Green Iaskheth

Impressee: R'mec (Riamec)

Name: Iaskheth
Pronunciation: ee-AS-keth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 92CCA6 (5F755E)
Final Size: 25.8' length with a wingspan of 40.8'

Iaskheth is a small dragon, and like most greens, she is built slender and compact to emphasize agility over all else. But her wings are disproportionately small, so most of the time she will not be able to fly an entire 'Fall, and her flights will be short and quick. Her coloring is slightly unusual because of the dual-toned patterning. The majority of her body is a dark grayish green, with the exception of the very pale green on parts of her body; the first is her entire head and from there narrows as it descends down the ventral surface of her neck to end in a V on her chest, and the second is the lower half of her hind legs starting from the knees and stopping at the fetlocks. Then there are two symmetrical darker green circles, one encircling each eye, bridged together by a thin dark line like a pair of glasses. 

Iaskheth is a dragon that is more about the mental faculties than physical activities in life. She does not dislike the physical aspects of life, per se, but she simply believes that the psyche is more important. In fact, when expected to participate in any physical activity, she will often delve into a long, psychological explanation as to why it is just as important if not more so to focus on their mind as well as their bodies. Most of the time she is hoping to get out of having to do any physical work, but in the end she will still do it albeit reluctantly and with minimal effort. Expecting this dragon to complete any physical task well is like waiting for a wher to fly. 

But when it comes to mentality and psychology, this is when she becomes highly focused and fascinated. Iaskheth loves exploring the minds of all creatures, especially those of her fellow dragons and their human partners. If she feels that a particular dragon or rider is mentally troubled, she will not hesitate to approach them and offer to pick their brains to help them solve their problems. Then she will convince her "patient" to meet her somewhere private and quiet, have them lay down on a nice, warm rock, and convince them to pour their heart out to her. More often than not, she doesn't offer any advice since she prefers to listen, and she will only counter with And how does that make you feel?

Should they deny her offer, however, Iaskheth will not be discouraged. Instead she will become even more persistent and insist that they need to talk about it to get over it. If they still refuse, then she will simply start on her psychological evaluation whether or not her self-appointed "patient" wants to hear it. Even then it won't be useful advice they hear, but probably reasons as to why they are so "messed up" and still suffering from traumas that occurred during youth. Unfortunately her rider will not escape her evaluations, and if anything, he will most often be the victim of her psychological study. 

For the most part, Iaskheth is able to stay unbiased and non-judgmental about most things, especially political matters — she is more interested in why you believe that than what you believe. Only when it comes to psychological evaluations does she become adamant and opinionated, and maybe even a little arrogant. While many do not believe so, since she always seems to come to the same conclusion for many different individuals, she is surprisingly almost always correct in her assessments. And while she won't boast of her rightness, she will give you that "I told you so " look. One could never argue that she is not observant and highly empathetic, and so she makes for a great — if not somewhat annoying — Search dragon. For all her ability to read emotions, she also has great control over her own. 

Overall, Iaskheth is a dragon that one will either love or hate. She is more likely to attract and develop close relationships with individuals that are dependent and lack confidence, and she will probably annoy the shells out of everyone else. But many in the former group will often mistaken their appreciation for her to be love or infatuation, and so it won't be surprising to see this green followed by a number of love-struck suitors. As for Iaskheth, she will keep most individuals at an arm's length, and not go seeking love or romance like many of her green sisters do. Accordingly, how often she rises will be sporadic, and she will usually act detachedly flirtatious a day or two before the flight. Although if she does choose a mate, she will give him all her heart and expect to be with him for the long term.

Inspiration: Psychiatrist
Name Inspiration: Greek words for "to heal," (ias)thai, and "soul," psy(khe), both of which are the roots for the English word, psychiatry.

Hatching/Impression Message:
One of the shaking eggs that the lightly-colored blue had been eyeing was The Made to Measure Egg, and almost as if the dragon within had heard the encouragement, it suddenly cracked into two even halves that fell apart. There sat a somewhat dual-colored green, who shook her head to loose the smallest of the shell fragments off her head. Looking in the direction where her brother had just impressed, the green stood and took a few tentative steps in that directions. Not even bothering to look at the girls, she instead assessed a few of the boys carefully, before coming to stop in front of a boy who wasn't even paying attention to her. So she butted her head against Riamec's legs, who tore his eyes away from his younger brother to stare down at the green in surprise. "Oh, Iaskheth!" came the gasp of R'mec, who reached forward and affectionately scratched her eye ridges. "What? I was not staring in jealousy," he defended but with a happy grin as the emotions of impression filled him. "Okay, okay, you can analyze me later. Food first," he instructed and quickly led his new dragon off the sands, not too far behind his brother and the blue.

Dragon Credit: Starr

Egg Name: The Made to Measure Egg
Egg Description: It's hard to place this egg on the size scale due to it's more unusual proportions. The Made to Measure Egg is as long and thin as it's possible for an egg to get before you start to wonder what's wrong with it. Intensely pale in a white-grey sort of way you'd start to wonder if it wasn't transparent but for you can't see the dragon developing inside. The ghostly edges of this egg are scored with black lines parallel to the surface of the sands. Evenly spaced with a longer line every ten lines on one side and slightly more widely space with a longer line every eight lines on the other side.
Egg Inspiration: Rulers
Egg Credit: Maiden

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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