Green Holly x wild bronze, P8 T5

Flight - Off-camera
Clutching - 15th November 2010/Late autumn, T5, 8th Pass
Hatching - 29th November 2010/Early winter, T5, 8th Pass

Dam: Green Holly
Sire: Wild bronze
Gold: 0
Bronze: 1
Brown: 1
Blue: 2
Green: 3

PC Fire-lizards:
The Flame Bronze Kado to A'nar
Code: #ea7d20
Description: This big boy is the baddest thing ever hatched, or at least that’s how he carries himself. An orangey-red-toned hide, a bit too much towards the tan to be thought of as ‘coppery’, above with a creamier, lighter tan covering his chest all the way across his underbelly to the underside-tip of his tail, this firelizard certainly stands out from the crowd. No marks break the smooth color of his hide, and the only thing keeping him from looking like a perfectly miniaturized dragon are the two fangs that insist on poking out from his upper jaw even when his mouth is closed.
Personality: Stubbornly loyal, you'll have to earn his respect, but once it's given this little guy will be your single most loyal companion. He'll constantly be competing with anyone else he sees as trying to muscle in on his territory (i.e. you), but will never lash out at anyone smaller or seemingly weaker than himself unless they strike first. He loves games that test his skill, as they let him prove to everyone watching just how much better he is than everyone else, and he'll spend a lot of time trying to get you or anyone else he makes friends with to play with him. As something of an additional quirk, this little guy seems to prefer a canine-like licking to the more usual firelizard nuzzling to convey fondness or happiness. He's certainly one of a kind.
Length: 17 inches, Wingspan 29 inches.
Other: Based on Charizard, with elements of Ash's Charizard particularly. Hatched from the Timid Trundlebug egg.

The Dark Hound Brown Tiberius to Virselle
Code: #411600
Description: This young lad is midsized as browns go, and would be nothing too special to look at were it not for his coloring. His hide is such a dark brown it might as well be black, with the color lightening to a more recognizeable chocolatey color around his muzzle and on his stomach. Two lighter, pale caramel stripes ring all four feet, matching the three streaks running across his spine and down his sides almost like ribs. His tail, adding to his almost eerie appearance, is oddly whiplike and thin, though the very tip-end seems to widen just a bit, making the appendage look almost like a spear or arrow.
Personality: This brown is very stubborn when he thinks he knows what to do, and very persistent in getting what he wants. He's also vocal, and an attentive ear will quickly learn what his various cheeps and chirps mean; each one is different. More social than most, he might end up forming a fair of his closest friends to hang out with when His is otherwise busy.
Length: 14 inches, Wingspan 23 inches
Other: Based on Houndour and Houndoom. Hatched from the Intense Esper egg.

The Atrocious Blue Shel to Olgenorn
Code: #3b80ed
Description: This blue is big, as blues go, though it shows more in his length than his muscle. Don’t let that lithe frame fool you, though; he may be longer than your average blue but that means that the muscle that would otherwise make him bulky is spread out across more of a framework. He’s got the stamina of a brown when the need presses – in flights, for example, he’ll be a hard one to beat. His hide is a vibrant aquamarine-blue, though his back ridges are a lighter, paler robins’ egg and look almost white compared to the rest of him.
Personality: Though often this blue can be quiet and docile, don't let that fool you. Beneath the calm waters of that blue hide lies a torrent of attitude. He has one short temper and has a pretty bad habit of destroying - or trying to destroy - anything that either upsets him or he just doesn't like. It'll take some practice to be able to calm him down once he gets in a snit, and you'd best invest in some canine chewtoys for him lest he ends up venting on something you treasure - your best Gather boots, for example.
Length: 14 inches, Wingspan 22 inches
Other: Based on Gyarados. Hatched from the Smooth Sand egg

The Bubble Jet Blue Drizzle to Firraz
Code: #0a8ef0
Description: This blue, while of middling size for his color, stands out in another way. His hide is almost entirely the same clear blue of an ocean lagoon, marked only by a darker blue splotch on his head almost like a swimmer’s cap that runs into a line down along his spine, covering his back ridges, and all the way to the tip of his tail. Even when he’s dry, his hide always seems to have that gleam to it that suggests he just got out of the water – which, knowing him, he probably did.
Personality: The proverbial 'eternal hatchling', this little lithe blue will always seem slightly naive. He'll come crying to you when some other critter upsets him, and will try to play with just about anyone and everyone (up to and including tunnelsnakes; sadly, he'll never be too much of a hunter.) Intensely affectionate, he loves cuddling and will accept just about anyone that his bonded does. The one thing that he loves most of all is swimming; it's a fair bet if you can't find him he's off in the lake chasing fish.
Length: 12 inches, Wingspan 20 inches
Other: Based on Vaporeon. Hatched from the Inferno Rising egg.

The Final Furlong Green Hayasa to Olrene
Code: #92cca6
Description: This little green, on the small-side of average, nonetheless manages to stand out. Pale, almost creamy green covers her hide, broken by equally pale slashes of yellow here and there that suggest a fire beneath the apparently calm green exterior. Her headknobs are slightly crooked, leaning in towards one another and pointing outward over her forehead a bit; seen in profile it looks almost like she has a single horn. Adding to her unique appearance are her back ridges, oddly spiky and undulating, edged in that same pale yellow-orange that shows up at random points elsewhere on her hide. In the right light, one might almost think flames danced along her back and tail.
Personality: This little girl has about three times as much spirit as she probably should. Small, light, and built for speed, she'll be moving around at top velocity just as soon as she can. With a competitive spirit more usually seen in proddy golds or the more egocentric bronzes, she'll challenge anyone to a race - even a full-grown dragon! In flights that speed and the extreme agility given by her small size will make her one hard target; it'll take a crafty suitor to catch this green bullet!
Length: 10 inches, Wingspan 13 inches
Other: Based on Rapidash. Hatched from the Shivering Snowball egg.

The Gratitude Green Malia to Jeregar
Code: #9cdb66
Description: The tiniest green in existance, or she certainly seems that way, this little girl probably won’t grow too much between now and adulthood. That doesn’t stop her from being one of the cutest little firelizards you’ve ever seen, however; her hide is a pale shade of spring green, flecked across her back and wings with pinkish dots almost like flower petals and darkening near her feet to something more approaching moss. That same mossy color can be seen in streaks across the rest of her, giving her hide an odd patterning that looks almost like leaves or blades of grass.
Personality: This little girl spends quite a bit of her time curled up on the head or shoulder of her bonded, as she also seems to be the cuddliest firelizard in existance. Shy almost to a fault around those she doesn't know, she'll often hide behind her bonded's neck or shoulder and peek out at the new faces. Once she gets to know people, though, she is possibly the most playful, adorable green thing on wings ever. That dual personality will also come into play in flights, with her innate shyness teasing her suitors with modesty while her playful nature leads them on a merry chase through the Weyr to win her affections. She also has an apparently innate ability to find flowers, and will spend what time she's not cuddling her bonded curled up amid the blossoms, to the point that she might well end up smelling of flowers. In keeping with her sweethearted nature, she loves sweet foods. Berries, sweetrolls, you name it, she'll playfully steal bits of it off your plate.
Length: 8 inches, Wingspan 11 inches
Other: Based on Shaymin. Hatched from the Lovely Leaf egg.

The Masara Town Green Aliri to Jesia
Code: #4dbd33
Description:A smooth hide, uniformly grass-green in color, at first glance it seems that this green has quite a bit to be proud of where her appearance is concerned. Of average size, the one thing that a casual observer might find fault with is her slight pudginess, babyfat that she never will quite outgrow. Not to say she’s overweight, just that she’ll never look quite as lean and lithe as others might. This doesn’t bother her in the least, however. Closer examination reveals a pair of darker pine stripes across her spine, just below the wingjoints, and a careful look reveals that her tail is not as straight as it might be. A couple kinks in its otherwise smooth length give it a slightly jagged appearance. This she is very sensitive about; woe be to the hand that so much as touches that tail without permission. She is not at all shy about sinking her teeth into a finger in reprimand. That tail is strictly Hands Off.
Personality: Given that attitude, it may be obvious that this little girl isn’t going to warm up to you immediately, preferring to be independent…well, as independent as a hatchling can be. She won’t abandon her bonded, but she’s definitely not the closest companion you’ll ever have, either. She likes having her space and she’ll let you know if you’re getting too close, usually by nipping or clawing. Give her some time and a little space, though, and she’ll grow into the best friend you ever had. Unfailingly loyal and willing to yell at or nip anyone who tries to put you down, this little girl will be with you to the end. Her attitude doesn’t really ever go away, though, shifting more into a tendency to poke fun at others or occasionally try to do firelizard-style impressions of this or that person.
Length: 10 inches, Wingspan 16 inches
Other: Based on Ash's Pikachu specifically. Hatched from the Flock of Feathers egg.

Notes: The eggs of this clutch were based on Pokémon types; the fire-lizards were based on specific Pokémon

Credits: Rainewolf!

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