Gold Ilayth x Bronze Vroleith T1

Flight - (Off camera)
Clutching - 4th September 2008/Early Spring, T1, 8th Pass
Egg List
Hatching - 20th September 2008/Late Spring, T1, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Ilayth (Miori)
Sire: Bronze Vroleith (T'niel)
Totals: (18)
Bronze: 1
Brown: 3
Blue: 5
Green: 9

PC Candidates: Bankel, Detren, Kat, Lucenkaz, Reika, Rhiyo, Triffen, Varabelle, Xyrion

PC Dragons:
The Dark Klah Brown Azaranth to R'yo (Rhiyo) - Inactive
The Dark Hulking Blue Hecroth to Tr'fen (Triffen) - Inactive
The Spritely Two-Tone Green Khath to Varabelle - Velcro
The Dark and Dainty Green Natovath to D'tren (Detren) - Inactive
The Spirit of the Amazon Green Prydath to Reika - Inactive

NPC Dragons:
Bronze Gyarth to T'resk (Tiresk)

Brown Nahreth to F'sant (Fessant) - Deceased
Brown Sarcath to Va'ran (Vanneran)

Blue Evyonth to V'vorr (Vevorr) - Killed during Threadfall (P8T6)
Blue Jidaerth to R'nam (Ronam)
Blue Pveth to H'pren (Heypren) - Deceased
Blue Saidyth to D'ney (Demeney)

Green Brleyth to X'leh (Xianleh) - Killed during Threadfall (P8T16)
Green Heth to Lara - Killed during Threadfall (P8T2)
Green Inaqueth to Fal'n (Fallian)
Green Ivath to J'rol (Jerol)
Green Kobeth to Tiani - Deceased
Green Varoth to Mira

Egg theme: Sweets/Candy
Dragon theme: Comic Book Characters

5 greens go to females.

Many thanks to: Dragonfire and Wingrider, for writing some stunning dragons, and writing NPC Impressions! And to all our candidates for being lovely little candidates and not getting in the way of the dragons' claws too much.

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