The Naïve Lady Gold Iridith

Impressee: Niru

Name: Iridith
Name Inspiration: Princess Ida, obviously.

Colour: The Naïve Lady Gold
Hex Colour Code: #FFF68F
Final Size: 49' with a wingspan of 82'
The Naive Lady Gold is a strong example of her color. She holds herself regally, and stands proudly - even just hatched. She is as close to perfect as a gold can get in her appearance. Her limbs are strong, perfectly proportioned, and her wings are wide, able to hold her in sustained flight for long hours. Her long, lithe neck and tail will tempt even the sulkiest bronzes to watch her for long hours. The Naive Lady Gold's hide is a uniform light sandy gold color, which lightens on her wing membranes to a pearl-gold color, more shine and shimmer than actual color. She is a bright colored gold, light compared to her clutch mother's darkness. However, it will take time for The Naïve Lady Gold to mature into the regal way she holds herself; for now it looks like she is imitating a wherry when she puffs her chest out and arches her neck, despite her intentions of being intimidating or commanding. She has the barest hints of muscle on her frame, but with activity more will develop in all the right places for her color.

From her hatching, Iridith will know exactly who she is. She is the daughter of a gold and a bronze, and will expect to be treated as such. Her somewhat arrogant attitude may not win her any friends at the beginning, as she struts about the barracks like a proper princess. Her siblings in particular will come under this lady's scrutiny many a time. Oh Pirkinth, if you'd just open your wings a little more, flying will be so much easier for you. Her holier-than-thou comments may be grating, and could make friendships hard to forge, especially if she should say something that particularly offends someone – be they dragon or human. Yes, Iridith is not above bespeaking the occassional human if she has something on her mind about them. Males of both species cause an interesting reaction in Iridith. In her own species, she'll be distrustful of all males, especially bronzes. She'd rather avoid them than interact with them in any way. Browns and blues are vaguely acceptable – she'll talk to them, at least. Her clutch brothers will be the only male dragons she gets along with when she's young, and even then it will be a grudging relationship. However, she'll be more pleasant with Hrementh, her father. She'll be happy to warn you off human males however, illustrating their negatives in great detail and getting rather stroppy if you do stoop so low as to talk to a man. With encouragement, Iridith's attitudes and beliefs could be diminished, to reveal a more agreeable gold at heart. Her tough exterior is mostly an act, a lot of words and pomp that disguise the fact she knows, deep down, not everything she says is true. Maybe those males aren't so bad after all, and maybe she could be less critical of others.

Age will mature and mellow this rather headstrong gold, though many of her views will remain much the same. Those males she distrusted as a youth will still have to really prove themselves to earn her respect, but she will at least have mostly accepted browns and blues as almost approaching her as equals. Bronzes will still be viewed as arrogant males, and Iridith would much rather be in the company of other females than bear to make idle chit chat with a bronze. They're all egotistical pigs! Though she'll have looked up to golds as a youngster, when she reaches adulthood they'll be seen as competition of sorts. Iridith has big aspirations, and she doesn't just want to one day be the senior gold – she knows she'll be in charge eventually. She'll often have a frosty attitude towards her perceived rivals in the leadership 'battle'. Generally however, Iridith will be an amicable enough dragon. While she'll desire to spend time either alone, just watching the Weyr bustle with activity from some high up ledge, or with you in your weyr or out visiting holds, she'll be very much a people person. A gold has to keep up appearences, after all. Talking to other dragons will not only serve the purpose of making friends, but it also lets her keep an ear to the ground, so to speak, and see what needs to be done about the place. Yes, Iridith has a strong sense of duty to Solaria, and she wants what's best for her Weyr of birth. You'll have a lot to live up to with her exacting standards, as she'll want things to be completed to perfection – and never anything less than that. Mixed in with this sense of duty to her Weyr, there is also a sense of duty to her gender. Female dragons will never be allowed to think badly about themselves while Iridith is around. The female gender has so much more to do than the males: golds clutch and protect eggs, and greens make up half of Pern's fighting dragons. She'll conveniently forget that males have to be involved to produce said eggs, and that browns, blues and bronzes also fight Thread, of course.

During Threadfall Iridith will always want to feel fully involved and will always be resentful over the inability of gold dragons to produce flame. To make up for this she will strongly encourage others to be ready for Thread, especially the greens that she will want to encourage to fight on equal terms with the larger male dragons. She will become particularly ferocious when the Weyr is gathered just before leaving to fight, and will burn with the desire to give a rallying speech to 'her' troops. Any questioning of her abilities as a fighter will be extremely unwelcome, though she is sensible enough to accept that sometimes males are essential in fighting thread. When her rider is fighting with a flamethrower Iridith's perfectionist nature will shine through and she will refuse to accept anything but the complete destruction of any Thread she encounters, sometimes passing over areas several times to be completely sure all the Thread was charred, and there are no burrows.

Relationships will always be hard for this gold due to her strong mistrust of males; in the air she will therefore fight hard to keep from being caught. She could lead the males on some of the hardest chases they will ever face and even then she will offer them no respect for it. However as with all dragons her energy is not unlimited and she will eventually tire and be worn down to the point at which she cannot carry on. At this point rather than a futile struggle she will simply give in and allow herself to be caught. With any luck this extended flight will have whittled the chasers down to the very best. After the flight, she may find herself beginning to soften to the male that caught her; however there is still a long way to go before this gold will come to see males, especially those awful bronzes, as being anything like her equals.

During clutching Iridith will be extremely protective over her eggs, especially the smaller eggs that she believes to hold green dragons. However if there is a gold egg on the sands she will obsess over it night and day possibly to the detriment of the rest of the clutch. This may require a firm hand from you to make sure that other eggs are not completely forgotten. She also has a strange habit during clutching in that she will harass other dragons, (probably greens if she can as females are the most reliable,) into bringing her a number of rocks and stones to be placed protectively around the clutch of eggs, determined to provide protection from any threats. She may also have begun this process not long before laying her clutch – a handy indicator of the impending arrival of her eggs.

Inspiration: Iridith draws her inspiration from Princess Ida, the main character in the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta of the same name. Ida is betrothed as a baby to Prince Hilarion, but when it's time for the wedding many years later, her father informs Hilarion's father that the princess has formed a women's university, locking herself and her ladies away from horrible men! Hilarion and his friends sneak into the university to try and win her with words rather than swords – and eventually there's a happy ending when Ida agrees to marry Hilarion. After much singing, of course!

Iridith's voice is a gentle brush of a musically light soprano in one's head. It makes you long for more, to hear Iridith speak to you. However, her voice will deepen to higher alto when she gives commands to other dragons; and you, as her rider, will be able to tell quite easily when she is pulling her rank on another, which she'll tend to do to male dragons. Water is a common theme in her mind voice, the gentle trickling of a stream looping about her words during calmness; the surging of a stormy sea when her temper rises. Golds and pearlescent hues are prominent colours, as befits a lady of such rank, and the sparkle of diamonds is present often when she speaks.

Hatching Message: The Behind Locked Doors Egg wobbled a few times, then paused. It wobbled a few more times, then paused again. It seemed to be calling for the attention of those around it, in a strange way. One more wobble, and the base of the egg started to crack from all the movement, and slowly spread up to the top. The shell started to fall off in tiny bits at the bottom, and larger chunks at the top, slowly revealing a egg-gooed hide underneath. It was what no one expected from this clutch, a tawny, sandy gold colored hide could be seen if you looked close enough. With another frantic wobble, the rest of the egg fell from the hatchling. The Naive Lady Gold fell onto the sands as the last of the egg crumbled around her, her front legs scrabbling to find purchase but failing, and landing belly down in the warm sands. By strange luck, the first things she opens her eyes to see, is her sire, Hrementh. With an indignant huff, The Naive Lady Gold gathered herself, rising to a graceful sitting position, and proceeds to clean herself of the egg goo and now, sand in some places. She couldn't go anywhere until she looked better than this!
Public Impression Message: Finally, The Naive Lady Gold seemed to have come upon one who made her pause, made her take longer than usual to determine the potential. She moved closer for a moment, before giving a shake of her head. No, this one would not do for her. The woman could do if no one else would, but she felt more potential here somewhere. Maybe she was meant for another of her color later in her life, the little queen thought, just not for her. She moved by the girl, ignoring the hand that almost dared to touch her. A gentle hiss made it known that she was not allowed the privilege of touching her perfect hide, and she continued to walk away from that girl. Lifting her head regally, The Naive Lady Gold looked for the one she felt, but that one was not among the front line of the women here. Looking around, the little queen spotted another likely one. Was this the one she would have? The Naive Lady Gold walked over, eyes only on this young woman. Yes, yes, this one had what she needed in her lifemate. A rainbow of acceptance washed over The Naive Lady Gold's eyes; to all those who were so amazed that there was a gold, they realized that this one, so perfect unlike the last gold to hatch, had impressed and Solaria had another queen to bolster their ranks!
Personal Impression Message: Gold colours your vision, the sparkle of diamonds immediately evident as a mind pervades your own. She's trying out the feeling of being inside your head, as you now are inside yours. And you're found to be just perfect for her – which is what's most important right now. Niru, my love. My name is Iridith. I think we have quite the life ahead of us. Her mind is firmly bonded with yours now, and a wash of deepest love invades thought and feeling. She's quite content with her decision, though prim and proper in her introduction. There is much for us to do. First, however, I think I would quite like to eat, if we may?

Dragon Credit: Emma, Legal, Rhee, and Velcro

Egg Name: Behind Locked Doors Egg
Egg Description: This egg is a very charming egg. It will do anything for anyone that it likes well enough, but there is something odd about it… It seems reluctant to reveal its secrets. Because of its great beauty, however, most persist in trying to get at what is inside anyways. The many different colors on this egg all seem to be superimposed over a stain of blood red, though the egg does not have anything to do with it. The rest of its colors are like facets on a gem: a darker shade that seems to be the most painful of them all, a similar but less threatening gray, a lovely and compelling gold, beautiful, lively green, sky blue that promises vast country beyond, a pool of silver, and last, the most sinister – a pale pink shade. The egg may try to drive you off, but reaching the last colors may make you want to stay forever.
Egg Inspiration: Duke Bluebeard's Castle
Egg Credit: Zoie

Dam: Gold Siheth (Juleia)
Sire: Bronze Hrementh (T'corav)

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