Blue Hifadith

Impressee: Gr'ah (Groah)

Name: Hifadith

Colour: Blue

Hifadith is a dark blue.

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Temple of Heaven Egg shook for long, agonizing minutes for those who were watching it. It was a small shake, closer to a violent shiver from a bone chilling breeze at night. As is shook though, no one noticed the pieces of shell falling slowly as the egg vibrated it's way to hatching, because the hide under the shell was an equally dark blue. After about half of the shell had fallen away, a dark blue tail lashed out, shattering the rest of the egg. The dark blue stumble as his feet found the warm sands for the first time. After spending a few minutes to gain his bearings, the blue headed for the boy's line, never glancing towards the girls like some of his color-mates had done. He stumbled into a boy, but quickly moved away, as if repulsed. Then, he sighted the one he wanted. A slim lad in the middle of the line stepped forward, meeting the dark blue halfway. "Hifadith, I swear you'll be fine. Food's this way," Gr'ah drawled his words a bit, staying true to his farm-bred roots in his speech.

Egg Name: Temple of Heaven Egg
Egg Description: A rich, deep blue covers this egg entirely. All along it's surface are unbelievably bright yellow pinpricks of light, like the night's stars on a cloudless night. There are very fine, slightly lighter blue lines, creating spheres about the egg that are all connected to one another.
Egg Inspiration: Mozart's Il sogno di Scipione
Egg Credit: Stonewall

Dam: Gold Siheth (Juleia)
Sire: Bronze Hrementh (T'corav)

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