Impressed to Brown Caraeth

Name: I'rid (Isarid)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: Late Autumn, I7 T189
Birth Place: Ketrin Hold
Rank: Wingrider
Former Rank: Jockey

I'rid grew up believing he was one of Lord Darylawn's illegitimate children; but it was most likely his mothers attempt to give some honour to the shame that she was having a child out of marriage. Whatever this inspired him to try his hand at the stables when he was old enough to safely be around the runners. t worked out well, and with his short stature he was picked out as a jockey; more hard work that he had imagined possible followed. Being Searched at Lord Darylawn's Gather for his 4th child was a bit of a surprise but Isarid knows his duty to the Weyr and accepted the Search. No point mincing around, I'rid is short, he looks more like a teenage than an adult and it is only his deeper voice and hint of stubble which show he's passed through puberty.
Mini-Biography Credit: Maiden
Former PC Profile: I'rid and Caraeth

Possible Father: Lord Darylawn
Mother: Clarita

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption! Former PC character, please check prior history.

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