Brown Himbohoth

Impressee: Sh'en (Sheydelen)

Name: Seven Points Brown Himbohoth
Pronounciation: him-BOW-hoe-th
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: a5662d
Hatching: Gold Parivyth x Bronze Cygneth, Early Autumn P8T15
Final Size: 40' wingspan of 67'

Description: The Seven Points Brown is a delightfully light color, but with hard, almost steel, colored edges along his spines and wing bones. Also, if one was to look directly down on the Seven Points Brown from above the color on his spines would flow down his back in a straight line that breaks off into three parallel lines on each side. There will be many that think the Seven Points Brown has only six points, six ends of the lines, on his back, but his rider will know that the seventh ends along his spine. The Seven Points Brown is surprisingly lithe for his color, thin and streamlined instead of broad and muscled. What the Seven Points Brown lacks in the brute strength of his color he makes up for in maneuverability, though he does not lack the stamina of the browns.

The Seven Points Brown is a dragon of wonderful traits, he is respectful, patient, fair, sees the best in all dragons, and always thinks about how he can protect those that are in need. The Seven Points Brown, for all his good traits, has two that could be called negative traits to his name as well. He is very hierarchical in nature and chases anything that flies.

The Seven Points Brown's respect is given to those who earn it and are of a 'higher rank'. Blue and Green share a bottom rung on the Seven Points Brown's scale, Brown is the middle slot with Bronze being only a short step from Gold. The Seven Points Brown only see's Gold as a 'higher rank' because they are mothers and give life to the Weyr. He doesn't quite understand why their flights choose the Weyrleader, but doesn't question it as he is 'too low' on the scale to make decisions or form questions like that.

Despite all of this the Seven Points Brown does not treat the Green or Blue's of the Weyr badly, some of them could even earn his respect. More than likely though a Green or Blue is treated as something to protect. During Threadfall the Seven Points Brown acknowledges that these colors have their place filling in the gaps between Brown and Bronze dragons. He can see their uses, see their strengths, and (if asked) would recommend a formation utilizing their agility to watch the blindspots of other dragons, or something like that.

This of course leads us to the Seven Points Brown's patience. He loves to talk, interact, and get to know the dragons in his wing. This is of course important because the Seven Points Brown needs to know who is best at what and where they would be best suited in his wing. His patience comes in when dealing with unruly, rude, upset, distressed, or just slow to learn dragons. He will repeat things as needed, talk as much as they require, and sometimes have to be dragged away by his rider.

The Seven Points Brown's interaction with his rider is one of a brother. He is constantly referring to his rider as 'brother' or 'comrade' instead of the usual 'mine'. This is because the Seven Points Brown does not see his rider as a possession, rather he looks to his rider for assitance and companionship. the Seven Points Brown will talk to his rider all the time about what he has learned about other dragons, how they will work together, what is the best formation, and of course ask what his rider thinks about other riders.

During flights, and the Seven Points Brown is a serial chaser, he uses his lithe form to keep up with the greens. Because he lacks in strength he avoids physical confrontations and prefers to go around his competitors. He will do acrobatic maneuvers, follow a green as she flies, but when it's time for the catch Seven Points Brown is always arrows in for the sweet spot. When chasing golds, because the Seven Points Brown will always chase golds, he knows that straight flights and stamina win out always. Though lacking the stamina of the bronze dragons the Seven Points Brown may out last his brother browns because of his streamlined form.

Thread fighting is where the Seven Points Brown will truly find his home. He revels in destroying the menace that seeks to destroy him, his home, and his family. He is skilled and precise in his motions, multiple bursts of flame being his favorite tactic. Seven Points Brown also knows the value of working together and would excel beautifully in a leadership position.

Inspiration: Seven Branch Sword
Dragon Credit: WunderingMind

Hatching Message: The Runner's Gold Egg started wobbling early, but it moved in sudden jerky movements then would stop. Thrashing from time to time the Runner's Gold Egg cracked a bit at a time. Then, when it was only halfway to being ready for hatching the Runner's Gold Egg started rocking so hard it ended up falling over, or did it crack and all the pieces fall to one side? Either way, from the remains of the Runner's Gold Egg the Seven Points Brown stepped. He kicked the shards of shell of his feet as he inspected the candidates before him.

The Seven Points Brown observed for a while before making his move towards one candidate in particular. Sheydelen stood shocked at the sight of the brown walking toward him. Impression was made and Sheydelen stood for a second stunned at the gift that had been given him. "Come on Himbohoth, food is this way." Sh'en walked proudly beside his new partner out of the sands.

Egg Name: Runner's Gold Egg
Egg Description: This egg sits squarely in the average size, not too large or small. It has a lovely round bottom that arcs up to a rounded point at the top, much like a wherry egg. The color of Runner's Gold Egg is a warm cream, like wet beach sand. All along the surface is a scattering of paler white dappling. A sense of power and majesty surrounds this egg, like a well trained, well bred runner. If touched, this egg feels warm and soft, surprisingly like dragon hide.
Egg Inspiration: Palamino horses, Stallion Famous Gold Coin
Egg Credit: Dragonblossom

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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