Green Ichth

Impressee: T'vian (Tavian)

Name: Ichth
Pronunciation: ick-th
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 138F6A (9CBA7F)
Final Size: 26' length with a wingspan of 39'

A rather average green by all accounts, Ichth is not overly large and her wingspan suits her well enough. Of all of her sister greens, she appears the most scaled because of her coloring. Despite being a deep, dark blue-green overall she is covered with small, bright crescents of iridescent green. They are restricted only to her main body, but they allow her to almost shine in the light and glimmer as she moves. Her wingsails are of a similar iridescent green and especially her claws, though they appear much more shiny and almost metallic. Ichth is a well-muscled green, quite strong, but she is seldom seen throwing all of her weight around.

A generous dragon, Ichth will often share her meals with those who have been friendly towards her or helpful. While she is sure to fulfill all of her promises towards others and thank them appropriately, even her own generosity has its limits. Ichth does not like greedy or hasty dragons and she will seldom be seen associated with them when she can help it. In drills and Threadfall she will endure them, but in her own Flights no such dragon will ever come close to her. She can be spiteful when her generous nature is pushed to limits and while she is thick enough to not notice right away, be wary once she does. She will steal from those who cross her and she will purposefully find some way to pay them back for using her and her good will.
Ichth believes that "One good turn deserves another." But never forget that she can just as easily turn it around and say "One ill deed will be paid back in double."

Inspiration: The Fisherman and His Wife

Hatching/Impression Message:
The pretty Beachcomber Egg gives another quiver before it begins to flake apart. It almost appears to be coming off purposefully as the young dragon withing picks a weak spot here and a weak spot there and pokes holes through the shell. There is not very much left of it when the Beachcomber Egg rolls to its side and falls apart entirely revealing a very blueish green dragon who glimmers even in the dim light.

The green breathes and lays in her wreckage, her tail flopping a bit and her wings too as she tests them. She'll not be flying today nor any day in the near future. What a pity that she'll have to walk and yet walk she does. The green seemingly shines as she moves and with no hesitation comes towards Tavian who exclaims in excitement, "Oh yes Ichth! I'll take care of you!"

Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Beachcomber Egg
Egg Description: Warmth exudes from this egg in balmy waves, if anyone is tempted close enough to touch it. With the jewelled tones that shellac the slightly dimpled shell, it's a very alluring egg indeed. The Beachcomber Egg is glossy, like a finely glazed piece of pottery; light gathers in liquidy white pools in all the ripples on its surface. A deep, cool green colour rises from the bottom of this rather fat egg, spotted through with hues of a brighter, more playful blue-green. The lighter colour takes over a third of the way up; and at the top third, a sudden streak of ruddy orange splits the egg. At the very tip of the egg, a truly oceanic splotch of blue caps the whole colourful image.
Egg Inspiration: Tropical Rainforest, Sunset Orange, Pacific Blue, Carribean Green
Egg Credit: Jey

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Poerath (H'den)

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