to his feet, his movements almost echoing the grace with which his egg had cracked…and then it was ruined as he went head over tail, thoroughly covering himself in the fine sand and completely destroying what was left of his egg in the process. One foot ended up on his tail, another on a wing that had been thrown out to try and steady himself, and this resulted in his falling right back down on his nose as soon as he tried to stand. Dizzy from his tumble, he raised his head and looked around, hailing those nearby with his mouth hanging open in a rather goofy-looking smile. I’m good! I’m okay! I’ve got it! When the only response he got was from one of his brown brothers, the other hatchling shooting him a highly disapproving look from underneath the dark crown on his forehead, the Monkey’s Uncle Brown’s smile faded slightly. Well he was no fun…time to get to work.

Public Impression Message:
Finally getting steady on his feet, the Monkey’s Uncle Brown began looking farther around than just his immediate surroundings. After looking up at his parents, the ochre-capped brown began stumbling his way over towards the candidates. His tail swung to and fro, threatening to knock several young men off their feet, and he held his head high, the better to find who he was looking for (and show off his snazzy helmet at the same time, as a bonus.) As time wore on, though, his head began to sink. Maybe His wasn’t out here after all…none of these were His, and he was almost to the end of the line.

The Monkey’s Uncle Brown huffed at the sand, plodding on in an even more determined way. No, His had to be out here. There was no way His wasn’t out here. The trick was finding him. Suddenly the brown’s head went up and out, almost like a canine going on point, and he tore off through the crowd of boys to nearly run over a small, quiet lad with dark hair. The brown tried to skid to a halt before he ran over the lad but couldn’t quite avoid planting one taloned foot on the boy’s own as he plunked down in front of him and looked up, crooning happily.

Personal Impression Message:
The pain in your foot is second only to the chaos running rampant in your brain. The brown apparently came out of nowhere and is now looking up at you with a goofy draconic grin, crooning as though highly pleased with himself. D’ran! D’ran! Hi, it’s me! the voice echoes in your head, very cheerful, and then calms slightly Oh, I’m Hidesaruth! And I’m hungry…Let’s get some food, huh? Oh, your foot…! I’m sorry…

Dragon Credit: Rainewolf

Egg Name: Jewel of the Sands Egg
Egg Description: This egg sits prim and proud where it was laid, its surface entirely smooth but with an odd almost faceted look to it, as though it was cut out of rock by a Smith with a very fine chisel and a careful touch. Its coloring is a deep, vibrant purplish-red that glows in the light and gives the illusion that you can see right to the center of the egg.
Egg Inspiration: (Mg,Fe)3Al2(SiO4)3 (or Magnesium-Iron-Aluminum Silicate), also known as Rhodolite, a type of garnet
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay) of Istan Gold and Istan Bronze
Sire: Bronze Ternath (N'sig) of High Reaches Gold and High Reaches Bronze

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