Shifting Ice Green Iequeth

Impressee: Dretta

Name: Iequeth
Name Inspiration: A melding of the name Ice Queen.

Colour: Shifting Ice Green
Final Size: 27 feet long, with a wingspan of 45 feet
Description: Pale green to start with, swirls and patches of paler green wind their way across her body, bringing to mind snow flurries seen in deepest North. A long lean dragon, she has an elegant head and is very delicate to look at. This delicacy hides an inner strength and she’s easily as capable of hard work as any other dragon. When she turns her head to look at you she almost looks regal though her muzzle is slightly pinched, making her eyes stand out in greater relief and adding a slightly forbidding aspect. Her body is long and lithe with long elegant legs, even as a hatchling. She’s medium length but smaller in build and looks almost snakelike. Her wings are just about the right length with rather thin membrane, reminding you of a delicate ladies dress with its folds and gentle colours. Her neckridges are maybe a little small but this fits in with her more delicate build. Almost fairy like, she seems to float rather than walk, the normal clumsy walk that dragons have hidden a little by her longer legs. She has a very long stride and this adds to the even gait illusion.
Hex Colour Code: #A6D785

Personality: As a hatchling she knows what she’s due and she wants it now. Sadly the bad memory that all greens share can cause some confusion when her rider brings her the food she wanted only to be confronted by an itchy dragon that needs oiled noooow! She is rather distant with other dragons most of the time, spending most of her time with her clutchmates curled up on herself, or grooming her impeccably clean claws while watching the world go by. As training picks up she starts to lose that haughtiness and starts to interact more with her clutchmates. She participates well in the exercises and mixes well with the rest, though the aloof side of her nature remains. She still likes to spend time alone with just herself, or her rider, and loves to sit by the lake on still days and stare into its mirrored surface.

As she grows this aloof side comes more to the front. She can be a loud, flirty green one moment and the next withdraw into herself. She has been known to make people uncomfortable with her staring, but continues to do it. The only person she’ll listen to is her rider, and the only dragons the golds and her wingleaders. She is independent and is known to take things to her own claws and throw caution to the winds. Sadly, as she’s hardly the memory of a wherry, this can lead her and her rider into some trouble. She’s prone to not visualising. Whether this is because she feels it’s below her or she plain forgets is debateable.

Threadfall will be fought with a fierce determination, with Iequeth putting her all into the fight. She'll sometimes act independently from her wingmates, sometimes even acting to take the glory and get that tangle of Thread that's actually closer to another dragon – if she flames it, she can claim the victory for herself. Such behaviour will mean she's not an excellent team player, something that may work against her unless she learns to share the burden across her wing. Thankfully, she will always listen to her wingleader, having that innate respect for rank, although she may complain to you in private about not being allowed to do this or that. I could have stopped that clump myself! Why did he have to send that brown after it – I'm faster!

When it comes to flights, a more vicious side of Iequeth will become apparent. In the run up to her flight, she'll be more aloof than usual, spending time on her ledge surveying her “kingdom”, preening endlessly and commenting on this male or that. Just before the event itself, she'll fall into a deep sleep, as though frozen in time. And then her moment will come; she'll wake with a start, primal and ferocious. She'll be one of those greens who does blood, dispatching herdbeasts with great enjoyment and drinking their blood with little regard for being neat. She'll try to lead the males a long and arduous chase, determined not to be caught and “claimed”, but eventually the flight will be ended, to her distaste – some unlucky males may receive a scratch from her, before she submits. She may feel a brief attachment to the male after the flight, but within a few days she'll be ready to move on, independent once again and revelling in her freedom. I am no gold to be tied to the sands with eggs, protected by a bronze.

Inspiration: Iequeth is based on the fictional figure of the Ice Queen, an aloof figure with a cold heart. She has appeared in books and cartoons, and has come to be used as a noun to describe distant, cold girls.

Voice: Hers is a haughty voice when she's addressing anyone other than her rider; moreso when she dislikes whoever she's talking to. The chill of a northern wind often rushes through her voice, and the colour white is predominant in her visualisations (when she uses them); other colours are crisp and clear, often glistening and sparkling like purest ice. Her words are always refined, somewhat clipped, and she takes pride in her vocabulary, liking to learn new words that others are unlikely to know, and drop them in conversation. The cold tone she uses may cause some to think of her as snippy, but with Dretta, and those she likes, there is more warmth to her voice. However, the real change is in the way she speaks – she's friendlier, less icy.

Hatching Message: The Coldheart Egg gave one final shake, and the cracks that had been growing on its faintly speckled shell finally became too much for the structure to handle. The shell fell apart bit by bit, and the green dragon inside uncurled slowly, lifting her elegant head and looking out at her new surroundings. After a dignified pause, she moved from the wreckage of her egg, shell pieces crunching under her feet as her lithe body emerged.

Public Impression Message: The Shifting Ice Green seemed dissatisfied with the candidates on offer, continuing her hunt. Dainty footsteps carried her delicate form along the semicircle of young people, her eyes giving each person a hard look. She was beginning to move faster, a sense of urgency creeping into her pace as the desire to find hers grew more pressing. And then…her. The girl with the green eyes and the auburn hair. She was the one. With an air of satisfaction, the green walked right up to her chosen, sitting carefully before her.

Personal Impression Message: Dretta – there you are. The prim and confident voice seems to come from nowhere and everywhere, centred in both your mind and…her mind. The mind of the lithe green who is looking up at you, her eyes a brilliant, shimmering rainbow. A sense of pure hunger hits you in the stomach, burning painfully, and there's a hint of apology in the green's tone when she speaks again. My name is Iequeth. Now that the introductions are over, shall we eat?

Dragon Credit: Written by Emma and Mayhem, inspiration by Special K.

Egg Name: The Coldheart Egg
Egg Description: To the naked eye the egg looks pure white, glistening and pure on the hatching sands. Even from only a few feet away it still looks pure white. Once you’re close enough to touch it though you can actually see that the top and bottom of the egg are flecked with spots of grey, like it’s been covered in glitter at the top and bottom. The rest of the shell is also covered in these small flecks of grey though you can’t tell.
Egg Inspiration: Nursery snow cards - we’ve all made those card covered in silver glitter and cotton wool, right?
Egg Credit: Lark

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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