Impressed to: green Piath

Name: Hillina
Gender: Female
Birth Turn: I7T194
Location: Solaria Weyr
Rank: Resident

Mini-Biography: Daughter of Rysia (NPC), doesn't know her father, younger sister of Rystan (Tina), Verisk (NPC), and Brodit (NPC), older sister of Kotium (NPC) and Xyli (NPC).
Hillina spent a lot of time with her siblings — particularly her brothers — as a kid, and grew up to be a bit of a tomboy. Though she generally gets along with her brothers, she gets annoyed if they try to stand up for her, insisting she can stand up for herself. She's been standing for a few Turns and is a younger sister of Rystan (Tina).
Mini-Biography Credit: Tina

Mother: Rysia
Siblings: Rystan (Tina)

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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