Green Hirrimath


Name: Proud to be Green Hirrimath
Pronounciation: Hear-i-math
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 159700
Hatching: Late Autumn T13, 8th Pass
Final Size: 29' length of 50' wingspan

Description: Hirrimath is a very average sized green, maybe she's a little larger than average, but she's average in her eyes. The only outstanding feature physically on Hirrimath is that her wingsails are lined with a very light green, almost blue, color that also forms an interesting shape like a necklace around her throat. On second thought, that necklace almost looks like the chest straps of a leather harness with the two arms coming off the downward line.

Personality: Hirrimath is a very opinionated dragon in that she believes everyone should be treated equal. Men she doesn't care about, and will be most reluctant to associate with male dragons. She will also be most reluctant to pair up for any length of time. The longest she will probably tolerate a male would be about a Turn.

When Hirrimath and her rider face discrimination she will be quite vocal about how males never get treated this way and so they shouldn't either. When frustrated Hirrimath's most distinctive feature will become more prominent. Hirrimath will always have a slight roll to her R's as if she is stretching them out, but when in the throws of emotion they will stretch longer and more noticeably.

Hirrimath is a strong flier who will take pride in doing well and training well. She is the typical agile green, and will fill that spot nicely. Hirrimath will just take more pride in her flying than others. The browns and bronzes may get tired of her talking about how without the greens they would never be able to take care of themselves. This of course will never get her to stop, only to be more vocal about how they needed to treat the greens, and blues by default, with more equality.

Inspiration: Rriot Girrl
Dragon Credit: WunderingMind

Hatching/Impression Message: The Face Hugger Egg rocked and thrashed around on the sands. It fell on its side to the gasps of many of the candidates. One rushed forward to the egg and reached out to it only to back up unsure of what to do, was she allowed to touch the egg? As she hesitated the typical spiderweb cracking spread across the surface and several small pieces began to fall off the egg. Backing back up slightly the girl rejoined the slightly jagged line and waited.

The Face Hugger Egg stopped cracking then the little pieces all just seemed to shiver off the egg as the brilliant Proud to be Green stepped out of the remaining egg. She shook the egg bits off her tail and nudged her own wing with her nose. Seeming disgusted at her lack of coordination she looked at the candidates in front of her and then turned and surveyed the ones on the other side of the eggs. Turning back Proud to be Green looked at the candidates again then approached the girl who had run at the egg when it fell over.

Proud to be Green nudged her hand with her nose and looked into the startled girls eyes. Slowly she began to smile and laugh and was clutching her sides giggling madly at whatever it was Proud to be Green had said. "Stop, stop it Hirimath, I can't… No… Food, let's…" The two of them walked off as Wirrinia continued to laugh and giggle madly.

Egg Name: Face Hugger
Egg Description: This egg at first seems innocent enough, it's color being more a fleshy tan in color. It is only when you move closer do you notice the striations which seem to look more like veins than marbling. The top of the egg has two groves, crossing each other right at the peak of the egg, like a large cross. Running your hand over these likes you can feel a distinct ridge, it's almost like this cross is a weak spot in the egg. Perhaps when it hatches it will split right along these lines. Looking down towards the widest area of the egg the shell looks a little translucent and upon closer inspection you can just make out the shape of something inside the egg. Did it just move? Was that wing membranes shifting or a giant multi-fingered creature trying to snatch you through the shell?
Egg Inspiration: Egg from Alien movie
Egg Credit: LdyPayne

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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