Gold Iridith x Bronze Midath T6

Flight - 2nd March 2011/Mid summer T6, 8th Pass
Clutching - 12th April 2011/Early Autumn T6, 8th Pass
Egg List
Hatching - 8th May 2011/Late Autumn T6, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Midath (C'rian)
Totals: (23)
Gold: 0
Bronze: 2
Brown: 4
Blue: 6
Green: 11

PC Candidates: Alyura, Belia, Dilen, Ennavi, Iulia, Jayne, Jeregar, Kimber, Quentus, Revenna, Rylia, Shyory, Tanerune

PC Dragons:
The Kelutral Brown Sulitchth to D'len (Dilen) — [Tina]
The Man in Black Brown Wesperth to T'rune (Tanerune) — [Rainewolf]
Patriotically Devious Green Coshieth to Rylia — [Starr]
Goblin Green Jarraeth to J'gar (Jeregar)
Dance of the Cygnets Green Ondileth to Q'tus (Quentus) — [Emma]

NPC Dragons:
Bronze Cluvinth to R'den (Randen) — [adopted by Shouriko]
Bronze Vesuvath to N'din (Nikodin) — [adopted by Wunderingmind]

Brown Binroth to O'ran (Oran)
Brown Macarth to A'neil (Aneill)

Blue Helstarth to S'gray (Suegray) — [adopted by Sylvie]
Blue Hexxuth to G'rin (Gorin)
Blue Narth to W'den (Wheden)
Blue Pengeth to R'fen (Ragafen)
Blue Vordth to G'dien (Gandien)
Blue Waynth to K'kim (Kelkim)

Green Crystath to R'lon (Roccalon) — [adopted by Maiden]
Green Dicapth to A'hon (Aughon)
Green Ebosanth to Blaini
Green Lazooth to Y'rin (Yalrin)
Green Narelleth to K'len (Klen)
Green Pinkth to Ilane — [adopted by Rachel]
Green Riddlath to Siahaam
Green Tsuyurith to X'ries (Xeries)

Egg Theme: Gemstones
Dragon Theme: Movie Heroes and Villains

Many thanks to: Search Co! Maiden, Shouriko, Stolenhart, Vandelay, and Velcro!

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