Gold Hysteria x Brown Noble P8 T17

Flight - Off camera
Clutching - Off camera
Hatching - Late Winter, T17, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Hysteria (Morran)
Sire: Brown Noble (Mavin)
Bronze: 1
Brown: 2
Blue: 3
Green: 2

PC Fire-lizards:


Gentleman Caller Bronze to Sylla (Shelacula)
Colour: Bronze
Adult Size: 18" wingspan of 26”

Physical Description:
Slim and long legged the GENTLEMAN CALLER BRONZE is quite a dashing looking bronze. He is two toned with the top half of his body a dark bronze and the lower a more golden bronze. This same dual coloration graces his wings with the lower webbing being the golden bronze. Along the body between the two shades of bronze is a thin cream coloured line running from his nose to about half the length of his tail. This isn’t the end of GENTLEMAN CALLER BRONZE striking appearance for there is a dark speckling over his wing membranes and other areas of his body.

The GENTLEMAN CALLER BRONZE is very outgoing, loves to meet new people and go out and explore. This isn’t a firelizard who would sit around being lazy, he will chat with anybody and be quite creative in describing all the interesting things he’s seen. His creativity isn’t limited to just talking he is also something of an artist. He will toil many hours scratching patterns on shells by rubbing them against sharp rocks or scratch softer materials with his own claws till he has the design he wants. To the human eye they are quite creative, even if mostly abstract. As he grows more experienced, his art will result in some elaborate patterns which would likely fetch a pretty mark at a Gather.

He is quite bright and will be easy to train and will enjoy learning. The GENTLEMAN CALLER BRONZE will also express his creativity during these training sessions, he may even insist on refolding letters he is to deliver to make them more artistic. Where the GENTLEMAN CALLER BRONZE will shine most however is when he’s fully mature and notices golds for the first time. For any gold or green firelizard he takes a fancy to he will gift them with the best of his art and the finest morsels of food. If he picks up on a female near to rising he will be even more generous with his gifts, hoping to win her favour before she rises to mate. This generous gift giving will continue long after the mating flight ends especially if he was the one to catch her. GENTLEMAN CALLER BRONZE will have his favourites, not all girls will be treated so special. As eager as he is to treat ladies to fine gifts he knows when he’s not wanted or appreciated and will move on.

If he should sire a clutch he will be quite attentive to his mate, bringing her food and gifts to ensure she doesn’t need to hunt. The GENTLEMAN CALLER BRONZE will also watch over the clutch when she needs a break. In fact the nesting area is likely to be quite well decorated by the time the eggs hatch. Even if the gold’s owner moves the eggs, the GENTLEMAN CALLER BRONZE will still spend most of his time watching over them as long as the gold doesn’t mind. If he sires a clutch with a green, he will give as much attention to the green and the clutch, in fact he will likely take over clutch protecting duties if the green shows no interest.

Inspiration: Nursery Web Spider (Pisaura mirabilis)


Explorer of Dark Places Brown to Endail (Corgi)
Colour: Brown
Adult Size: 13 1/2" wingspan of 21"

Physical Description:
This robust brown would be lost in the shadows if the EXPLORER OF DARK PLACES BROWN didn’t have some very distinct patterns. Nearly every joint on his wings, tail tips and limbs is marked with a bright fiery orange band. The rest of the EXPLORER OF DARK PLACES BROWN is a very dark brown, almost dark enough to be called black. The only other marking on this rugged brown is a rich medium brown mark running along his back between the wings and sides, including the base of his tail.

The EXPLORER OF DARK PLACES BROWN has short limbs and broad wings and a solid built body which is stronger than it looks. He may not be the biggest brown out there but he’s definitely not the shortest. He flies with strong sure strokes and has plenty of stamina when it comes to chasing golds and just enough agility to have a good chance at catching most greens.

The EXPLORER OF DARK PLACES BROWN loves to explore, especially dark spaces. If he sees anything that looks like a tunnel, he will be crawling inside to explore it. When he’s young there will be times his owner will have to find him and rescue him because he’s bound to get stuck before he figures out how to explore tunnels safely. Once he figures it out he’ll be the best tunnel and crevasse explorer out there. In fact the EXPLORER OF DARK PLACES BROWN will be very useful in finding people caught in cave ins or items lost in the chaos of a sloppy owner’s room.

As determined and focused as he is when it comes to exploring tunnels EXPLORER OF DARK PLACES BROWN is also impatient. There will be times he tires of waiting or sitting around with nothing to do especially when there are always dark places to explore. Training will be a challenge as he is definitely not a mail delivery type of firelizard. With patience and persistence, even a little of combining what he does love to do with the lesson he will learn many tricks.

Despite his impatience and the challenges this will produce when it comes to training the EXPLORER OF DARK PLACES BROWN is very respectful of his owner and others he considers worthy of his respect. He will always be respectful to bronzes and golds if they prove worthy of it. If they don’t it will be more a grudging respect out of manners more than admiration. The EXPLORER OF DARK PLACES BROWN is usually very calm and slow to react aggressively unless he is pestered or somebody upsets his human. Then he’s a little terror of claws and teeth but he doesn’t scratch with his claws he strikes, more likely to leave plenty of small round marks than long scratch marks with his claws. If these injuries aren’t cleaned up properly however they are bound to become quite itchy and sore. Perhaps it’s due to all the dirt under his nails for all his tunnel exploration.

Inspiration: Mexican Red-Knee Tarantula (Brachypelma smithi)


Crouching Tiger Brown to Bellin (Dragonblossom)
Colour: Brown
Adult Size: 14" wingspan of 28"

Physical Description:
Piebald is likely the best description for the CROUCHING TIGER BROWN. His ground color is a dark red brown which blends in nicely against dark tree trunks and sun burnt vegetation. The creamy tan bars, blotches and bands breaking up the dark brown areas however may seem more likely to blend in with the scattered patches of snow in the higher mountains of the North than the warm climate of the South. Despite his unusual coloration, the CROUCHING TIGER BROWN makes a fine looking firelizard. His hindquarters are thick with muscles and his rear legs longer in proportion to his front legs. This makes CROUCHING TIGER BROWN’s gait on land a little ungainly but seems quite suited for his particular method of hunting.

The CROUCHING TIGER BROWN is very much aware of his surroundings. He watches his human or any other humans carefully if they are nearby. If he is ever startled the CROUCHING TIGER BROWN tends to jump straight up as a way to escape but often will land back on his feet instead of taking flight. Jumping away from danger or to move from perch to perch is his preferred method of travel. He will only take wing when where he wants to go is too far for him to reach in a jump or two.

When it comes to hunting the CROUCHING TIGER BROWN loves to pounce on prey from the ground instead of diving at it from the air. He is also rather cruel when he hunts, often pouncing then letting prey go several times much like a domestic feline ‘playing’ with his food. The CROUCHING TIGER BROWN is even more cruel when he’s exceptionally hungry, as he has no qualms eating his prey while it is still alive.

This particular brown will have to be watched carefully as his cruel streak knows no bounds unless great pains are taken to train it out of him. The CROUCHING TIGER BROWN is not above scratching or biting a helpless person or animal just to make it bleed and to hear it cry out in pain.

During mating flights CROUCHING TIGER BROWN will pursue with vicious intensity. Winning the chase is what will be the most important to this nasty brown. If he has to take out his competitors with well places scratches with his claws or teeth he will gladly do it. Nor is he above overpowering greens or even a gold into an early catch. To him that just proves he’s the best choice, how he manages to catch the girl is of no matter to him.

Once the flight is over however he could care less about the green or gold and shows no sympathy if they ended up hurt in the exchange. He got what he wanted, that’s all that matters to him.

Inspiration: Zebra Jumping Spider (Salticus scenicus)


Do You Really Want To Hurt Me Blue to Auvigne (Mandy)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 10" wingspan of 20"

Physical Description:
This little blue is bright and flashy and quite memorable given his color and pattern. Overall the DO YOU REALLY WANT TO HURT ME BLUE is a bright sky blue with a generous scattering of dark blue speckles especially on his wing membranes. Dark blue bands run along his neck and tail as well as all four limbs. He has a roughly triangular marking of the same dark blue around his eyes giving him an almost masked look. A looped design covers his chest and between his shoulders and wings and he has two circular splotches on his chest just beneath the looped design.

Physically he is small, thick set and possessing very strong hind legs. His wings are long and triangular and idea for rapid bursts of speed. They don’t work as well when it comes to gliding so he tends to have to flap his wings more often to stay aloft.

The DO YOU REALLY WANT TO HURT ME BLUE loves to jump straight up before flapping his wings to gain height and can jump several body lengths into the air even before he uses his wings. His love of jumping doesn’t mean he’s especially good at pouncing on prey or uses it as a way to elude escape. Often he jumps in the wrong direction or could just as easily jump right off the edge of a table if he’s not careful. Fortunately DO YOU REALLY WANT TO HURT ME BLUE is an excellent flyer and can quickly get his wings out to prevent him from falling.

He is suspicious of new people and firelizards and will hang back to watch how they react to him before coming close and checking them out. Friendly humans who offer food are likely to be trusted a little quicker than one just offering attention and finger rubs. When it comes to new people in his Human’s life, the DO YOU REALLY WANT TO HURT ME BLUE will be slow to warm up to them, convinced they are likely up to something so he will follow them around for hours, even days to see if they are. He is much the same with any new firelizards in his human’s life. He will watch the little flit even while it sleeps. His human may think he’s just watching over his new pet but in reality the DO YOU REALLY WANT TO HURT ME BLUE is just waiting for the little flit to reveal what it truly is up to. Eventually he will come to accept new fireliards and new people and be less suspicious of them.

When it comes to mating flights he is a quick flyer and darts about with ease but always approaches females with caution. At any sign of aggression or she just isn’t ready to be caught during a mating flight, he’ll dart away to circle back when he feels she’s more receptive. As his wings are more designed for quick bursts of speeds he will likely save his energy for a final attempt to catch a green if showing off his quick darting movements don’t impress her to choose him.

Inspiration: Blue Jumping Spider (Phidippus audax)


Finders Keepers Blue to Tamver (Kitya)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 14" wingspan of 24"

Physical Description:
The FINDERS KEEPERS BLUE is a dark royal blue with some impressive markings. Running along his spine from the base of his skull is a pale blue scalloped strip which breaks up into an uneven streak right down to the tip of his tail. This same pale blue also marks the ‘hand’ of his wings and the first two finger joints. His knees and elbows are also marked by a band of light blue. On his face he has a line of light blue running across the base of his snout, through his eye and running up and over to join together just past his head knobs before joining in with the stripe running down his spine. Lastly a stripe of a very dark blue trims along part of the pale markings over his shoulders and up onto his wings before ending at the wing ‘elbow’. More of this very dark blue edges the pale stripe over his hips and partly along his tail before ending. His thighs and forearms are also marked with very dark blue as are his ankles and wrists.

This sleek blue firelizards as the look of something that is fast and agile and that is exactly what FINDERS KEEPERS BLUE is. His body is muscular and sleek and his wings just the right shape for speed and agility. Because he has a ‘racers’ build his legs appear to be longer than they are simply because his chest and stomach designed for maximum aerodynamics and lung capacity.

The FINDERS KEEPERS BLUE is normally quite neutral in personality, he isn’t overly affectionate nor is he particularly aloof. He seems quite content to be left to his own devices or lounging on his human’s shoulder. He does enjoy flying and showing off how fast he can go. When it comes to strangers, human or firelizard he doesn’t know who approach him to quickly or his human he can be quite aggressive. When he attacks it is very fast and he’s often coming in for a second and third attack by the time you feel the pain of his first strike.

He is very aggressive when hunting as well, relying on his speed and accurate strikes to kill prey that he may otherwise have trouble with, if they had time to react. During mating flights he is also quite aggressive, and won’t hesitate to take out a male invading his flight path. He won’t attack a male for being a better flyer or the choice of the girl he’s chasing but he won’t tolerate being pushed, cut off or bullied out of the race. The FINDERS KEEPERS BLUE will stick around with any green he manages to catch, quite happy to enjoy her company if he finds her pleasant enough. If she is not very friendly or doesn’t seem to like him, he will take his leave gracefully.

The FINDERS KEEPERS BLUE is also something of a packrat. Anything he takes a fancy to, be it a shiny stone or a ladies fancy hair pin that isn’t too heavy for him to carry he will snatch and fly off with. His human is likely to find his stash of ‘treasures’ stuffed into a corner of his drawers or in a hard to reach spot just behind the bed. Good luck though on his human ever finding out where all the stuff came from.

Inspiration: Cobalt Blue Tarantula (Haplopelma lividum)


Life's A Pig Pen Blue to Corbinian (Emma)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 12" wingspan of 20"

Physical Description:
The LIFE’S A PIG PEN BLUE is a deep sea blue with a scattering of pale blue blotchy spatter all over his wings. Along his spine and circling the base of his wings across his sides is a broken line of the same pale blue. His temple and around the eyes is also graced with the pale blue as are his arms and legs. The pale blue markings are broken and more lace like than the more solid spatter over his wings. This beautiful coloring and pattern is often hidden however as the LIFE’S A PIG PEN BLUE has little thought for cleanliness. After a bath however is when this blue truly shines.

Overall he’s average length and build for a blue and his wings are quite wide. Because of his light blue on dark blue coloration he often vanishes from sight when flying when it’s quite cloudy. Fog, smoke and mists are his friend and he can easily disappear within so woe to any green who decides to rise during such conditions as she’s likely to be caught before she even notices he’s there.

He will gladly dig about in the mud or any substance for that matter and get it all over him then lie in the sun. He seems immune to any odour he may possess because of his habit of rolling in anything dirty, whether just wet sand or herdbeast droppings. If it sticks he’s going to get it on him. The same holds true with food, he is a very messy eater and will leave bits and pieces of food everywhere. If his owner isn’t diligent the LIFE’S A PIG PEN BLUE will leave a trail of dirt, dust and a noisome smell everywhere he goes. Often this blue has a small cloud of dust around him that never seems to settle.

Despite his poor hygiene the LIFE’S A PIG PEN BLUE is quite a forgiving fellow, willing to give anybody a second, third or even fourth chance. If he was to meet up with a pretty green but she doesn’t show, he’ll forgive her. Those snobbish bronzes laughing at him because he smells funny or lands in a cloud of dust so everybody can see where he’s been, he’ll forgive without a thought. The LIFE’S A PIG PEN BLUEis also very optimistic, things will always be better, even if somebody hurt his feelings, he’ll forgive them and all will be well. His human may have dunked him in the water to wash him and didn’t appreciate that fine terracotta layer he spent all day building on his hide but that’s alright, he’ll just go and do it again.

When it comes to mating flights, he’s just as optimistic on winning even if every green in the South pointedly shuns him. He also finds his ‘cone tail’ quite attractive and will coat himself with more dirt and debris to make sure it can last an entire mating flight. How best to show his skill at flying than leaving clear trails of each twist and turn? Should he actually catch a green he’ll be pleased and certain to cuddle with her for days on end. She will be his special love for as long as he can keep her company.

Inspiration: Cryptic Spider (Copa flavoplumosa)


I’m A Good Mother Green to Rinly (Michi)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 12" wingspan of 22"

Physical Description:
This odd looking girl is a bright yellow green for the most part but her limbs and wing arms and digits are a pale translucent green. The I’M A GOOD MOTHER also has black dots scattered over her limbs and the ‘arm’ of her wings which make the translucent look of the pale coloured areas stand out all the more. In addition to these black dots are bright yellow bands, again only on the area of her limbs. The only marking on her body breaking up the bright green is a pale green rough line running down the length of her tail and up over her hips where it ends. Running along her spine just above this pale line is a darker green strip which also ends just past her hips.

Overall the I’M A GOOD MOTHER has a fairly sleek body with long tapering wings which end at sharp points. Her muzzle is a bit long but not unusually so. This is one green who will only ever look chubby when she’s carrying a clutch of eggs. This is the only time the I’M A GOOD MOTHER will have a rounded middle and will often be the only hint she’s gravid and close to laying her eggs. The I’M A GOOD MOTHER is a long firelizard with wings to match.

The I’M A GOOD MOTHER is a gentle, kind and inoffensive green, always eager to do her best to help her owner and others. She will gladly share her food with any friends or anybody who is nearby when she eats. If a firelizard, her owner or even a total stranger seems upset, the I’M A GOOD MOTHER will fly over and do her best to cheer them up or just be there so they have somebody to listen to what is troubling them, or so they won’t be alone.

Because she’s attentive and tries her best never to offend, the I’M A GOOD MOTHER will pay attention to lessons and do her best to obey her human’s directions. If her owner is upset or said, she’ll be there to rub her head against his cheek or croon softly to her to make her feel better.

Unlike most greens this girl is very protective of her clutch and will guard it from all threats or if anybody, including her owner, tries to take her eggs. From the moment she lays her clutch she will stay nearby, venturing away only if her owner calls upon her urgently. If left to her own devices she’ll remain close to her clutch till it hatches. If called away for any length of time, a few candle marks or for the night she may forget about her clutch. However if she remembers she will want to return to it right away to resume defending it.

It will take some effort for the owner of the I’M A GOOD MOTHER to convince her to move her nest to a safe place and to let others have a chance to Impress her hatchlings once the eggs hatch. This green however wouldn’t abide having any of her eggs taken away one by one before it’s hatching time. Her owner may have to let the hatchlings go wild or be attentive enough to call people around to take their chances when the time is right.

Inspiration: Green Lynx spider (Peucetia viridans)


Stay Far Away Green to Phyrra (Shouriko)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 10" wingspan of 17"

Physical Description:
The STAY FAR AWAY GREEN is a nice uniform green of new leaves with only a few markings that make her stand out from all the rest. Her wing arms and digits are a soft pale green as are her arms and legs and underbelly. She is a not so remarkable any other way, being average in length and girth.

This girl is very unfriendly to anybody she doesn’t know, usually just ignoring them or flying off if they try and pester her. The STAY FAR AWAY GREEN does enjoy her human’s company but only when she wants attention or something else from her human. Feeding time she will be with her human enjoying a free meal. When it comes to training her, the STAY FAR AWAY GREEN’s owner might as well give up. If it’s not something she wants to learn, the STAY FAR AWAY GREEN will just fly off to find amusement elsewhere. Other humans are ignored completely if they aren’t very well known or avoided at all costs if they are strangers. This girl is not one to deliver messages; in fact it will be a challenge just to convince her to carry the letter at all.

This unfriendliness extends to green and gold firelizards, she could care less about associating with them and will ignore a gold’s call as long as she can. Even then the STAY FAR AWAY GREEN will be unfriendly towards her as much as she can get away with. She has no use for dragons they are just animals that are filling in the background as much as a tree is. She may perch on one but definitely won’t communicate to any even if they address her.

As unfriendly as the STAY FAR AWAY GREEN seems, once she’s fully mature and has her first mating flight, boys suddenly become the best thing there is. She will flirt and tease the males relentlessly especially when she’s soon to rise to mate. Between her frequent mating flights she is still flirtatious to the blues, browns and bronzes but not as much. Her constant flirting may be irritating to some males but to others they are likely to relish her attentions. The STAY FAR AWAY GREEN still won’t have much interest in being around humans or with her owner but will come when called at least for a little while. If her human should have male firelizards however she’ll hang around them so she can flirt and solicit their attention.

Inspiration: Green Jumping Spider (Mopsus Mormon)


Credits: ldypayne (colouring + writing), Shelacula (templates)

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