The Exiled Love Poet Blue Hiraeth

Impressee: M'or

Name: Hiraeth
Pronunciation: he-ray-th
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: C8E5EB; highlight 191970
Hatching: Gold Ceocayath x Bronze Cacurnynth, Late Autumn P8 T21
Final Size: 32' length, wingpsan of 56'


Mini Biography:
Hiraeth is a stocky, average-sized blue. He is quite proportional and streamlined, though his face is a bit long, and headknobs seem to be just a little larger than normal. His hide color is the crystal blue color of a freshwater spring or lake. When his wings are fully spread, a pattern resembling a majestic mountain range appears to be imposed upon them, extending across his entire back, in a deeper, midnight blue shade. Positioned above the mountain range is a yellowish, circular marking - almost like the sun.

The EXILED LOVE POET BLUE is typically a quiet, introspective dragon. He is a critical thinker, always reflecting on the world around him and how to change it for the better. Even if he doesn’t always voice his inner thoughts ‘out loud,’ his lifemate will be privy to his nearly constant flow of reflections and opinions. Although he is usually quiet, when he feels very strongly about something, he will make his voice known. And when he does so, his words and mind-voice are flowery and poetic. He uses a lot of visual imagery, metaphors and similies in his speech; often using imagery found in nature as he has a deep admiration for the beauty found in nature.

Hiraeth, because of his more sensitive temperament, will be prone to bouts of sadness and despair, particularly when he sees some sort of injustice occurring. Eventually this sadness will turn into a righteous anger that springs him into action, but initially, he will feel quite hopeless about things - and it will be up to his lifemate to help him out of his almost crippling despair and encourage him to do something more productive with his sadness. Indeed, nothing lights a fire under Hiraeth more than seeing people or creatures around him being treated unjustly or being taken advantage of. He will be quite vocal in these instances, and will not hesitate to call out his leaders when he perceives they are acting in a manner that goes against the common good of the people and dragons of the Weyr – even at the risk of punishment. He will, in fact, over time, grow to despise the current hierarchy of the Weyr and will be very outspoken about creating a more fair and just society that better serves the more common “working classes” of the Weyr.

The EXILED LOVE POET BLUE, besides being concerned with creating what he perceives to be a better society, will enjoy admiring and trying to woo female dragons. He will use his poetry to this end, and unless ill or injured, he will give Chase to practically any green that rises. Green is his favorite color, after all! It is found all over nature, which is another love of his. He has no interest or use for Golds, as he believes they hold too much power for being as rare as they are.

Inspiration: Pablo Neruda, Nobel Prize in Literature 1971
Dragon Credit: Ren

Egg Name: Twilight Symphony Egg
Egg Description: A dark, average-sized egg, this egg’s coloring might look black at first glance, but it is actually a deep, navy blue, resembling the sky at twilight. Long, black columns of different widths extend vertically – much like the trunks of tall trees deep in the woods. And all over the surface of the egg are a myriad of bright yellow-green orbs of varying sizes that glow bright against the dark background - flickering on and off at different intervals as if timed perfectly to some kind of music. Their movement is enchanting and the little orbs almost seem to dance right across the egg. Perhaps, if you had a jar handy, you could even capture some of the little orbs yourself?
Egg Feelings/Emotions: The Twilight Symphony Egg elicits strong feelings of nostalgia, and the moment you touch the egg, you are transported back in time to your fondest childhood memories. The egg is simply enchanting, and you are filled with child-like wonder as you gaze upon the egg and focus on the dancing yellow-green orbs. Something about the egg is magical, and even for a moment, it makes you feel like anything is possible and all of your wildest dreams and fantasies could come true!
Egg Inspiration: Fireflies (Lampyridae)
Egg Credit: Written by Ren; Art by Shelacula

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Cacurnynth (K'ran)

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