Brown Houth

Impressee: B'tris (Beitris)

Name: Houth
Colour: Brown
Hatching - Early Autumn, Turn 8, 8th Pass
Hex Colour Code: 9b9584

It would be easier to tell what Houth looked like if he ever stayed still for more than a single minute, but at least something is for sure: he's one twisty brown. Persuade him (read: trick him) into holding himself steady for long enough and it's clear he's built along stout, heavily muscled lines, with a short middle and stocky limbs, despite his ability to leap around like a monkey. His wings are a little short and thin for his size, and when he's not fighting Thread or in long-distance flights, Houth will leap about in hops from ledge to ledge, stone to stone, one edge of the rim to the other, barely seeming to flutter his wings in between. In colour he's a drab pale silvery-brown, overlaid with some curious markings. Across his chest are tiny marks like interlocking rings, each barely the size of a thumbnail, in a dark brassy colour, which vanish away at his neck and belly, and then emerge again over his feet. The same colour circles his eyes and fades out into the more subdued brown of his hide, and solidly covers his headknobs, as well as forming a coronet around his forehead.

To put it plainly, this is not your typical sensible, dependable brown. You'd be crazy to put your faith in Houth carrying out any kind of task in any predictable manner. Houth's first order in life is fun, and he's a slave to his uncontrollable impulses. If he tries really, really hard, he can contain himself for perhaps five consecutive minutes - but he'll quickly learn not to bother, as it's never worth the effort. Houth is full of self-confidence which is completely undentable, and is constantly in high spirits, as well as being stubborn as a mule. He knows he's the cleverest, quickest brown ever hatched (and he is actually clever); it doesn't matter so much that others know this, just so long as they don't try to refute it (if they do, they've got a few unpleasant pranks coming their way). He'll probably develop a bit of a following in Weyrling classes, because Houth is fun to be around and tries to make sure that whatever he is doing is utterly more appealing than the alternatives; with his merry band he'll wreak havoc. Nobody, not even Tylaith, is safe from Houth's eye for mischief. He'll chase the Queens, with every intention of winning, just so he can poke his tongue out at everyone. He's a bit of a light fingered dragon, prone to stealing things from other rider's trunks when in the barracks. He's rude in a good natured way, slinging immature, childish insults with glee, and not at all backing away from any confrontation that results from this, as he's quick and strong enough to come out on top. Houth is always restless, always after comfort and pleasure, but when it's achieved, there's always something better over the horizon which means he quickly abandons whatever he has got himself into. But Houth is mortally terrified of death, and always seeking a way to avoid it - not using tried and true strategy, no no, he must invent something much better than that.

Inspiration: Sun Wukong, the Monkey King
Dragon Credit: Jey

Hatching/Impression Message:
For such a dreamy, sedate looking egg, the Timeless Twilight Egg began to crack with a wild surge of movement. Trembles raced up and down the egg until it split into a dozen huge shards that collapsed away from the mousey-brown hatchling. In an instant the hatchling shot away from his shell, tearing across the sand like a canine after its prey. He fully bounded over several unhatched eggs and landed with a flourish of his thin wings in front of Beitris. The hatchling twined around B'tris for a moment before thundering off towards the food.
"Houth - wait! You need me to help!" B'tris gasped, and pounded after the errant hatchling.

Egg Name: Timeless Twilight Egg
Egg Description: This egg is the perfect picture of an eternal sunset. There is a myriad of colors that streak across the landscape of this egg, from the light yellow-tinted pink at the bottom of the egg to the deep indigo that covers the very top. One might mistaken this egg for a timeless painting, the colors blending in seamlessly from bottom to top. There is a touch of soft yellow at the base, barely visible, and slowly it melds with the pink and pale lavender that splashes the bottom third of the egg. Then it deepens to a violet, touched with blue here and there, in the middle of the egg, eventually darkening to a soft indigo at the top. The egg is as normal a texture for an egg as possible, except at the bottom where it becomes slightly rougher; it even appears as if there are specks of snow dotting the base of the egg, but it's really just some sand plastered on the shell.
Egg Inspiration: Polar Night
Egg Credit: Starr

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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