Gold Hysteria x Wild bronze

[Flight] - Off camera
[Clutching] - Off camera
[Hatching] - Late Autumn, T15, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Hysteria (Morran)
Sire: Wild bronze
Totals: 5
Bronze: 1
Brown: 2
Blue: 1
Green: 1

PC Fire-lizards:


The Grassland Wonder Bronze Ravi to Merle (Kitya)
Colour: Bronze
Adult Size: 18 ½” wingspan of 30 ½”
Age: Hatchling

Physical Description:
The GRASSLAND WONDER is a very handsome bronze indeed. His overall body is fit and a little rounded which hides his muscle tone. He may not be bulging with muscle but he more than makes up for it with beautiful markings. Overall he’s an orange bronze fading to a pale bronze underbelly and throat. What makes the GRASSLAND WONDER truly stand out is the bold whitish band running from his eyes down his neck and along the side of his body, just underneath his wings and ending before the hip joint. A splotch of this same white blazes his heels as well. From his eyes to his nose there is another band of this color forming a V with the point ending at the tip of his nose. Boarding the white band and the splotches on his heels is a yellow then black line which serves to bring out the white even more. Scattered about his back and wing membranes are darker spots which complete his handsome look.

GRASSLAND WONDER is a very calm and collected firelizard. He is meticulous in everything he does and loves order. He will take readily to any training, focusing intently to whatever his owner tells him so he can get it right. After he is Impressed he will be a very quiet bronze even at feeding times. He will make it known it is time to eat with a sharp call but he won’t screech or carry on as other firelizards tend to do. He is patient but even GRASSLAND WONDER will not wait forever to be fed.

After he’s grown up a little he would be very much a stickler for routine and will encourage his owner to stick to that routine and not forget to teach him something. He likes to have something to do besides sitting around waiting for his next feeding. Because of his interest in learning and having a task, he will follow his owner around and watch everything she does. When he thinks he knows how to do whatever task she’s doing or teaching him to do, he’ll do his best to do it right.

Always well behaved and well mannered, he’ll expect any other firelizards in his vicinity to be well behaved as well. He will of course yield to a gold’s wishes but he may not like her very well if she’s disorderly or untrained. The GRASSLAND WONDER encourages his human to train and learn new things as well.

Inspiration: Hyperolius mitchelli


The Mighty Roar Brown to Murrin (notomys)
Colour: Brown
Adult Size: 14 ½” wingspan of 18”
Age: Hatchling

Physical Description:
Overall MIGHTY ROAR has a roundish appearance as though he’s holding his breath constantly. It isn’t pudginess however that gives him a rounded appearance but more due to body shape than too much eating. He just has a roundish body and broad chest. His head is longish and broad looking when looked at face on. By the side it looks longer than typical for a firelizard. Large eyes still dominate his face.

MIGHTY ROAR has short broad wings which are excellent for propelling him forward in rapid burst of speed which can give him an unexpected edge in mating flights if he paces himself. His broad wings do have a disadvantage when it comes to windy conditions as they catch too much wind and can knock him off course. Experience will teach MIGHTY ROAR how best to use his wings weaknesses and strengths to their best advantage.

Overall his coloring is a pale sandy tan with darker markings over his back, flanks and wing membranes. Some dark markings look a tad greenish but he’s definitely all brown. Spots and speckles spread over his sides and limbs but his belly and underside of his neck and lower jaw remain a very pale, almost white color. Though he may look rather drab normally, when he is freshly washed or if the sun hits him the right way there is a definitely glitter to some areas of his hide, like reflective pieces of sand.

MIGHTY ROAR is a very patient brown and is more than willing to sit and wait for hours if necessary. In his early life he will be quite attentive to everything his owner has to teach him as he wants to learn. This makes him rather easy to train but like all firelizards he does have his limits on what he can comprehend. Even if he isn’t sure what is expected of him he will still give it his best shot. When he is uncertain or confused he may end up huddling up somewhere and spend hours trying to work out what exactly he is to do. Unfortunately his conclusions may not be accurate especially if he has to ponder for a long time.

The skill of his owner in using different techniques to train him and explain what he’s looking for will impact greatly at how effectively MIGHTY ROAR can fulfill his owner’s wishes. MIGHTY ROAR wants to make his owner happy and will do his best.

MIGHTY ROAR enjoys company and will always seek it out over solitude unless it is a very hot or bright day then he’ll sequester himself somewhere dark and cool, like the inside of his owner’s home. When cloudy or night MIGHTY ROAR is at his most active. He just doesn’t like bright light and tries to avoid it but if he must be out in very sunny conditions he does his best to stick to the shade.

He enjoys eating and will definitely hang around his owner whenever he’s eating a meal but he isn’t one to actually beg for scraps. MIGHTY ROAR will however take every opportunity to snatch a bite should something fall within his reach. If the habit isn’t trained out of him early he may even be bold enough to steal from other people’s plates if left unattended for a moment.

MIGHTY ROAR is very protective of his owner and will stalwartly defend him should he feel there’s any threat to him. Not even dragons will frighten away this faithful defender. What gives MIGHTY ROAR his most distinctive characteristic is, despite his robust appearance his roar is a high pitched squeak. In fact most of his vocalizations are high pitched chirps, squeaks and squeals than the typical sounds a firelizard makes. As far as MIGHTY ROAR is concerned his voice is as mighty as any other firelizard and will never feel ashamed of his vocalizations.

Inspiration: Desert Rain Frog


The Robust Lurker Brown to Vashali (Symmetry)
Colour: Brown
Adult Size: 15 ½” wingspan of 24 ½”
Age: Hatchling

Physical Description:
The ROBUST LURKER possesses a sturdy but slim body with a narrow and pointed head. His body seems all angles and sharp edges, even his wings are triangular in shape. Overall the ROBUST LURKER is a rich reddish brown in color with darker brown bars along his legs with a few scattered spots on his forelimbs and body. He has a very distinct dark brown blotch right behind his eye and extending back over his cheek and jaw. This dark area is outlined in lemon yellow which also runs down the length of the ROBUST LURKER’s body and ending at the tips of his forked tail. The edges of his wings are also marked with lemon yellow which catches the sun quite spectacularly in flight. The girls he chases are sure to notice this addition to his wings.

The ROBUST LURKER is a very calm brown, quite content to sit and observe for long periods of time. Though smart he can be a slow learner, requiring some patience in training him to do any specific tasks or tricks. If left to his own devices he isn’t likely to get into any mischief but he may not always come when called and will disappear for hours at a time. When it comes to feeding time he will always make an appearance. Food is definitely one way to bring him home.

After he reaches full maturity the ROBUST LURKER will chase often any green or gold who rises, sometimes even going out of his way to find a girl to chase. Depending on his level of training he may be quite useful to his owner or simply a companion who comes and goes as he pleases. Even when he is more than capable of hunting for himself he won’t be gone for more than a day. He knows who he picked when he hatched and he will never abandon her.

When being trained patient is required as he is a slow learner but once he learns something the ROBUST LURKER will never forget it. In fact he’ll try and teach it to other firelizards just to ensure they are all on the same page, especially if his owner current has or acquires other firelizards.

Inspiration: Rana japonica


The Tropical Jewel Blue to Ketim (Kati)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 10 ½” wingspan of 22 ½”
Age: Hatchling

Physical Description:
The TROPICAL JEWEL is a robust blue in general shape with good proportions in muscle mass. His wings are narrow and a little on the long side compared to his body length but this doesn’t give him much advantages in flight of any true significance. Overall his body is a beautiful shade of blue fading down to a light blue on his lower flanks, belly and wing membranes. What truly make him stand out among other blues are the dark spots of various sizes all over his body and wings. These spots are a blue so dark they might as well be called black. His legs lack these dark spots however, being an almost uniform blue but with pale blue toes.

Overall his hide has a very high glossy shine to it even when dry, which sometimes makes him seem metallic. This illusion is only due to the high gloss, not at all due to any actual metallic sheen. The TROPICAL JEWEL may seem small among his peers but he more than makes it up in beauty.

The TROPICAL JEWEL knows he’s a real beauty and loves to be admired. He’ll sit perched on his owner’s shoulder like a Lord Holder and expect everybody to admire and send him praises. Or at least think it. He isn’t all show and no action fortunately as he’s a superb hunter and will proudly show off his kills to his owner before he devours them. Occasionally he will drop dead trundle bugs, small tunnel snakes and other prey he can kill and carry so his ‘human’ won’t be hungry.

He is loving and affectionate with his human and those he holds dear and will often rub his head against his owner’s cheek whenever he feels his human could use a little love and encouragement. The TROPICAL JEWEL is also very bold and brave and won’t hesitate to fly into the face of anybody who upsets or threatens his human. Because he is also a great hunter he is very good at spotting dangerous animals and will put up a racket to warn his human and will bravely try and distract or scare off dangerous animals.

When it comes to other firelizards, the TROPICAL JEWEL is initially cautious, wanting to observe their behaviour before he decides if he wants their friendship or not. If they admire his beauty he is far more likely to engage them in conversation or sport. Mating flights he will be an eager participant to start but will soon pick his favourites and will only chase those greens. Eventually he may even whittle this down to just one green he likes the most.

Inspiration: Blue Poison Dart Frog (Dentrobates tinctorius "azureus")


The Gilded Treasure Green Litoria to Lamila (Kitya)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 11 ½” wingspan of 20”
Age: Hatchling

Physical Description:
The GILDED TREASURE is a large and stout green firelizard with a beautiful base color of bright green fading to a soft cream on her underside. What truly make her spectacular are yellow gold markings that are reminiscent of her big golden sister’s typical hide color. From her eye running down along her neck and across her sides all the way to the tips of her tail is a very pale creamy greenish white strip bordered above with a stripe of yellow gold and below with black. A similar stripe runs from below the eye to the shoulders. Very pale green surrounds her eye along the ridge and along her head knobs.

The wing membranes of this beautiful green are a pale yellow, very similar to the belly color and have golden stripes and blotches throughout. The GILDED TREASURE limbs are also a mix of the bright green body color and the golden yellow producing an overall painted look to her hide. Some may think this particular green may be half gold as where her hide is more golden yellow there is also present a faint golden shimmer similar to the metallic sheen of any gold firelizard.

The GILDED TREASURE is strikingly beautiful and she knows it. She loves to look at herself in any reflective surface, even in the eyes of her owner. When it comes to bathing and oiling the GILDED TREASURE will enjoy every moment of it. As much as she likes to look at herself, the GILDED TREASURE isn’t actually vane. She will not go out of her way to stay clean and as beautiful as she could be nor pester her owner to bathe her. When she sees herself in a mirror or other reflective surface such as the calm waters of the bathing cavern or the lake she can’t help but admire what she sees.

Overall she is a friendly and welcoming green, happy to interact with any firelizard who comes her way. She doesn’t like to be handled too much unless it is during bathing or oiling. The GILDED TREASURE doesn’t see herself as a lap or shoulder firelizard to be petted or stroked but she will gladly ride on her owner’s shoulder as they go about their daily routine. She won’t accept caresses from strangers or other firelizards, only her favourites get that rare treat.

She will rise about three times a Turn and this is the only time the GILDED TREASURE will truly want to be admired. When in heat is when she is her most beautiful and every male chasing her better be admiring her for her beauty and not just the rewards of a successful catch. As she is a big green she has more stamina than for smaller sized greens and will give her admirers a merry chase through the sky. Not as acrobatic as her other greens the GILDED TREASURE endurance will ensure the males have to work to last long enough to catch her. Aggressive males who try and catch her before she’s ready or who don’t praise her beauty enough or give any indication all they want is to twine tails with her she will likely reject. When it comes to her mating flight, this green wants to be recognized for her beauty and that will win her over brute force or promises of things after the flight ends.

When the flight is done she won’t mind cuddling with the male who caught her and if he’s kind to her she may remember his sweetness when she rises again and favour him. If he fails to appreciate her afterwards she may reject him altogether next time she rises.

GILDED TREASURE won’t be attentive to her clutches at all, in fact once they are laid she will forget about them completely. If her owner wants her eggs they better be attentive else GILDED TREASURE clutches may never be found or even hatch. This green will not give much thought to where she lays her clutch so don’t be surprised to wake up one morning to a clutch of firelizard eggs on your pillow or rolling across the floor. The glow basket may end up having eggs inside instead of just glows someday too. Because of her carelessness in where she lays her eggs unless they are found quickly most of her clutches aren’t likely to hatch.

Inspiration: The Green and Golden Bell Frog


Credits: LdyPayne

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