Gold Ilayth x Bronze Vroleith (I7T60)

[Flight] - off-camera
[Clutching] - off-camera
[Hatching] - Early Summer T160, 7th Interval

Dam: Gold Ilayth (Miori)
Sire: Bronze Vroleith (T'niel)
Gold: 0
Bronze: 2
Brown: 4
Blue: 7
Green: 12

Adopted/Named Pairs:
brown Balthazarth to M'chal (Michale)

blue Andvarith to F'nir (Fafnir) (Starr) Killed in Threadfall (P8T12)

two unnamed bronze - deceased
three unnamed brown - deceased
six unnamed blues - deceased
twelve unnamed greens - deceased

1 brown remains of this clutch.
Gold Ieheth (Arlena) has failed to rise for 7 Turns. Arlena steps down as Senior Weyrwoman. Miori of gold Ilayth becomes Senior Weyrwoman by default. T'niel of bronze Vroleith becomes Weyrleader.

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