Gold Ilayth

Impressee: Miori

Name: Ilayth
Colour: Gold
Hatching: I7 T139

Description: Born a pale, creamy colour, Ilayth's hide has changed little over her sixty Turns. More recently it has paled some, acquiring a subtle undertone of near-white. Her eyes seem to have sunken into her angular face, and the hide around them is slightly grey. She's not a large gold, just reaching forty seven feet in length. She's always been slim - Miori's always taken good care of her - but is becoming bony in her old age. Her colour is very slightly mottled, most noticeably on her flanks, and her wings, when spread, are quite impressive: she has a wingspan slightly bigger than is in proportion for her size, but her wingsails are a diaphanous butter-gold, almost resembling stained glass windows. She's a pretty creature, though her age is getting to her and her joints don't always work as she'd like them to. She's creaky, the poor thing.

Personality: Ilayth is, like Miori, a gentle but firm creature. She complements her rider's personality well, and the pair are always in the same mind on things. Ilayth loves children, and enjoys watching them at play. Should something happen to them, Miori will be the first to know. Ilayth's no gossip, preferring to listen to the latest news and retain it for her own knowledge than pass it on. She thinks carefully through situations, weighing up options, though often it's Miori who makes the decision for her. Ilayth is confident though - she's a gold after all, and knows it. However, she is not, like some golds, arrogant or hotheaded. Instead she's mellow, as she always has been, though she's become even calmer with age. She's happy to talk to those dragons that wish to converse with her, and has been known to bespeak humans on occasion, though this is not common. She would once hold back on letting her opinion on a matter be known, but time has made her bolder in that respect and she'll share her thoughts in a kind way.

Dragon Credit: Emma

Dam: Gold Ieheth (Arlena)
Sire: Bronze Jlath (V'wet)

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