Blue Hynath

Impressee: L'win

Name: The Unstoppable Blue Hynath
Pronounciation: Hi- nath
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 42647F
Hatching: Late Autumn, P8 T14
Final Size: 36' length of 45' wingspan

Description: At first glance, it would be easy to think Hynath hatched without any wings at all. He keeps his small wings tucked so tightly against his side they are almost unnoticeable. What one does notice is his long, whippy tail, equally long neck and slender body - this blue is all streamlined length. He has relatively short legs and carries himself low to the ground, moving fluidly. He isn't particularly acrobatic, but he is fast; his undulating way of flying is quicker than it looks.

Hynath's hide is overall a deep shade of turquoise blue (#42647F) but a faint patterning that looks like scales can be made out on his tail and neck. Most unusual is the fact that his head is a completely different colour (#8DB6CD) to his body and seems out of proportion to the rest of him - it's almost as though Hynath's head belongs to another dragon.

Hynath is a stubborn dragon, and lets nothing get in the way of what he wants to do. As a weyrling this will make him difficult for his rider to handle, but as he grows older he will become wilier about getting what he wants. He is exceptionally ferocious - when he hunts, Hynath will be likely to kill two or three beasts in a row and try to eat all of them at the same time, protecting them savagely from intruders.

His ferocity extends to Threadfighting, and Hynath loves nothing more than to fight. He will become skilled at flaming, capable of precisely judging how much flame he needs to burn Thread from the sky. He has more endurance than most blues, and only grievous injury will cause Hynath to leave a 'fall early. Most injuries only seem to bolster his fighting spirit, and both he and his rider will collect scars as Hynath throws himself after his target with little concern for danger; Just a flesh wound, it will grow back! Fortunately, Hynath heals remarkably quickly.

When it comes to mating flights, Hynath shows little interest. When he does choose to chase a female, it will be because he genuinely likes her - he tends to be attracted to greens as bloodthirsty as he is himself. When chasing he is just as ferocious as he is in battle, and if provoked enough will turn violent to get what he wants. His endurance and speed benefits him in mating flights as well; he can keep up with the bigger browns and even the bronzes.

Inspiration: The Hydra of Lerna
Dragon Credit: Kitya

Hatching/Impression Message: The Crack on the Wall Egg had been mostly still, so far, but as The Wayward Warrior Bronze hatched, it began to rock madly. With a sudden explosion of violence, the dark blue of The Unstoppable Blue's head punched through the weakened shell. He looked around at the Hatching Grounds, his eyes whirling red with his displeasure. With a harsh crack, he forced his way out of his egg shell. A jagged shard of shell sliced his rear foot as he slithered from the shell, and The Unstoppable Blue hissed angrily. Though ichor welled up in the wound, he paid it no further attention.

The slender blue headed directly for the candidates, and those that hesitated to get out of his way, he simply knocked down and walked over. If these candidates didn't learn to move, The Unstoppable Blue was going to teach them a lesson. Sealy was just a moment to slow to move and he slammed into her, his claws and tail flailing. Hissing angrily at the redhead, he rolled off towards Murrin. A brief inspection determined the Harper was not to his liking and The Unstoppable Blue swiped angrily at Murrin's leg.

Finally, everyone had moved out of his way and he could see the boy he wanted. With his tail thrashing wildly, The Unstoppable Blue charged at one candidate. Lieuwin - L'win, now - found himself bowled over, with dragon claws tearing thin strips of flesh from his shins. Even as he started to bleed, the boy wrapped his arms around his new dragon and exclaimed "Of course, Hynath! We'll get you something to eat straight away!"

Egg Name: Crack on the Wall
Egg Description: This egg is smaller than average and slim and colored a lovely shade of light blue. A faint undulating smudge runs across it like a serpent swimming on still water. A series of white dots run along the smudge almost like a connect the dots diagram. Other parts of the egg have random spots and speckles of various sizes and shapes but nothing stands out as clearly as the serpentine smudge. Despite this egg's small size and pretty appearance there is something consistent about this egg and a deep fierceness.
Egg Inspiration: Hydra Constellation
Egg Credit: LdyPayne

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Brown Ultioth (Su'o)

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